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I've seen two Vs of geese honking along this week, headed south. Kind of strange when it's over 90 degrees out and we haven't seen a drop of rain in what seems like forever - a welcome promise that this unending summer will indeed end one day, the sound of autumn in the sky.

Plums are coming in like crazy cakes, need to get out there and pick some.
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Well, my daughter was rear-ended while sitting at a stoplight the other day (totaled her beloved little car, dude who hit her admitted he was looking at papers in his lap, he'd only had his new car for two days...) SO - we had to go looking for a chiropractor as ours had retired a couple years ago and we hadn't replaced him. We found a winner!

See, there's a house I've noticed along the main drag, one of those where it's been converted to a business with parking where the lawn used to be. The reason I've noticed it is two full size skeletons on the roof who keep changing their poses (currently in a bathing beauty pose and dancing with the chimney). Inside, we found, was a crazy bohemian chiropractor who travels all over the world whenever he can. His office is full of geegaws and crazy bits from various countries and his two cats are very chatty. Plus he knows what he's doing. ;-)

Best of all (to me), while my girl was being worked on for her whiplash I got to go to what he dubbed "The Torture Chamber" - behind a batik curtain I lay on a warmed hydro massage bed the entire time and watched a BBC documentary about Japan on the flat screen affixed to the ceiling. :-D I'll take a silver lining, sure!
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The back patio light, which has a motion-sensor, came on - so my son opened the door to see what had set it off. A raccoon had just climbed up one of the plastic chairs and was reaching for for a mug my husband had forgotten on the patio table.

Raccoon(seeing my son and putting a firm paw on the mug possessively): GROWL!


Raccoon: GROwwwwl?


Raccoon: growl...


Raccoon: 0.o

My son wins the rights to the mug; the defeated challenger scampers off into the dark.
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Our next-door neighbors have suddenly moved away due to a job relocation and the housing market is hot enough that they've already had multiple lookers and at least one offer in less than a week. Argh! I hate having to wonder and pray all over again that we get decent neighbors, this is the third time on this house since we've lived here.

We're the third back on a triple-flag lot so they're right in front of us and share the driveway, connect to our yard, etc. It used to be an orchard that belonged to our property before the previous owners spun it off and built a house for their son there - a crabby or territorial neighbor in that spot would be bad news.

*nibbles fingernails and hopes for the best*
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Today is the last day of the Fair at last! Still selling water and soda bottles, seems like it's been a really loooong four days - made liberal use of my peppermint foot lotion these evenings. Temp is "only" in the 90s today, thank God, though my booth has more shade than some of the others so I've done fairly well.

I offer a free bandana-swishing and hat-dipping service to anyone who comes up to my tub of ice water, and throw cups of ice water on people on request. ^_^

There's a guy there who breeds and sells sugar-gliders and he let me hold one when he was going by, they all sleep in the pockets of his shirt and cargo pants, she was adorable, soft and so light - And he had an 8-week old baby in his shirt pocket he let me see, adorability overload!

Fair Time

Jul. 31st, 2015 09:34 am
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Working the Fair this weekend, and it's blinkin' HOT - just figures... we run the beverage booths as our main fundraiser for the church's preschool each year and it's quite a job.

Worked yesterday til 10:30pm, going out again shortly, sore feet, way too hot out there - I just kept dipping my hat straight into the ice water tubs and sticking it back on my head, letting the water and ice cubes drop over me, seemed to work pretty well. We're shorthanded so I'm having to work the booth right in the middle of the food court by myself, hardly time to sit down. Our guy driving the little truck that delivers more soda and fresh ice to the booths couldn't keep up either, I completely ran out of water bottles for quite some time - of course, it being 104 out there didn't help, and everyone just wanted to buy water instead of soda. Every time I dig around the tub of ice and ice-water for any that might have sunk to the bottom my entire arm goes numb.

I'm right across from a bright red food vendor's place that says "THE DOG HOUSE" painted across a giant wooden weiner-dog... some folks went by with the biggest corn-dogs I've ever seen in my life, maybe they came from there. Ha!

My 3 kids are working as table-washers, trying to keep the eating areas up to snuff, unfortunately they're the ONLY table-washers for the entire fair - they were moving pretty slow by the evening, oy, I could see them plodding by with their squirt bottles and rags from time to time.

Going a little earlier today as I had no chance to look around the fair yesterday, just straight to my booth until closing. I passed a tent with a reptile show in it on the way, bet the reptiles are loving this heat.

Stay cool, everyone!
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Doing a bit of raking in the yard and discovered my apple trees are ALREADY dropping ripe apples... in July! My initial reaction was "noooooooooo!" I am so NOT ready to have to deal with apples again, we haven't even used up the ones in the freezer from last fall.

Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em (or consume 'em).

Made three apple-blueberry pies with brandy this afternoon to kick off the early apple consumption for this year, plenty more where those came from.
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So, my mom brought me a yellowed, folded piece of notebook paper she'd found inside one of her books - "A budding writer!" she said as I unfolded a childhood story written for some class project. "You must have been remembering when we went on that boat, and you always loved swimming."

Um, nooo. Actually I faintly remember this - I just really liked the sound of "bubble jumper" and wanted an excuse to use it. Really - that was about all the impetus of the entire story, but you know moms, they like to think their offspring are prodigies from an early age (hey, I know know MINE are!) ;-)

I read the painfully inane tale in which I gave an account of going on a submarine called the Bubble Jumper, very briefly went diving and discovered a large solid gold pitcher (...which I could not even lift. I signaled my friend over and together we swam back to the Bubble was the size of a (chair, crossed out) large dog..."

Wow. I had a pretty strong friend if the two of us were able to just swim back lugging a solid gold pitcher the size of a chair! Oh, excuse me, a large dog!

I can't decide if I'm amused or embarrassed by the existence of this tale.

Sort sort

Jul. 13th, 2015 07:04 pm
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Well, my goal when I woke up was to fill one box of stuff and one bag of clothes to get rid of - am proud of myself for managing to do it. Some things I just.... what do I do with this? Like the oversized framed photo of an ancestor that was given to me from a relative's estate. I don't go for the Wall O Faces in my decor, so it's been under my bed for years now. Finally just stuck it, ancestor and all, into the Salvation Army box, let someone else figure it out.

What do you do with 'important' heirlooms and such that other members of the family give you when you don't really want them? :-/

Steve who?

Jul. 11th, 2015 07:25 pm
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Went to a huge neighborhood sale that comes around each year here, always a good one with a going-to-the-fair atmosphere, kids selling lemonade and cookies, people with balloons, tons of people and cars. Found a few things, but the best part (I thought) was a young entrepreneur who was holding up a hand-lettered cardboard sign that said

"Get your picture taken with Steve. 25 cents."

I asked who Steve was and he pointed (with worthy pride) to the garage door where a most excellent Minecraft Steve made of boxes awaited pictures. Steve was flanked by a Minecraft sheep, and nearby were two Creepers, also made of boxes.

Of course we got pictures. Love it.
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Back in the day, I was greatly entertained by two 70s tv shows that were unhappily doomed to one season runs by the Powers That Be - alas, where is the justice in the world:
* When Things Were Rotten (Mel Brooks made a tv show spoofing Robin Hood... cheesy, stupid and full of innuendo but I loved it. The one good thing from its cancellation is it made him go on to make it into a movie thus gifting the world with Robin Hood: Men in Tights)
* Quark (Buck Henry of 'Get Smart' fame made a space spoof at the same time as Star Wars coming out, in which a space garbage collector and his crew cheesily reference all sorts of sci-fi shows while inadvertently saving the universe)

I wouldn't bother purchasing When Things Were Rotten, but I had fond memories of Quark, which only had a sad 8-episode run. Went looking for it and found it on dvd but for a very high price, so I went to to see what others had done with it.

INTERNETZ WRITERS you have let me down! What? Not even ONE fic for Quark? Not even ONE? 0_o
Even with characters like Ficus, who was essentially Spock if he were a plant? And the Bettys? And Andy the cowardly robot? (Bettys in unison: "We would follow you to the end of the universe." Andy: "I would follow you to the door.")

Dear me, a cheesy gem has been overlooked - not often I find such a thing.
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Gosh it's hard to launch kids these days.

I have two grown daughters now, and they both have very good roomies-to-be they've found, everyone now has at least part-time work - BUT now neither set have been able to find even one blinkin' apartment anywhere in this area that they can afford, even splitting the rents and utilities. This is insane.

And all the housing is full anyway, with wait lists. What the heck?

Guess they're all stuck living with us for a while longer...may we all have patience.

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So... I was at Bible Study last evening. The windows in the room look out at the bend in the building where the two wings come together. I watched a crow fly up onto the roof there with what appeared to be half a burrito, a great find for a crow. It spent some time happily pulling bits off to eat, then stopped and looked around, considering what was left. As I watched, it carefully hefted it up, carried it to the edge of the roof and stuck it into the gutter, cawed a few times and flew off.

Apparently a roof gutter makes a great safe for a crow's treasure, as he came back shortly and reached in for a couple more bites, then flew off again. Didn't see it come back while we were there and then it got dark. Now I need to send a note to our handyman to let him know, lest the mystery of the mummified gutter burrito be too baffling to him in the fall.
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Community theater is doing Spamalot - surprisingly excellent performance considering the smallness of the theater they had to work with, we were in the front row and had the dancers practically in our laps for much of it. Monty Python is timeless.

