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Made coffee this morning and our sick kitty came waltzing into the kitchen, drank a little water and ate about six bites of food. First time in a week and a half! My son was running up and down the hall rousing the family to come and see, Pi is eating! We were all gathered around, trying to not disturb her groove, twittering quietly like fans of a famous artist watching them paint.

The cat ate! Let the parade commence!

Now we just hope she does it again - back to Cat Watch.
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Our dear little Pi stopped eating or drinking last week - we've now put sufficient funds into that cat we are calling her our "gold plated kitty." So far all they know is she's healthy as a horse except for unknown reasons her digestive system is moving in slow motion. I've had to take to squirting a syringe of warm water into the corner of her mouth when I can get away with it to try to keep her hydrated. She goes back in for another expensive vet round on Monday, but darnit...she's OUR cat, a part of the family, our little fur-person. You know how it is.

A lady I swim with in the mornings is a vet tech, she said she would come to our house and show me how to do sub-q injections if needed. :-(
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I noticed last time I was at my optometrist that he was getting kind of...old. The receptionist he's had at the desk since forever is as well. I've gone to him for 24 years now (getting old m'self) and couldn't help but think "You know, you look like the kind of guy who is getting ready to retire." Decided to be proactive and go looking for a younger doc, so today I'm test-driving a whippersnapper with good reviews. Maybe they'll have some newfangled techie doo-dads in their arsenal so I can see better, who knows? Gracious, listen to me - I sound like a granny.

I hate having dilation eyedrops, but other than that I'd rather go to an eye doctor before many other kinds of doctors. The poke-n-prod isn't nearly as intimate.
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Character actor Abe Vigoda kept a website all these years that had his smiling picture and simply stated 'Abe Vigoda is alive" after some folks mistakenly thought him deceased back in the 80s. He died at the ripe age of 94 of good old-fashioned old age and his website has been updated -
"Abe Vigoda is dead." with the same picture except with Xs over his eyes.
There's also a song to listen to - a parody called "Abe Vigoda is Dead."
I want to die like this guy!

Out of all the many, many roles this guy had over the years we ironically remembered him most readily as the Alaskan Grandpa in "North" - who is being sent out onto an iceberg to die.
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Gal living with us has a bday today, so my house is full of young women who danced around the living room playing with our dance veils, then stuffed themselves on veggie pizza and bday cake, followed by a parade of tea-pots to try all kinds of tea while watching silly youtube vids - now they are downstairs laughing and cheering at an old Clark Gable film.  This is quite nice.  I admit I rather wish I could manage to have such a pleasant party with friends of my own instead of hanging on to another person's group. 

Been a long time since I did something like that with a group just for fun, if there's a party it's usually because I'm hosting someone else's event or covering an obligatory family holiday.  Should consider how to remedy that.  A shame it's so hard to schedule when everyone works or has kids to care for.
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My son just noted that while we refer to ourselves as Oregonians, he had no idea what you would call someone from either Kansas or Arkansas - what are they?  Kansasians?  Kansasites? Arkansawyers?  Arkansaucians?

Locals can be pretty specific on what the proper moniker is for their people group - Anyone know?
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Ah the "joys" of home ownership - Our rather large back yard has progressively gotten so lumpity bumpity that I went and rented a lawn roller for the day as we have a rare break in the rain til tomorrow.  Dang that thing is heavy - I'm taking a break after getting about a third of it done, my son gets a turn at the plow for the next hour, bless him.  Found out I couldn't listen to fast music or I went too fast and didn't let it squish out all the little mud-bumps. Probably been 30 years since anyone tried to flatten it at all.

Next up will be killing all the clumps of sharp marsh grass that have made their way in - it's going to look awful this year, but by next round should be much improved.
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My shiny new friend is a macbook, so I'm having to relearn some basics on how to get around my virtual neighborhood, - it's kind of like shifting between driving an automatic and a stick, I can make it go but everything is in a different spot.

