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Hmm - combo of hubby out of work and kids all prepping to get on their own, kind of feels like a transition in the making. I can feel my deeper roots pulling up, the edges of my routine becoming just a wee, teensy bit blurry. We'd thought of downsizing our home in about five years, perhaps it will simply be moved up the timeline a bit.

Started fixing up my church library to slowly get it up to snuff for eventual handoff, also re-painting the church parking lot for maybe my last time as I only re-do it every 3-4 years.

Having a garage sale in July too, which is a good start in that whole process. Sort of like drawing a comb over my household to get out the tangles, amazing the things I have and don't need anymore (or never really needed in the first place). I'll probably be maundering about that here from time to time over the next couple years. If I must move, a slow and gentle drifting from the dock and an amble down the river is always preferred to a tsunami.
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Continuing in my quest to get the blinds in this house functional again, I finally found a way to fix the top of a hanging vertical blind slat when the itty-bitty piece of plastic that holds the thing up snaps off. A "MacGyverisms" site showed how you can just tape a big paperclip on the back of it and punch a hole in the tape - Bam! It gives the carrier something to grab onto and the blind slat is back in place. I had three slats broken like that, they're lookin' good now. Golly, that was easy!
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Call me slow to figure out life, but it never occurred to me that you could get a broken window-blind restrung, it took a lady at my morning swim to mention getting hers done for tiny lightbulbs to turn on in my head.

Took two of my three broken ones in today, by next week I'll have top-down-bottom-up blinds that actually can go top-down-bottom-up instead of only top-down-in-an-occasionally-crooked-way. They're charging $55 a blind, don't know how that compares elsewhere but it's a heck of a lot better than having to get new blinds done.

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Well, we're still unemployed here so I've been digging into the accumulation of our household to see what we can use up instead of buy more than I usually do. It's kind of amazing how much oddball stuff we have buried in the backs of our cupboards and pantry, being at the tail end of 25 years of being a multi-child household. Scary expired pickles, anyone? Old seaweed snacks? How about rancid nuts? 0.o

I thought I kept up with rotating stuff pretty well, but I've obviously missed a few beats. Found out squirrels will eat old bread and rancid nuts just fine. Didn't try the seaweed on them.
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Our furnace has been out since last week, which worked for a bit because it was thankfully nice and sunny during some of the days but it's getting to where our space heaters aren't quite keeping up.  Should be fixed by tomorrow, guess I'll haul in some firewood and use the fireplace after all - it's so messy I was trying to avoid it. Still, beats building a fire in the middle of the room!

Reminds me of I was a kid and one of the rentals we moved into had this huge burn spot in the middle of the wooden living room floor where some hippies had broken in and made themselves a comfy campfire.  My mom covered it up with a rug. The baseboard heat was wimpy enough she would sometimes bake something in the oven just to warm us up, so maybe the hippies had the right idea.
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The Habitat for Humanity "re-store" had paint at half-off their already ridiculously cheap prices so I went to see if there might be a decent color for my old garden benches. I was thinking something mossy looking originally, so if they got scroungy out there it wouldn't show up but then - WOO! A huge 5 gallon bucket of the most amazing blue came by and I couldn't pass it up. Here's what I spent the last couple days on, I'm so jazzed with the result!

blue benches!

Color pop time!
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Ah the "joys" of home ownership - Our rather large back yard has progressively gotten so lumpity bumpity that I went and rented a lawn roller for the day as we have a rare break in the rain til tomorrow.  Dang that thing is heavy - I'm taking a break after getting about a third of it done, my son gets a turn at the plow for the next hour, bless him.  Found out I couldn't listen to fast music or I went too fast and didn't let it squish out all the little mud-bumps. Probably been 30 years since anyone tried to flatten it at all.

Next up will be killing all the clumps of sharp marsh grass that have made their way in - it's going to look awful this year, but by next round should be much improved.
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Our next-door neighbors have suddenly moved away due to a job relocation and the housing market is hot enough that they've already had multiple lookers and at least one offer in less than a week. Argh! I hate having to wonder and pray all over again that we get decent neighbors, this is the third time on this house since we've lived here.

