Jun. 21st, 2016 04:38 pm
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We sadly lost Millie the Millet Muncher a couple weeks ago, and the remaining two budgies were morose without her, so I checked with a local bird rescue lady and she had some to look at. We picked out a happy, bouncy little fellow and he's been just an absolute joy. Rhubarb and Treacle-cake are getting along with him just fine. He's bright neon yellow on the back and bright neon green on the front.

His name is Splink. Hee hee.

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Hubby asked me to look for a computer bag for him when I was at the Goodwill jumble bins, so I snagged a couple likely looking ones for not much (everything there is by the pound). They sat in the living room a couple weeks til he got around to looking them over to see if one would fit his laptop. Opened up the side compartment on one and... yikes! Scads of very personal papers! Like someone was getting ready to buy a house or something, bank info, personal records, etc. 0.0

Must have been stolen and the laptop grabbed then the bag dumped. Looked neat and untouched, there was even a new b-day card and a pack of gum. Horrified, I riffled through looking for a phone number and left a message. Phone rang back in minutes with a young man VERY relieved. He was on his way home from work, so I gave him our address and when he pulled up I held it up for him to see. Gave him the bag along w some roses and lavender from our yard for his wife, he gave me a hug and couldn't stop saying how grateful he was... they came back a couple days later with a thank you gift and introduced their adorable baby while they were at it. Turns out they live on our street!

So very grateful that God kept their stuff safe and got it back to them. Nice to be able to be a part of that. ^_^
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Hmm - combo of hubby out of work and kids all prepping to get on their own, kind of feels like a transition in the making. I can feel my deeper roots pulling up, the edges of my routine becoming just a wee, teensy bit blurry. We'd thought of downsizing our home in about five years, perhaps it will simply be moved up the timeline a bit.

Started fixing up my church library to slowly get it up to snuff for eventual handoff, also re-painting the church parking lot for maybe my last time as I only re-do it every 3-4 years.

Having a garage sale in July too, which is a good start in that whole process. Sort of like drawing a comb over my household to get out the tangles, amazing the things I have and don't need anymore (or never really needed in the first place). I'll probably be maundering about that here from time to time over the next couple years. If I must move, a slow and gentle drifting from the dock and an amble down the river is always preferred to a tsunami.
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Continuing in my quest to get the blinds in this house functional again, I finally found a way to fix the top of a hanging vertical blind slat when the itty-bitty piece of plastic that holds the thing up snaps off. A "MacGyverisms" site showed how you can just tape a big paperclip on the back of it and punch a hole in the tape - Bam! It gives the carrier something to grab onto and the blind slat is back in place. I had three slats broken like that, they're lookin' good now. Golly, that was easy!
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Call me slow to figure out life, but it never occurred to me that you could get a broken window-blind restrung, it took a lady at my morning swim to mention getting hers done for tiny lightbulbs to turn on in my head.

Took two of my three broken ones in today, by next week I'll have top-down-bottom-up blinds that actually can go top-down-bottom-up instead of only top-down-in-an-occasionally-crooked-way. They're charging $55 a blind, don't know how that compares elsewhere but it's a heck of a lot better than having to get new blinds done.

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Instragram must be truly on its way out as A Thing, I can tell because I finally learned how to use it. When us old folks arrive, the Cool Factor falls into the basement, but hey - I did posts of each of the expected topics (nature, cat, dessert).

Gerrout o' Instragram ya whippersnappers, go on and do that next Thing in your virtual cardboard clubhouse before we follow you again!
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Stopped in at an Asian bakery that had been recommended to me while I was in the city today, mostly Chinese stuff, everything looked pretty tasty and fresh. Place was mostly empty. I stepped up to the counter.

Baker: (smiling) "Hello! Good to see you."
Me: (my, the people are so friendly! what a nice place) - "Hello!..."
Baker: "It's been a while, how have you been?"
Me: "...?"
Man Behind Me Who Just Came In: "Yeah, hi! Just stopping in, good to be here...blah blah wife blah job blah..."