I had a mac years and years ago, back when the SE was an exciting thing instead of a putty-colored doorstop but I'm a bit rusty on the whole Apple shindig.  Got Audacity on it today, now to figure out what's a good microphone/headset that will be compatible - I haven't recorded for Librivox for FIVE blinkin' years (couldn't believe it had been that long!) and I really want to get back into it now that I can take my computer to a quiet corner instead of being trapped in the most noisy part of the house.

Anyone have recommendations for a good headset for recording voice?
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 My kids have just discovered the Original Series for the first time as adults - they said they remember seeing bits and snatches when they were younger but now they're working their way through all of the series in order via Netflix.  Tonight was the Horta-sode and they were absolutely glued to the set - or should I say cemented?  This leads, naturally, to my daughter reading a Trek novel and everyone watching some of the many jolly fun fanvids out there.  I'd forgotten how campy and delightful some of those old eps are.

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Hm, I glanced back over my recent posts and found there were only maybe two in a month and they tending to be about foodstuffs in one way or another.  How very banal, I thought, food?  All I need to add is pictures of cute kittens and exhortations to 'change the world' by clicking on some sort of pathetic looking place/person/animal and I'd really be a lost cause.

On the good side, I got a shiny laptop for my recent bday!  I hope this means I will be able to reconnect a bit as I won't have to fight for the family computer in the kitchen to do so.  A lady I swim with at the pool in the mornings talked about how she was doing a doodle-a-day challenge thing to make herself start using her dormant art skills again and it rather inspired me to try.... something.  Not sure what yet.  But reconnecting with the expression that can be carried out through things like DWth is a start.
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In spite of my best efforts my house always ends up awash in sweets other goodies over the holidays, I finally got down to business and threw out some of the remaining candies that were still here and there, tossed a handful of candy-canes (still have a pencil-cup-ful though) and sent some unopened things we were given to our local food cupboard.  Yay!

On the other hand, I found mincemeat filling on clearance at the local shop and ended up making not one but TWO mincemeat pies tonight.  My victories are apparently self-congratulatory and brief. 
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I have an odd phenomena that seems to occur in my kitchen in which my actions are apparently completely invisible to my family when I make tea. Recent cases in point:

Hubby stands and talks to me as I am making tea, we are within 2-3 feet of each other. There is a dishtowel and a holiday potholder hanging from the handle of the oven, and I notice the towel is getting pretty cruddy. I reach right in front of him, take it and put it in the dirty linens basket on the counter then fish for a new towel in the drawer. In the space of time it takes me to do this, he steps up right next to me and rinses a cup then turns and *wipes his hands on the potholder*...
Hubby (confused): "Is this thing meant for wiping hands?"
Me: (new towel in hand) "No, it's a potholder. You just watched me take away the old towel and get out a fresh one."
Hubby: "I did? How did I miss that?"

I am talking with my grown daughter in the kitchen as I heat water for tea. I notice the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, so I work on putting them away as we talk.  This involves walking past her in some cases, and even asking her to move so I can access a drawer.  Five minutes later as I am sitting down with my cuppa she walks over to the dishwasher and opens it.
Her (surprised): "Oh! Someone already emptied the dishwasher!"
Me: "I did. Just now. You watched me, in fact."
Her: "I did? How come I have no recollection of this?"

Hmm...Now if I could only make this work outside the kitchen, think of all the things I could do!
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Pulled the turkey carcass we had out of the freezer and cooked it down for turkey-frame soup, lots of veggies and some parsnips to jazz it up. Singed my fingers a bit through impatience in it cooling enough to sift the bones out but it should make a nice hot dinner for everyone as they come home.

We had serious wind and rain the last couple of days, spent the morning hauling several wheelbarrows of fallen sticks and branches to clean the yard up - this was the first time in all our years here that the rain overwhelmed the drainage pipe and our driveway went underwater for a while, my inner child was sorely tempted to dig out some rubber boots and go High Level Puddle Jumping, should have done it!

Cool wind, lots of rain and mud, definitely soup weather.
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Just a note to anyone who has a dog in their life - when my pet care class was going over various common poisons I knew about grapes, raisins, chewing gum, chocolate and (of course) antifreeze, but xylitol was a new one to me so I thought I mention it.

