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Just got back from a run to Trader Joe's (gosh I love Trader Joe's....) and found they were going seriously into the realm of "let's see how many things we can make that taste like pumpkin!"

Ended up with pumpkin cookies and pumpkin flavored corn chips - picked up pumpkin biscotti and managed to put it back down.  Thankfully the pumpkin mochi ice-cream balls were gone or that would have been my doom (the cashier assured me they were 'inspired' and he had ripped through an entire package of them in his short commute home). 

Yoooom yom yom num num num.
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Woke up this morning and for some reason decided it was a good day to wash all the curtains in the house before the weather turns cold again, as I'd never gotten to it in the spring-cleaning phase this year.  Or last.  Kind of regretting it now as I still have two more large ones to get hung up again, but the amount of crud was a bit surprising - not that it should be, I realized it had been probably four years since a couple of them were sloshed, yuck.  Plenty of spiders hanging around behind the curtains it seems - perhaps coming in as they know the cold weather is on its way too. 

But gee, it's nice to have them all clean again, I feel a strange juxtaposition in my self-image between being a slob who hardly ever washes curtains and being a neat person who does, a sort of guilty self-righteousness ("Look, I made sparkles! Never mind that they were way overdue!")
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Got through another chemo round, but my uncooperative veins were their usual troublesome selves - after two failed attempts at an IV, the nurses went looking for a big teddy-bear of a man they referred to as their "vein whisperer" - lol... He managed to get one going but after about half an hour they decided it wasn't dripping well enough and I had to get a fourth one done.  My arm looks like I'm someone who has an unhealthy affiliation with poking themselves, especially as I still have a 'burn' from the last one healing there.  :-p  Oh well!  Weather is turning to long sleeves anyway, right?

On the good side, one more done!  Yay!  This is a pleasant comtemplation.  Also, I used all the time I had to sit there to finally learn how soduko works and ended up filling in several of the little things.  I'm always several steps behind the fads it seems.
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Funny how we can get used to things.  A friend visiting says "I can't hear you over all the parakeets chirping," and my response is a briefly befuddled "oh, they're chirping?"  (as "burble burble burble CHIRP ack ack ack burble squeep" goes on within a yard of my head).  My whole family is so used to the ongoing sound of five happy budgies that we don't even notice it until we have to say, record something (drat! the parakeets are in the background! I forgot they were there!) or try to have my husband's barbershop quartet stop by to rehearse something ("how do you make those birds be quiet?" "Oh!, I'll just carry them into another room...")

A bit like living near a freeway or a train-track, just more cheery and full of fluffy feathers.
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I'm back from Ashland, and still jazzed about it - we had a grand time with four fab plays and an adorable cottage to sleep in where a fresh-baked b&b breakfast was delivered to our door every morning in a wooden basket.  A doe kept coming over and chomping the apples that were falling from the tree outside the door, which was fun to watch, and there was even a sweet little arbor we could dine in.  Yay!  The plays were all amazing and mind-blowingly good, but that's normal for Ashland which is quite professional in quality - Comedy of Errors was especially 'wow' - it had all the same dialogue but the locale was moved to twins coming from from New Orleans up to Harlem in search of their other twins.  One was a Marx brothers piece and the guys playing Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo were so good I felt like I'd been somehow swept off in a time vortex and was watching the real deal.

Anyway! That was a good thing, even though it now means catching up on everything that must be caught up on after a week away.  My kids are off to college this week, my son continuing in his welding courses and my daughter starting into Japanese - she's already taught herself how to write it and somewhat read it, now to speaking!  Means lots of J-Pop music, J-dramas and other fun stuff going by, variety is good.

Hope this week has been a good one for all of you as well!
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Very excited that I get to spend next week down in Ashland, where the Oregon Shakespearian Festival has most excellent plays, fun little shops and an Elizabethan theater. We got tickets for the plays back in February, they sell out so quickly, and get to stay in a B&B with an "Abigail" theme (each room is decorated for a different famous woman named Abigail through history).  Means doing lots of watering plants, hanging out laundry, etc. today and tomorrow and hoping all the pets survive having the menfolk of the house taking care of them for a week, but totally worth it.