The baker's wife comes in with a tray of buns and looks at me with no change in her expression, walks back into the kitchen. I am apparently invisible.

Managed to get my selection paid for, no smiles or chat for me though. Been a while since I've been talked through, usually it was things like salesmen who were targeting my husband and didn't seem to hear or see anything I did. Guess I'm just the wrong gender, nationality or ethnicity for today.
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Well, rather than use up our retirement bucks, I've gone ahead and signed on with a temp agency - though I don't really know if there is much I can do that someone will pay me for. It's my fault for "just" doing charity, child-raising and volunteer work for the past quarter-century. :-P

I'll probably end up with low level clerical, but hey, every dollar I can get is one more than I had before.

Haven't written a resume for decades, it was a challenge to make it look all official with lots of 'skills' and 'experience' instead of employment. Lots of "What year did that happen?" pencil-gnawing. Literally beat my head on my computer desk, much wailing and gnashing of teeth, several cups of hot tea and stress-eating half a pack of digestive biscuits.

Now it flies out into the world to represent me. What a dumb system.
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Well, we're still unemployed here so I've been digging into the accumulation of our household to see what we can use up instead of buy more than I usually do. It's kind of amazing how much oddball stuff we have buried in the backs of our cupboards and pantry, being at the tail end of 25 years of being a multi-child household. Scary expired pickles, anyone? Old seaweed snacks? How about rancid nuts? 0.o

I thought I kept up with rotating stuff pretty well, but I've obviously missed a few beats. Found out squirrels will eat old bread and rancid nuts just fine. Didn't try the seaweed on them.
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My eldest has always had a penchant for eating weeds, coming in with handfuls of chickweed and miners lettuce, etc. and bemoaning my spraying our driveway to keep the stuff under control.  This time I opened the fridge and found a bagful of...something...?  She came up behind me and said "Oh, those are dandelions! I'm making bread."

Sure enough, she found something based on an old Roman recipe and made a Dandelion Honey Cake using almond flour and the blossoms of all those dandelions.  It has the texture of pumpkin bread and is really, really good! My grandma used to pick young leaves for her salads, trying to get to them before my grandpa went out to work on the lawn, but I'd never eaten the blooms.  Strikes me as something they'd eat in Redwall.
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Our furnace has been out since last week, which worked for a bit because it was thankfully nice and sunny during some of the days but it's getting to where our space heaters aren't quite keeping up.  Should be fixed by tomorrow, guess I'll haul in some firewood and use the fireplace after all - it's so messy I was trying to avoid it. Still, beats building a fire in the middle of the room!

Reminds me of I was a kid and one of the rentals we moved into had this huge burn spot in the middle of the wooden living room floor where some hippies had broken in and made themselves a comfy campfire.  My mom covered it up with a rug. The baseboard heat was wimpy enough she would sometimes bake something in the oven just to warm us up, so maybe the hippies had the right idea.
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The Habitat for Humanity "re-store" had paint at half-off their already ridiculously cheap prices so I went to see if there might be a decent color for my old garden benches. I was thinking something mossy looking originally, so if they got scroungy out there it wouldn't show up but then - WOO! A huge 5 gallon bucket of the most amazing blue came by and I couldn't pass it up. Here's what I spent the last couple days on, I'm so jazzed with the result!

blue benches!

Color pop time!
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It must be spring! I washed my car yesterday but I still had to turn around and go back to the house this morning to hose off the windshield so I could see something other than a huge yellow blur (my windshield squirties haven't worked for years).

Yellow poofs of pollen coming off the plants every time the breeze puffs past. It would be pretty if it weren't such a misery to allergic people and if it didn't set up like cement in the cracks everywhere. My condolences to everyone who must sneeze.
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SO...My hubby leans over the couch where I'm reading a book and says "Just got off the phone. I guess I must now count myself among the unemployed." And then while I'm still digesting this news he runs down the hall shouting "FREEEEDOOOOOMMMM!"


