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Feb. 27th, 2015 10:43 am
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Aw - rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy.... what a great contribution he brought to the crazy-mazy world of early sci-fi for television.  Old Trek just wouldn't have been the same without his inclusion in that Great Triumvirate of Cheese, Kirk/Spock/Bones.  A salute to the talented Mr. Nimoy is in order as he and Dee settle in to wait for Shatner.

I was only a low-level Trekkie but I have a friend who really went in for it (classic only, thank-kew) - I'll have to check in with her and see how she's doing, she'll be wanting someone who will listen to her talking about him and his character for a while I expect.
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SO - last year my daughter's best friend, Sarah, went to Korea to teach English there.  She contacted us at the end of last month to ask about whether we might be willing to put up a Korean girl who would be visiting the States and was in need of a safe place to stay.  We agreed to it for a small fee to cover her meals and spent the last couple of days cleaning out our guest room so a stranger could come and live with us for a month, trusting Sarah's judgment that she would be okay as a houseguest.  We set it up with a tea basket and hot-pot in the room and even put a chocolate on the pillow, kind of getting into the "I guess we're a temporary bed-and-breakfast" thing. We were told she 'speaks English pretty well' and had her own transport, and that she'd heard about my daughters and was looking forward to meeting them.

The day passed and we were growing concerned that we didn't have contact info for the girl, who was supposed to have arrived in the country.  We put a sign out at the end of our driveway with her name on it, lacking any other way to contact.  We couldn't reach Sarah, but she'd said she was going to be away from the city where there was spotty wi-fi at best... As it grew dark we fretted that there was some lost sojourner out there somewhere, as our house is difficult to see from the road.

Then a car pulled up! Hoorah!  At last! Then Sarah got out! Wait........what?????  SARAH, what the HECK are you doing here in the US instead of Korea???? And where is the mystery guest???? 

Turns out the Korean girl she'd told us about did not exist except in the form of Sarah herself, who 'speaks English pretty well'.  The name she'd made up simply meant 'my darling' in Korean.  My daughter is over the moon - her best friend is miraculously here in our house and will be with us for a month.  Well done, Sarah, well done.


Feb. 12th, 2015 05:09 pm
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So, what are you doing for Valentine's this year?  My hubby will be off serenading other people in singing Valentines as a fundraiser, so my kids and I at this point are just planning on staying home and eating cookies, but perhaps some other idea will present itself. 

I didn't manage to make valentine cards for our preschool teachers like I'd planned to, so I stopped by a local bakery and got them each a tiny cherry or blueberry pie of their very own, they even came in adorable tiny pie boxes.  I decorated them with shiny heart stickers and a message and left them in the school office where they were apparently much appreciated.  I know there are those who give Valentines a bum rap because of the romance thing, but I love it, it's a great holiday for just encouraging nice people and leaving them a small treat, it doesn't have that weight of expectation that Christmas can have so they are always pleasantly surprised.  And I like the look of it, decorating with paper hearts and lacy doilies and nice smelling candles is a gentle look.
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Just a quick book rec!

I expect there are many people out there for whom this item being in existence is old news, but I was scoping out the kids fiction at my local library (I very much like Avi and was hoping for a title I hadn't read yet) and what did I come across but "Fortunately the Milk" by Neil Gaiman.

Checked it out immediately. Read it all before bedtime. Chortled much. Go forth to your own libraries and pick this up for this great 'bedtime story' expertly spun by the best.
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We got two new flavors of rooibos from Tea for All Reasons in the mail today. She's my new fave tea lady on Etsy... the Mama's Spicy Carrot Cake is our 'dessert' tonight and it's fabulous with a splash of cream, mmmm!  Going to try out the "Pot o' Gold" next (cacao bits, calendula leaves, tiny peppermint shamrocks, vanilla - ooh yeah)

And this is me at this point, with a bright colored afghan one of my dear online friends, Daughter of Kings, made gracing the couch behind:

Rockin' the (very) short hair!