Sep. 8th, 2014 07:33 pm
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Well, my wisps reached the point that I looked like a bizarre kewpie so, shaved my head.  Seriously one of the stranger things I've ever done to myself, being a somewhat conservative sort who thought having my ears pierced was a Big Deal and who would never even consider a tattoo.

I've never even run the electric clippers before, though we've had them for years in our little hair-cutting kit we bought back when my kids were little, they always sort of scared me with their RRRRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZTT noise that sounds like a slip of the hand might remove my nose. 

RRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZTT.  RRRRRZZZTT.  RRRRRRRRRZZTTT. And ta-da - sink was full of hair and I still have my nose.  I didn't realize I even had enough hair left for it to show up in a pile.  I had to finish it off by rummaging in the drawer for my husband's shaver and surreptitiously running over my pate to try to get all the odd bits in back of my ears and such.  It feels very, very strange, but kind of good at the same time because at least it's all smooth now. 
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I am apparently only recognizable by my hair.  I was at the church processing some books for the library and stopped in at a meeting to enjoy the music for a few minutes.  Three people there admitted after I came up and spoke with them that they "wondered who that new lady was in the hat, then realized it was you!" 

"Um, yes. Me, you know, the lady in a hat because she has no hair."  Argh!  I've known them for over a decade too.  This is so weird.

I'm getting ready for Sunday service this morning and almost don't want to go just to avoid all the commentary.  It's going to be hot and I don't want the scratchy wig but a cotton wrap just makes it more obvious. Wahhhh. My ego apparently whines as it is squished.
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Well, I had my second round of chemo this morning, so that's half of it done (not counting the next three weeks of recovery before the next).  They really go out of their way to help set you at ease, a big suite of oversized green leather recliners, warmed blankets, snacks and drinks - I just get 'plugged in' with my drip and sit and read books, occasionally flagging a nurse to say "May I have a cocoa?"  Sunny windows look out on nice landscaping and beyond the trees the cars going by and they have a bookcase full of books and magazines and a table with an ongoing jigsaw puzzle. 

My hair is definitely beyond presentable, so I'm into my hat collection in earnest.  I have a great little ruffled calico 'muffin warmer' cap I can use for sleeping, it's adorable.

I feel fine now, but I found out the last time that the 'crash' comes a couple days later so I'm running around trying to get all my yard watered before the heat of this weekend arrives.  We sure could use some rain.  The parakeets (all five of them) are having a grand time out on the sunny deck and the plums and cherry tomatoes are coming in like gangbusters. Hoping all is well with everyone!
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Found out a young lady who lived with us for some time so she could finish High School and who then met a wonderful fellow and married him a couple years ago has now just brought a wee little boy into the world.  Yay yay yay... we all feel like honorary relatives, aunties and uncles or something here, welcome to the world little Gavin.

They had a great idea for their baby shower, btw, a diaper raffle where people got a ticket for every 25 diapers they brought with drawings for things like movie tickets and starbucks cards.  They have a LOT of diapers and are well stocked. Love it.
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This is so weird. I brushed my hair this morning and I had enough hair to assemble my very own small dog if I'd wanted to. I told my kids I've decided to be deciduous this year and drop my leaves as it's coming up on Fall. I'll regrow them in the Spring.

My son, whose long ponytail is his pride and joy (though he has to be careful with it not catching fire as he is in a welding course) delighted in dancing around me singing a song about "fuzzless mother" to the tune of the infamous llama song. He thinks it's great that he now has longer hair than I do. X-D

Got a great cap off of Etsy that has attached fake bangs so I can put it under any hat and look like there's hair under there. People are so creative!
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A notice came up for me to renew my DWth and I kind of went "Oh wow, I haven't posted since April!" and thought it seemed worth doing a little updating, if only for me to look back at later on.  Been quite a year.

