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We had a storm blow through recently that apparently flattened a lot of corn mazes - I am quite sorry for all those little family farms that rely on the income from maze-goers each autumn to help make ends meet.  Going to one of the local ones today (what a glorious fall day it is!) to buy some sugar pumpkins and little gourds to help out in my small way.   I've gotten to where I only buy sugar pumpkins as then I can keep them around after October is past to and then have the option of eating them - those carving pumpkins could barely be considered food but a good sugar pumpkin is a lovely thing.

On the jobs front, my hubby didn't get the job in San Diego, so that's off the menu - but now there's people in Vermont considering him!  This could be an interesting year.
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I'm learning to make my own yarn falls for dancing - first attempt here, though I've added more to them since this pic.  It's nice how they make me feel like I have long hair again, at least a bit.

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Picked up a power rake this morning, I've been killing weeds and sharp invasive grasses out there since spring and the big lawn (we have three lawns, bleah!) is really looking like Mother Earth has mange.   Running it to de-thatch today, what a crazy mess of dead moss and grasses piling up already, mounds and mounds - we're making hay while the sun shines!  Really hard to do with our uneven and neglected turf, my son managed half of it so far, I think we'll all have to take turns.  Still, I just keep thinking how nice the lawn (might) look this next spring, and how I won't have to worry about having cuts on my feet from the marsh grasses anymore. 

Ugh. I love this house, but I'm getting pretty tired of taking care of this much land - whenever we move, I'll definitely be looking for something that is either smaller or mostly a wild woodlot or something. 
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Back in the 50s my church apparently went through a legalistic phase, the 'no smoking, no dancing, no makeup' kind of thing and of all of that only a lingering whiff of 'no dancing' was left by the time we came around to it.   For the past 20 years every time dancing came around (even the chicken dance at a party) there were always a few older people who had that 'I feel like I should feel guilty for dancing, but I don't, but what if there's an even OLDER person here who still thinks it is wrong?' reaction. 

Well, we have officially jumped the shark on that topic now - with the approval of my teaching bellydance to the ladies this coming January.  Talk about casting aside the old garment with flair!  Haha!  It's on a freewill donation basis to fund-raise for building updates, I'm quite curious to see how many actually sign up.  :-D  I'm actually quite astonished that they let it go through.

Hm - while watering plants outside this morning something stung my foot and now my little toe looks like a sausage... little toes are strange enough as it is, hopefully won't last long.
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Yay! I landed a nice fire pit online when the Labor Day sales were going by and it arrived this past week.  It's a 'heat wave' which is a portable fire pit with wheels and a top lid, something very important here where the continually falling fir needles and rain are an issue.  Also, if we move I can take it with me that way.

Now that they are unfortunately made in China they do take some extra tweaking - I replaced the cheap hollow plastic wheels with nice steel ones (reviewers said the wheels MELT), and sprayed it with 2 coats of high-heat bbq paint (otherwise it will rust away, apparently).  Drilled drainage holes in the bottom also (this is Oregon here...) and got a cover for it.  Added L brackets to raise the cooking grill to a level it can actually be used, though I don't really plan to use it for cooking, as otherwise the grill would sit right on the firewood.

Then there's where to put it - Spent a couple days leveling a nice space in the yard with my son's help and placed pavers to make a mini patio for it to sit on. Got paver sand packed between the pavers. Whew! 

Been a bit of work, but now it's ready to go - once the current batch of rain goes by - maybe have a nice fire to sit around in a couple days.  I've always wanted one of these, so happy to actually get one. Ah, ambiance and camp fire smoke!  Marshmallow roast, anyone?   ^_^
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My son said a discussion had come up on Reddit about what foods you missed from childhood, and he got nostalgic (or as nostalgic as an early-20s person can be)... said he decided that the garbagey food he'd enjoyed the most as a child was worth looking at again to see what it really tastes like, though I warned him it won't be nearly as good as he remembers.