Seems some folks get 'healthy' peanut butters that are sweetened with xylitol, put it in their dog's treats and then end up with doggy kidney or liver failure. 0_o My husband uses it all the time as a preferred sweetener, so this was good to know.
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A lady in my church has a pet-sitting business and has agreed to have me be her backup person when she gets overbooked (yay) - I was trying to think of something I can do that doesn't involve being on my feet 8 hours a day or doing data entry stuff so this could fit the bill. I mean, a dog doesn't really care if you stop to rub your sore feet a few minutes unlike a human manager. ;-)

So I'm getting ready to head out to a day seminar on pet first aid today as part of prepping for that, I figure it will be useful info to have even if the sitting thing doesn't go anywhere, after all, I have pets! And it's free, which is always nice.
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My daughter and her roomie were given a lead by a coworker that there was a one bedroom opening up in a good complex, so they gave it a whirl - the manager said they could have it if they signed the lease that day and were willing to move in that very night, and so they did!  They took sleeping bags and slept in their otherwise empty apartment just because they could - it even has a great view of the pond and fountain that decorates the little rec center.  The competition here for housing is fierce - when we went to start moving things in the next day a lady showed up at the door saying she thought *she* was supposed to be moving into it instead the next day, we just shrugged, let her know they already had the papers and the keys and to take it to the manager... didn't see her again.... I hope they just had the wrong apt for their sake, it's a big complex.

And to top it all off, both girls can even walk to work from that location which will save them a fair bit of money.  We moved her furniture today, wow what a whirlwind ride - when she woke up that morning who knew it would be the last time she ever slept in our house in her own bed, just like that?  Away she flies, and all is well.
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Digging around a thrift shop, I found a copy of the original "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" story that the movie was based off of and knowing how books become movies that may be something entirely different, had to take it home to read of course!  As expected, the faint resemblances between the story and the movie must have had its fans up in arms when the show came out. 

Had to roll my eyes at the predictable removal of the mother of the family, Mimsie Pott, poor dear was killed off in favor of the widower-romance thing apparently.  Truly seems to be an invention, though he did invent the toot-sweets and successfully sell them to Lord Scrumptious.   Also noted that Caractacus has been split into two people in the show with the invention of his father to cover his Naval Commander part... I'm halfway through the book and most of it has been discovering and blowing up a hidden arsenal of weapons a bank robber was keeping in a cave.  Don't remember that in the movie!  Would have been good.

Aside from all that, I rather like Chitty herself, cheeky thing flashing "Push, Idiot!" at them when they aren't quick enough to hit an unknown lever (and thus discover her wings) - she merely wanted out of a traffic jam, who wouldn't?

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My girl and her friend had their application denied for their apartment attempt, seems when you added the new requirement that they also carry renter's insurance their combined income didn't make the cut.  Everyone is quite disappointed and they lost the application fees on top of it.  I don't know how people are finding homes around here, almost none of the apartments cover any of the utilities anymore and it seems now this insurance requirement is spreading rapidly as well.  The roomie is a manager and working full time and they still couldn't even get a one-bedroom to split with one person sleeping in the living room.

Back to the drawing board.  Looks like my nest is still going to be overly full for a while yet.

Heard about an entire complex in Portland that had to all move out because the rents shot up so fast none of the residents could afford to stay.  Where are they going?
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Spent part of today helping my youngest with landing an apartment along with her potential roommate friend - it's so hard to find rentals right now, they had three other people all hoping to get it if her application doesn't go through and that was in the space of only two hours - they managed to be the first to apply that morning by happenstance, the manager had only received the notice it would be open this next month late last night.  0.o

Here's praying it goes through, it's in a great location for what they need - my fledgling is tottering on the edge of my nest and I'm really hoping she'll be able to fly.
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Well, yet another small business near my house is suddenly gone, an ice cream shop that's been there for decades - they must have been done as of the end of September because they were there on the 30th but on the morning of Oct. 1 the shop was vacant - squeezed everything they could out and moved in the night, I guess.  Looked up local news, it said they'd had to close because the minimum wage hike had made it impossible to still keep afloat.  Drat. I used to work in a shop like that and was eyeballing it as one of those I might apply at for part-time work.


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