First off, the disabled lady I help take care of FINALLY got her disability approved and I've had a lot of extra time dealing with the paperwork, banking and various updates she needed now that we can finally buy stuff to replace/update her life.  It's been good to finally go forward on that, though it does mean time invested of course.

Then my beautiful, wonderful Starflower graduated from high school this past June, but not before she was the lead in their school play which meant a lot of fun time spent there, as I did the costuming and helped paint the set.  Scads of hours over there, but good times all around and we survived graduation and everything that goes with it, hoorah!

THEN in late May I was diagnosed with breast cancer - small and early, thank God - so after graduation was over I had lumpectomy surgery, did recovery from that and then found I was right on the statistical line for whether I would need chemo or not. I was given the choice and decided if it was that close to the line better safe than sorry.  SO at this point I have three more chemo treatments to go through the end of October and my hair is falling out like autumn leaves on a windy day.   I went shopping for colorful hats on Etsy and am trying to make the best of it, thankfully I haven't been too sick at this point.  The unknown is always more fearsome than the reality. 

LIfe is kind of crazy, I keep up with two households, my own and my friend's, and two churches as well... I assume all of you out there are likewise not letting much moss grow on your proverbial rocks - I'll have to spend some time reading now to see what's been happening.  *hugs*
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Oooo, very impressive! I finally had a chance to fill one of the gaps in my 'stuff everyone seems to have seen but me' list by spending an evening watching the 25th anniversary version of the Phantom of the Opera that was done at the Royal Albert Hall, as a friend who had recently discovered it herself had gone on a Phantom-athon of sorts and watched 8 different versions of it.  This was the one she said was best. It didn't latch into the 'fandom' part of me the way some characters do - but I can see why it has appealed.

There was the added treat of Andrew Lloyd Webber coming out at the end with a fun multi-phantom rendition of the main theme sung by the original Christine and 5 of the professional Phantoms over the years.  I enjoy Webber's work, especially 'Cats' and 'Joseph...' and bounced around in my seat when he popped up.

Jolly good operatic stuff. 
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Phoo! I'm tired, must be time for bed.  Tomorrow is our big church picnic for Easter and I'm up to my ears in fixings for a huge green salad, glorified rice and two big pans of peach cobbler. Yay!  Plus I'll be doing the face-painting on the side. Makes for a busy but good event. I just have to finish one salad and I can hit the hay.

I'm attending two churches, my main one and the one that rents space in the main one, so I get to help with two Easter picnics, one this weekend and one next weekend, complete with two rounds of face-painting and two rounds of kiddie egg-hunts, probably going to walk my feet off but it's always such a cheery time with visitors that only come out of the woodwork for major holidays as well.  Thankfully, it looks like a clear day, it's been pretty rainy here, so we may be blowing in the breeze but at least we'll be dry.

Have a lovely Palm Sunday weekend, all!
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I marinated some chunks of chicken last night and finally got them cooking in a pan. Going to wash the bowl that had the marinade in it, I industriously squirted it and other waiting items with dish soap and set to scrubbing while the chicken sizzled happily behind me on the stove. 

Oh crumbs - I missed a piece!  There's a piece of chicken still in the corner of the dish. *efficiently flips the last chicken piece into the pan on the stove and starts scrubbing again*

Oh crumbs - that chicken was in the dish I just squirted soap into. That means it has soap on it! *whirls back to stove*

Oh crumbs - now I can't tell one raw chicken bit from another! Arrrgh!  Which one is it??? *experimentally fishes out random portions that kind of resemble the vaguely-remembered shape of the one flipped into the pan and rinses them off hopefully*

I have no idea if I got it or not. None of them seem to be making "too many bubbles" as they cook - I guess now it's just soapy-chicken-roulette for whichever family member gets That Piece.
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Here we are once again - I have mounds of daffodils blooming and scads of work to do outside from scrubbing a winter's worth of moss off my mailbox to picking up all the trimmings from the fruit trees.  I love the scent of spring on the wind. 