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We're trying to incorporate more veggies again here, having slowly drifted off into meat-and-starch land for a time and doing a course correction in tandem with our annual church fast.  Today's dinner is cabbage wedges roasted with sweet onion slices and a drizzle of olive oil - which made me wonder, cabbage being such a versatile thing, what are some of your favorite ways to put a bit of cabbage in your life? 
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Hoorah! I have my last radiation treatment thing this afternoon and I am SO ready to 'graduate' - my only regret is it means I won't be around to see the finished version of the huge jigsaw puzzle all of the patients and their friends poke away at while waiting for their turns and it's *soooo* close to being done. ;-)   I'm starting to heal up and now have a very nice tan in a place I definitely can't show off.

My hair is coming in! Yay!  Maybe only a quarter of an inch long at this point but hey, it's hair!  Woo!

I tend to check it every morning in the mirror to exhort it to grow faster but I don't think it's listening too well. It looks like it's the same color (dark blonde), I'm wondering if my waves are also going to be the same - it would be fun to at least get *some* variety after all this. 

Here's looking forward to 2015!  Was a quiet one here, I think because it was too cold for anyone to want to go outside and made noise like they usually do (including us!).
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One of the many valuable lessons my mother passed on to me was "Be nice to yourself.  You can't expect other people to read your mind and then feel all neglected because you didn't get what you wanted."

There's really no reason to sit around wishing you had The Thing and bemoaning that your life doesn't have that Perfect Person in it who can "prove their love" by somehow magically reading your mind.  Be nice to yourself.  No one knows exactly what you really want but you.  Go get The Thing and wrap it up, if you like, so you can open a present that is exactly what catches your fancy and warms your heart.  You're worth it.
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And there there's that thing where you are so relieved and proud of yourself that you got ALL of your Christmas cards done in a mostly-timely manner and one arrives in the mailbox from a friend you completely forgot about when doing your cards.

Well, crumbmuffins - I had just the right number of cards and now I need to find ONE more.
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Well, I'm past the halfway point for my radiation (yay!) - and one odd side-effect they never warned me about is rediscovering that I rather like jigsaw puzzles. :-D 

They have a great one going on the table in the room I wait around in for my turn each day and it's been fascinating enough I go back to it afterwards and sometimes spend another 20 minutes trying to find "that piece" to finish "that part" I was working on when I was interrupted to go hang out on a radiation table for a few minutes.  Oh, and that one part of me is getting "a nice tan" as they say... It looks like a square of my body has been sneaking off to the islands and not taken the rest of me along - a notion amplified by the palm tree decor and the sign on the treatment room that says "Tropical Room".
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I was at a little Polynesian market yesterday to fetch some coconut milk and found a marvelous thing - high cocoa-content chocolate sprinkles from the Netherlands that had a tempting picture on the front of the package indicating it was intended to be generously heaped as a bread topping.  I took a package home (I like to get one thing I've never tasted before each time I'm there), and....aaaaaaahhhh.....seriously, you should try this, folks. Hot toast with a touch of butter then GOBS of dark chocolate sprinkles strewn and heaped on it so it gets slightly melty, oh wow.

I'll never want those waxy cheap brown 'chocolate' sprinkles again, this is the life.
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Glargh I am so tired of hot flashes... Y'see, I had an ovarian cyst out many, many moons ago and the result is (as was predicted) a slightly earlier than ususal array of Instant Visitations to the Spontaneous Tropical Vacation events every lady gets a few tickets to in the tail end of their life.  How in the world does a person dress for winter, all snuggly warm, when at any unexpected moment it is SUDDENLY 90 DEGREES AND I'M APPROACHING THE SURFACE OF THE SUN... and then it's just a typical cool winter again? 

I've taken to packing a folding fan with me everywhere I go because it isn't like I can just abruptly strip down to my skivvies in public settings or something. I have five or six in different colors now.  Fans that is, not skivvies.  
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It's definitely "that season" again - coming from a Christmas party that had rockin' gingerbread cake with spiced whipped topping and cream-cheese-and-nutmeg stuffed dates to holiday events with everything from brandy beans to peppermint cookies going by it's hard to know what comes next.

We have our church Christmas event this coming Sunday, so I'm busy making marshmallow popcorn balls and green tree-shaped spritz for that, at the rate we're going I may not even need to make any Christmas cookies this time around as we'll already be full up on enough goodies to cause us to all roll out the door like that girl that turned into a blueberry in the Willy Wonka thing... but y'know... there's still those soft sugar cookies with lemon in them... and the peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate....and that amazing fruitcake with all the wine in it....