Also started booping about with watercolors, something I've meant to do for years, got myself going by taking a brief set of "classes" - it gets quotes because the teacher didn't really teach anything, she just gave us a picture idea and then at the end of the class had everyone compare what they'd come up with... mine were awful, but are slowly improving thanks more to youtube than the teacher. At least they don't look like a grade-schooler did them anymore. May go pick up a used watercolor projects book to work through next, the "class" wasn't worth signing up for again.
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Went out to my little greenhouse to fetch a pot, opened the door only to find a frantic Mama robin bouncing around inside. Looked to the side where one glass panel is missing and the grapes outside are trying to migrate into the interior and sure enough - nestled into the grape vines is a robin's nest with three wee robins looking back at me, holding completely still - one was even caught with his mouth still open.

"Don't worry, Mama, I won't hurt your babies. They're beautiful," I murmured and backed out.

I knew there were some robins nesting somewhere around here because they're in the birdbath all the time. Now I know where!

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Well, I got the ball rolling for our fundraising Tea in September with a nice menu at an $18 price, online ticket sales are set up and I put out a call for volunteers. What did I get? Lots of people who wanted to help? Nope - I got feedback that they wanted a reduced rate for families with children so it wouldn't be too expensive to bring their young daughters.

I just looked at them and kind of went "Um, you do realize this is a *fundraiser*? And this is a formal tea? For grown-ups?"

"Well, yes, I suppose, but, well, it just gets too expensive, you see, so we need a group discount or something."

I could see this was a battle I wasn't going to win - these ladies WOULD find *some* way to wheedle a lower price and they WOULD show up with all their little kids, I just knew it - there they'd be by some unhappy granny, around hot tea and breakable china and "weird" foods kids won't eat.

SO - ! I added a kid's tea, I'm calling it a "Family Tea" on the preceding Saturday with a much simplified menu, prefab desserts, herbal tea and lemonade for $10 each. I landed an energetic mom who runs a girl scout troop to do the promo for it and am now picking up melamine unbreakable tea cups from the thrift store. Whew. :-p

Still doing the nice one too, they'll be one week apart - got my work cut out for me! At least the people who come to the "real" tea won't be dealing with a toddler having a meltdown over the 'yucky' lemon curd or something.
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We need some updates to the hall at our church, the window coverings absolutely scream 1980s with their dusty rose and country blue, so I proposed we have a tea to raise some money for new curtains. It got approved and the date is now set for September 26 - all of the sudden my little daydream about serving a pretty tea is a reality and I've got to get my act together and figure this out so I can assemble and direct a team to do this.

I eyeballed the room and calculated we can seat 30 people in the nice dining area without it being too crowded for comfort, so if we do 2 seatings that'll let me sell up to 60 tickets. At $18 each, minus the cost of the food and tea we should still be pretty good. Time for a learning curve - so many recipes to look at, I'll need to narrow it. Sweets are easy, sandwich fillings are traditional, but does anyone have a favorite savory they've encountered?
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For those who wondered how I could possibly want to kill something as pretty as bluebells.....This is how they show up in my yard -

Bluebell Invasion

Thick as grass - they choke all the other plants in a tide of Pretty, like some kind of crazy Fluffy Unicorn Invasion -

Even MOAR bluebells

Though at least they aren't spiny, stinky or sticky, I'll grant them that. I can go mow them down and their only way of exacting revenge on me is simply to keep coming back. Forever.


May. 28th, 2015 10:28 am
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I am, once again, having to grub out a jillion gazillion zagillion bluebells from my yard. I spread out mounds of them to dry into bluebell-hay in the sun so they'll shrink enough for my yard-debris can, if they're composted they tenaciously still sprout bluebells.

The only way to get rid of them is to dig them up - an impossibility as I'd have to remove the top foot of dirt on my entire yard. They're pretty, but I swear my next house, whenever that happens, will be a Bluebell-Free Zone.

*goes back to grubbing*
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We had a "belly blast" party last night, which meant a lot of bellydancers got together for a fun time watching each others recordings of dances we'd done. The hostesses hubby was hiding upstairs away from all the female frippery... but THEN.

One of the recorded dances was one of our ladies in a TARDIS coat and swirling solar-system patterned pants, a certain scarf about her neck as well as a bow tie and (later, pulled from a hiding spot in her bosom) 3-D glasses. The Theme played loudly as she came on stage and the hubby suddenly, eagerly materialized in the middle of the party rubbernecking to see what was on the screen. Hahahaha!

The show's theme music could be used like some weird geeky mating call, bringing them out of hiding. ^_^


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