He bought a small bottle of an overly sweet orange juice concoction called SunnyD, and two Kid Cuisine tv dinners, one with chicken nuggets in the shape of Hello Kitty's head and a side of mac-and-cheese, another with mixed nuggets and fries, plus "chocolate pudding with an edible cookie spoon!"  Added a cheap package of those chocolate covered mini doughnuts where the brown coating is barely detectable as "chocolate."   He offered to share, so it looks like we'll have Nostalgic Garbage for dinner tonight.
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Still unemployed over here. :-p

Hubby was flown to CA yesterday for interviews, came back exhausted in the wee hours saying he'd been grilled by seven people and had the char marks to prove it.  Thought it went well, though, so we are hopeful.  If he gets this one it would mean his being down thataway for some time with me holding the fort up here until he could find something closer to home - yet another Great Adventure in Life.  We're pretty determined not to leave the Pacific NW if at all possible, this is home.  It's currently being overrun with people from all over the place and a surprising number of New Yorkers among them, but it's still home underneath all that.
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Managed to make myself sit down and work on watercolor for a bit, and while I was there I remembered I hadn't prepared any kind of "welcome back" treat for the preschool teachers this year so I made them some quick mini-pictures.  They're not super duper and some came out better than others but I was kind of pleased that I Did The Thing instead of just buying a pack of cards at the shop.  If I can get the ball rolling, maybe I can save a little money on greeting cards at the very least. 

watercolor cards for our teachers

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We were trying to think of ways to raise a little money to remodel the ladies room at the church, so I put in a proposal to teach bellydance to them in exchange for "tuition" of their choosing.  I have all the handouts and things I would need for a nine-week course and the know-how for beginners so I figured "why not?".

Got the informal initial reaction from the committee meeting today - i.e. "I wish you could have seen the look on their faces when the word "bellydance" came out of my mouth!"  Haha!  As usual, I had written the proposal with the understanding that the first thing they'd think of would be I Dream of Jeannie in her pink chiffon and gold rickrack costume.  Sure enough!  X-D

The big surprise to me was that after talking about it, they were apparently sufficiently intrigued that it wasn't dismissed, so now it goes to Round Two for approval with leadership.  Good heavens, I'm thinking, I could actually end up doing this yet - maybe I should start giving thought to how in the world to get some kind of mirrors in the fellowship hall!
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Back from the cruise to Alaska - what a crazy subculture there is among the cruising people and their world.  It was good fun but holy cow, I've never seen SO many jewelry stores in my life!  We had to look for anything that wasn't a jewelry store on the main drag of all three towns that we docked at.  A local in a tiny bookstore we found said the stores open when the cruises start and close when they stop, it's really weird.

Mendenhall Glacier was nice, glad I took the bus over there because it got me outside the Tourist Bubble where I could see the actual town and the valley around it, and I loved the Mt. Roberts Tram.  Best things on the ship were the private karaoke rooms and the brine swimming pool when at sea as it would slosh just like waves and I could body-surf from one end to the other when it really got going.  Enjoyed exploring the ship, there's so much on there, but a week was about right.

Also relating to oceans, my eldest went to the coast and got TWO jobs in one day, she's now commuting 2 hours one way just to get to work until she can get that first round of paychecks so she can look for an apartment.  I love Lincoln City, so I'm totally good with her being over there as it means I get to visit! ;-)
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My friend and I are headed out for an Alaskan cruise this next weekend, a modest one-week adventure heading north - it's more about finding out what a cruise is like than about the destination.  Should be interesting, I've never been further than Victoria BC.  She'd never been on a train, we're taking the leg to Seattle that way for a bonus - and that way I don't have to worry about my car sitting there in Seattle for a week.  Shoestring budget means so not much excursion fanciness for us, and we'll just use the common buffet for food but I think it'll be worth the experience.  Basic cabin, all we could afford was a porthole that looks out at a lifeboat but that's ok, we can always go out on deck to see stuff.

If this goes well, maybe we can start saving up for a longer one somewhere a little further away!
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It's baaack - my own zucchini / marrow plants died, which is typical for this yard, the only place I've ever lived that they don't just spring out of the ground if you accidentally drop a seed (which did indeed happen at my previous home), but never fear!  The world is awash in helpful people who are VERY happy to give you a zucchini. ("Would you like more? I have more!")  My friend had a total stranger timidly ask if she might like some zucchini and produced a modest bag full when the answer was "Sure!"  My neighbor just gave me a baseball-bat of a one and I turned it into 7 loaves of chocolate chip zucchini bread for the freezer, but it was only on the agreement that she would come take some of my apples which she did.  Good ol' barter the old fashioned way.

The old joke about not leaving your car unlocked in summer because someone will fill it with zucchini is believable at this time of year - spotted a box of them along our street yesterday with several generous oblongs and a big FREE sign.  Would that all good things should come in such abundance!
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Opened up my mailbox and there were my new glasses!  They came with a cleaning cloth, a little glasses repair tool and a couple extra screws which is a nice touch - and best of all, they work!  Just had to adjust the nose pads slightly, but that's easy enough, so nice to have new eyeballs without having to spend so blinkin' much for a change.  :-)

Also survived selling drinks at the Fair, golly what an endless river of thirsty people, we were completely bushed but we did it - though my feet are still recovering.  