He's been at that company for 22 years and was one of the last two people they had at this location, so he's been a little weary in the saddle but I'm kind of looking around going "batten down the hatches!" and turning off lights, lowering heat, etc. I grew up with little to live on and know all the tricks - he's never been below middle-class. If this drags on a while he may have to learn, but for now let him go bounding across the fields for a bit, he's earned it!
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My daughter called to tell me she has a new manager. He mentioned something about the small town he'd grown up in, she said "Oh yeah! My mom went to high school there." "What's her name?" he asked and whaddayaknow, he graduated with me!

Last time I saw him he was 18, of course, and taking honors for his many athletic skills. Always a nice congenial kind of guy, always dressed in assorted sports gear every time we crossed paths. Strange to fast-forward that mental image of him to a 50 year old manager working with my now-grown kid! I wonder if he still has his hair.

Life is weird.
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About a year ago a friend and I stood looking at our battered and outdated Fellowship Hall at our church, which serves as everything from a cafeteria and craft area to a gym for the preschool. Decades of constant use really showed and we both utterly loathed the old valances of ruffled pink, country blue and teal that shrieked late 80s. That launched my efforts last Fall of a fundraising Tea, a gathering of donations and a lot of hours in group decisions on paint, etc.

Spent the last three days in there, yanking out the old curtains and the yards and yards of muslin underneath, filling holes, sanding and priming. Found stuff behind the cabinets from years ago and spackled countless staple holes... We're about a third of the way through this project but by Maundy Thursday this week we hope to have a new look to our old Hall at long last.

It's an awful lot of work and my feet and legs are killing me, but it's a great feeling to get it done!
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Son: (opening box of crackers) Triskets!
Me: Like Speed Racer's girlfriend!
Son: Ah yes, Speed and Triskets. And don't forget...um, I can't remember that monkey's name!
Me: I just remember how annoying he was. And what was his little brother called?
Son: I don't know! Why don't I know this? What was it?
Daughter: Squirtle?
Son: Squirtle! And the monkey was something that repeats.
Daughter: Yeah, like Bop-bop or Chee-chee or Ten-Ten or something. *googles*
Son: Bip-Bip, Can-can, Boop-Boop...
Daughter: Chim-Chim!
Son: Chim-Chim and Squirtle. Wait. That's Pokemon.
Daughter: Someone needs to do a vid for that. Speed, Trisket, Squirtle and Ten-Ten.
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Ah, St. Pat's! I love what a simple holiday it is. We wear green and I make a big honkin' tureen of corned beef with cabbage, parsnips, carrots, etc. - follow with some strong coffee with irish cream in it and that's it. My inner Irish person is happy to accept this annual dose of non-authentic Irish soul food.

May the wind always be at your back, etc. etc.
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Spent a couple afternoons poking intermittantly at imovie in my ongoing attempts to comprehend the usefulness of my new macbook thing. Made Baby's First Movie by using random footage of my cat on my lap gleaned from the "oh, I found the camera!" moments, adding sound effects, music, credits, etc. Kind of like it, in an odd sense of the word. The whole thing definitely has promise (imovie, not my er..."movie"...) I can see why so many people like to mess around with making vids of stuff in their life now that we have tools like this readily available.

Still feel like an old dog struggling to learn that new trick, but getting there.
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Just came in from quite some time grubbing around in my muddy yard in between rain clouds. There is a nice sense of accomplishment seeing the mounds I built from the roots of my fallen enemies outside.  I like how you can yank the entire root out, schlorping them like pale, twisted carrots from the muck at this time of year, and I finally conquered one of the Grandfather of Grandfather Dandelions whose root was too big and deep to get in previous years.

*insert triumphant cackling as lightning flashes behind a silhouetted hand, clutching helpless roots as the mud drips from the tip of the trowel*


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