We're the third back on a triple-flag lot so they're right in front of us and share the driveway, connect to our yard, etc. It used to be an orchard that belonged to our property before the previous owners spun it off and built a house for their son there - a crabby or territorial neighbor in that spot would be bad news.

*nibbles fingernails and hopes for the best*

Sort sort

Jul. 13th, 2015 07:04 pm
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Well, my goal when I woke up was to fill one box of stuff and one bag of clothes to get rid of - am proud of myself for managing to do it. Some things I just.... what do I do with this? Like the oversized framed photo of an ancestor that was given to me from a relative's estate. I don't go for the Wall O Faces in my decor, so it's been under my bed for years now. Finally just stuck it, ancestor and all, into the Salvation Army box, let someone else figure it out.

What do you do with 'important' heirlooms and such that other members of the family give you when you don't really want them? :-/
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Gosh it's hard to launch kids these days.

I have two grown daughters now, and they both have very good roomies-to-be they've found, everyone now has at least part-time work - BUT now neither set have been able to find even one blinkin' apartment anywhere in this area that they can afford, even splitting the rents and utilities. This is insane.

And all the housing is full anyway, with wait lists. What the heck?

Guess they're all stuck living with us for a while longer...may we all have patience.



May. 28th, 2015 10:28 am
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I am, once again, having to grub out a jillion gazillion zagillion bluebells from my yard. I spread out mounds of them to dry into bluebell-hay in the sun so they'll shrink enough for my yard-debris can, if they're composted they tenaciously still sprout bluebells.

The only way to get rid of them is to dig them up - an impossibility as I'd have to remove the top foot of dirt on my entire yard. They're pretty, but I swear my next house, whenever that happens, will be a Bluebell-Free Zone.

*goes back to grubbing*
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Woke up this morning and for some reason decided it was a good day to wash all the curtains in the house before the weather turns cold again, as I'd never gotten to it in the spring-cleaning phase this year.  Or last.  Kind of regretting it now as I still have two more large ones to get hung up again, but the amount of crud was a bit surprising - not that it should be, I realized it had been probably four years since a couple of them were sloshed, yuck.  Plenty of spiders hanging around behind the curtains it seems - perhaps coming in as they know the cold weather is on its way too. 

But gee, it's nice to have them all clean again, I feel a strange juxtaposition in my self-image between being a slob who hardly ever washes curtains and being a neat person who does, a sort of guilty self-righteousness ("Look, I made sparkles! Never mind that they were way overdue!")
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My downstairs has this awful old berber carpeting, but new carpeting is waaaay down the monetary priorities list so I've been looking for a rug I could hide a goodly chunk of it with, though I need to avoid wool and all the non-wool ones I could find were essentially already the color of dirt (brown, beige, grey, black, yellowish tones etc.) and thus no improvement.  Why do all the bright colored ones only come in stupid little-kid designs? All adults are only allowed to look at dirt?

Anyway...much happiness ensued today as I found a wonderful light colored 10x8 mat of woven seagrass for a song at a promo sale and it smells just heavenly, like a delicate sweet hay, while not being prickly like jute.  It's not a cheery color (I was kind of hoping for something in peacock or lavender) but I'm quite content with a natural, clean look too.   Mm.

What sort of floor coverings have you found yourself gravitating to?
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Gosh, this has been such a long slog from January, I'm seriously looking forward to spring break at the end of the month just so I don't have to drive kids here there and everywhere for a few days.  Can't complain about the weather though, it's been a really mild winter and now it's a lovely, mild day, perfect for grubbing out chickweed and repotting some houseplants.  Got some funky long rubber mats for our front steps to replace the anti-slip strips, they look like a wrought iron leafy design and it really dresses it up, that and a couple new pinwheels and it's positively cheerful.