What are you making this year? Any extra good things orbiting past you?
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One thing about having a smallish number of relatives is every time we get together for a major holiday (I'm looking at *you* coming up, Thanksgving) it always feels like there really ought to be more people around, like a poorly attended party even though everyone invited showed up.   You know it's a bit pathetic when you try to have a board game going and if a couple people wander off to the kitchen or something you no longer have enough people to play.  :-p 

My eldest says she hopes she will get to marry a man who has a HUGE family so she can finally enjoy the chaos that comes with lots of cousins and aunties and so on at a holiday gathering.

Oh well. Back to buying the small ham and and teeny turkey for now.  Hope your own holiday plans are going well!
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I'm growing a small amount of fuzz!  It's not enough to go hatless yet, but I am encouraged that my follicles are back in business.

Next week is chapter two of my Unwanted Adventure, as I'll be starting radiation 5 days a week clear into January - people ask me questions about how I'll be feeling and how much is will restrict me, etc. and all I can do is shrug and say "I have no idea! I've never done this before! I'm a radiation noob."

I kind of feel sorry for the nurses who obviously have to deal with people of a, erm, 'less educated' variety as they started out reassuring me that it would not make me glow or make it dangerous to be around family and friends. Seriously.  o.0  When I responded with laughing at the ludicrousness of the idea and telling them I was well aware of that they relaxed and were suddenly much more informative on real details.  But....seriously....?  There are people who would think it would make them glow???
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We had a tiny blip of the winds from a hurricane out at sea going by and the resulting few hours of sudden strong wind gusts were moderately dramatic. We were playing Scrabble and watching chunks of tree blowing by while a veritable barrage of pinecones rattled on the roof and bounced around on the deck. The end result in my yard is the appearance as if a troop of ambulatory Christmas trees wandered in and exploded.  

Sigh. Time to get the wheelbarrow out and play pick-up-sticks.
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Poking through a used bookstore I found a book written by old school comedian Bob Hope, a biography of his career on stage and in film over the years.  I kept getting my nose caught in it until I finally just bought it so I could finish reading it at home, an amusing read (the guy was a pro comedian, after all...) with some great behind-the-scenes things from the 'Road' shows he did with Bing Crosby as a bonus - so now I've ended up ordering four old Bob Hope films off Amazon as I found several that I had never heard of that sounded intriguing, and then topped it off with a collection of Marx Brothers on the side. Should be an entertaining winter.
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What is it about the scent of a cat coming in out of the cool rain - I just want to pick her up and snuffle my nose down into her fur, she smells of pine needles and fresh air and small green leafy things nodding under silver drops.

My daughter agreed that it was irresistible, even if (like her) she is actually allergic to the cat and suffers for her giving way to the beauty of Damp Kittyness.
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Hoorah! I had my last chemo thing yesterday, I'm so very happy to see that particular experience hopefully go into the rearview mirror of my life forever.  Follow up in a month, then radiation next.  Maybe I can even finally grow some fuzz!

Weird symptoms still come and go at this point - tip for those who develop heartburn as a regular feature in life for this kind of thing - pepcid, lots of water and chewing fruit flavored gum help (not mint, which can make it worse).  Salt swish with a teaspoon of baking soda makes a difference for mouth issues, and melatonin is your friend for making it through a night without side effects.  Live and learn. 

Gosh I miss coffee. SO looking forward to having coffee again next month!
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The October rains have officially arrived here, right on time - I'm bringing in my outdoor cushions to dry and store, hung up the wooden windchimes back in the laundry room where they winter among hanging basketry and am going out with scissors to whack my cherry tomato plants.  Anything that isn't actively ripening an actual tomato at this point goes over the edge of the balcony, no more time for messing around with mere greenery here! 

We're planning for our annual Trunk-or-Treat again, doing a bathtub theme with white balloons in the back of the car for bubbles and a shower curtain, rubber duckies, etc. I'll be in a fluffy bathrobe with a towel on my head to warm my bald pate, doling candies out from a little baby's bathing bin.  At least that's the plan!  It'll be raining, I expect.


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