My other half just missed the axe at his work, his department has gotten teensy tiny in number and while grateful that he was one of those left standing, he's starting to look for other employment ("I'm not the captain," he reasonably pointed out, "I don't have to go down with the ship.")  I may plant a bit more veggies this year and make sure I take the time to put up stuff in the fall as we may be looking at tighter times than usual, we'll see - on the plus side the last year of paying for private school will be done in June so that may help balance things a bit.

I'm grateful we still have insurance for the time being, I'm moving up our various doctor and dentist things to get as much done as possible while we still have it, just in case. I grew up with very little so I do know "how to do that" if needed.

Hope everyone is having a very pleasant end-of-March and a nice Spring Break as well! 
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I love St. Pat's Day even though my only connection genetically is via a half-Irish grandpa - I would still enjoy it even if that weren't the case.  You see, my favorite color is green and there are stores who have "anything green is on sale!" events (woo!) plus there's this marvelous excuse to make corned beef and cabbage, which I love but it's expensive so I can't normally rationalize it.  Yes, I know they don't really even eat that in Ireland itself, but hey, I'm not pretending to be authentic I'm just having fun.   Breakfast for my kids was porridge colored with green food coloring, and as I couldn't find any Irish Breakfast tea, we had Jasmine Green.   Oh well, why not toss in some Chinese?  It has the word "green" in it, right?

And yes, I know Protestants wear orange and Catholics wear green in some places, but that's not here where I am and I like green, so I wear green in honor of Patrick, who was obviously not a Protestant - it's all good.  I'm off to make Irish Soda Bread with lots of brandy-soaked currants and sultanas in it as a treat for our preschool teachers now. 

Have a great day, everyone!
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My downstairs has this awful old berber carpeting, but new carpeting is waaaay down the monetary priorities list so I've been looking for a rug I could hide a goodly chunk of it with, though I need to avoid wool and all the non-wool ones I could find were essentially already the color of dirt (brown, beige, grey, black, yellowish tones etc.) and thus no improvement.  Why do all the bright colored ones only come in stupid little-kid designs? All adults are only allowed to look at dirt?

Anyway...much happiness ensued today as I found a wonderful light colored 10x8 mat of woven seagrass for a song at a promo sale and it smells just heavenly, like a delicate sweet hay, while not being prickly like jute.  It's not a cheery color (I was kind of hoping for something in peacock or lavender) but I'm quite content with a natural, clean look too.   Mm.

What sort of floor coverings have you found yourself gravitating to?
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Started thinking of what we could do for small summer trip in celebration of my daughter's upcoming high school graduation and ended up picking the Oregon Shakespearian Festival (which is quite good, but expensive and far away from me so I haven't been since high school m'self) - wow, I'm thinking as I preen myself,  I'm ahead of the game! I'm gonna get us something nice this summer because I was clever enough to think ahead! 

*goes online*....*discovers LOTS of people are waay more ahead of the game than I ever will be and everything suitable is booked up and/or sold out* 0_0

BUT - I was not foiled! At least not entirely.  After much virtual hunting and gathering yesterday, voila - we have a nice setup with four great plays and a cottage coming up, I just had to shove it all the way past summer into September to do it.  What a novelty, we get to go somewhere in September, as for the first time in 20 years we won't have anyone needing to be in school - what a grand (and alien) feeling!
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Opened the cupboard to put a box away and two other boxes fell to the floor. Opened the fridge to put juice away and vegetables came bouncing out. Opened the other cupboard to put away a hand-mixer and an ENTIRE JAR OF MOLASSES leapt out and made a suicide dive right into the cat's dish.

The sound was astonishing and brought all family members running into the kitchen, thankfully sans the cat.

Cleaned up the amazing spontaneous interpretive artwork entitled "Catfood, Glass and Molasses with accents of Broken Pottery in the Modern Age." 

*huddles away from cupboards*


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