Tonight my dance group is teaching some basic Greek dance to the local highschool football players, their coach thinks it makes them move together better and pay attention to their feet, there's supposed to be 120 of them (!)  so it's good we have about 10 dancers, we can each take a column of them that way.  Should be fun.

Onward we go, here comes August!
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Time for the Washington County Fair once again, which in my case means working my tail off at the beverage booths there, it's one of our main fundraisers for our preschool - last year it was SO HOT and the lady who sells those little neck things full of water beads so you can soak them in water and tie them around your neck was doing hopping business - I still have mine from last year but I expect she'll be doing well again.  Supposed to be around 90, bleah...!  I'm sure we'll be selling a lot of water.   Took my feet forever to recover after last year so I didn't sign up for quite as much this round - trick is to not give in when the inevitable "but we NEED you" comes by, will see how I do, I'm a softie.

Hope I get either the food court (it has shade!) or the barn one (it has nice farm people and animals!). 
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When Starflower moved out this past fall I thought "Oh boy, her bedroom has the best windows, maybe I can make a little corner for Art and Arting and stuff!"
Then hubby filled it up with his whatnot instead.  Boxes of...??  Partially functioning computer stuff, audio recording stuff, barbershop costumes on a rack, suitcases, etc. etc.... and being the sort that is easily dissuaded from stuff that only benefits me personally, I let it go.

This week I rolled up my figurative sleeves, went in there and did some serious rearranging and stacking.  Put up a card table near the windows, set out all my watercolor supplies.  Did three pieces of amateur Art and left them there to dry.  This morning I heard my hubby tell my son "Could you close the windows in the studio? I'm turning on the A/C." 

I ran that back in my head with great satisfaction - "Close the windows in the STUDIO...."  Yeeee!
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Asked a friend if she'd like some apples.  She said "Yes! I'd like 10 please.  If you have enough."
Look up at my Apples, current Apple Level 200 trees.
"Right. Ten apples."

apple plumes

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My trees are utterly loaded down with apples this year, the bees did a good job! 

Branches are hanging low with so much fruit.  I gathered up four buckets full and am in the process of making them into applesauce, the kitchen smells fabulous and all my big pots are full of steaming sauce.  I'll freeze it once it cools down and then work on spicing and cooking it down for apple butter another day so it isn't too much of a job all at once.  Only one jar of apple butter left from last time, didn't realize it's been six years but sure enough that's the date on that last jar.  Glad it keeps.

Wish you guys were closer, I'd totally be asking my flist if they'd like to come pick apples otherwise!
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Garage sale went great - loads of stuff, a plentious bounty of customers and great weather!  Yay!  Bought one thing there, someone had a Zoombox projector for cheap so I got it to play around with. 

Plays a dvd ok, good sound but dim level of bulb so you really have to have the room dark for it to work - the dim and grainy effect was an inspiration so I fetched the old roll-up projector screen I had as a castoff of a school and set it on its tripod in the living room.  It's a late 40s-early 50s vintage and even silver instead of white! 

As soon as it was dark, we watched a great Buster Keaton silent film on the silver screen with popcorn.  Perfect. 

All it needs now is a recording of the ticky-ticky sound that the old 8mm projectors made.  Sense-surround!
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Was working at the church and noticed a steady sprinkle of people coming through our parking lot and moseying around the front, asked one girl lounging on her bicycle if we were a Pokemon-Go stop - "Yep!" she said happily tapping at her phone. 

One person came up and took a photo of our stained glass for their Instagram.  Two guys came by walking a dog and stopped for a bit to tap at their phones.  Various people hanging out in their cars trying to look casual about it.  Heh.
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The church parking lot sale I'm organizing is this Saturday, so I'm slowly migrating my massive mound of whatnot to the church building as I come and go, mostly squirreling it into my library so it isn't too visible beforehand.  Looks like I'll have maybe 7 people selling which isn't as many as I hoped for but at least I'm not out there by myself.

Just have to do the craigslist ads and finish up the signs... I taped old christmas tinsel to them so they sparkle in the sun to catch people's eyes, maybe I'll toss in some cheap happy face balloons as well to add some motion and color.  It's a bit of work, but it will be SO nice to have it done!    Also if we do end up moving because of the whole jobs thing I've gotten to do the first round of junk-removal with good weather.


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