And I got a walkman! I'm a techie dinosaur to my kids, heck, I still have a drawer full of cassettes, so moving to an mp3 player of my own is quite the leap into the space-age by comparison, lol...gradually learning how to work the thing, amused by thinking to myself that at last I can participate in those memes where they want you to put your player on shuffle and do things with the results.  We must keep our priorities straight, after all! :-D

We've also had another church join us in our building to share the space starting this past week - I went to their Bible study last week just to meet some of them and they were a hoot, looking forward to making that a regular thing, I'm always up for a good study, they're always fun and/or interesting.  This weekend we're doing a St. Pat's day potluck with the two congregations so folks can get to know one another, so far so good.  Our preschool is really struggling to find students (or rather, families who can afford to pay for preschool) so it's nice to have something working well.
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I seem to have fallen back into the belief that nothing in my life is interesting enough to bother posting it, which is stupid as I always enjoy reading other people talking about everything from making sandwiches to walking their dogs.  Life sure is busy for someone who is apparently doing nothing, heh.  Spent a good part of today in yardwork, trimming fruit trees and various other whacking that is needed as spring is already springing along.  My daffys are 6 inches up and the snowdrops and crocuses are fully blooming and here I am with still one more plum tree to do.

My folks finally found a home to buy down in the middle of the valley near my old alma mater, Western Oregon - it was a 'college' when I was there, since then upgraded to a 'university'.  There are renters in the place, though, so they have to wait until April to be able to actually get into it and have gone off in their camper to the coast in the meantime. so at least it's quiet here again.  I'll drive down tomorrow afternoon and check out the town, I'm sure it's different than it was in the late 80s when I was last there, it will be interesting to see what's changed.

So. Life. Made a big pot of meaty spaghetti sauce with plenty of olives and mushrooms for dinner, topped off with whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  We didn't mean for them to be whole wheat, that was a flour-bin mixup, but they're pretty good that way.  Time to go watch another ep of 'Riders of Berk' - enjoying catching up on those.  There must be hundreds of black cats named "Toothless" out there by now.
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Merry Christmas to everyone - hope all is well in your assorted households, palaces, balloons, hovels and floating shrimp boats...or wherever is currently 'home'.

Y'know, when we got this house I was blown away at the thought of having an extra room (think about it - EXTRA room. An extra one. Like, a whole room that is extra!) It quickly became half storage, half guest room and has seen pretty constant use. Friends, travelers, relatives, strangers, all kinds of people have been in there. More than one has lived there for an extended time.

So speaking of extended times - My folks sold their house and therefore had to move into their 5th-wheel. Technically. Actually, my mom would completely lose her mind living in a tiny 5th-wheel, so they're in our 'extra' guest room. How long? Who can say? Until they find a property they like well enough to buy. And they have a weiner-dog (our cat has mixed feelings on this part). Good thing we get along pretty well. Full house!

Time to go watch a Christmas show - maybe 'Shop Around the Corner,' I love Jimmy Stewart.
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Not wishing to become stuck in my proverbial past, I've decided it's high time I updated some of my household goods - after all, just because someone I no longer recall gave me a crystal water pitcher for a wedding gift 25 years ago doesn't mean I have to go to my grave still using that same old pitcher, right?  Right! Not that I ever really used it anyway... it just sat in my cupboard mostly because it's heavy and it never was really my style.

Today I bought a very pretty handmade pottery pitcher instead, with blue, green and natural toned glazing and a lovely swoop to the handle.  The "nice" crystal pitcher is going to the thrift store.  I feel so happy!  Being on a roll, I also replaced the plastic tumblers we've had forever because we had kids and kids break things with Real Glass tumblers (in rainbow colors!) - after all, the "kids" are nearly adults now and rarely bury their drinking cups in the sandbox anymore.

Then I bought a new picture frame for a picture in my living room and tossed that horrid Oh-So-80s oak one. Ahhhh.

Someone stop me before I order all new furniture!
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Finally got our summer boarding college student moved back to her college which means I no longer have someone permanently installed on my downstairs couch and can sell it at last.  We have too much furniture, as I have a tendency to bring things home from estate sales and then keep them because I have kids that are at that "about to get their own place" stage who might want my extras.  Two couches in the room in question is one too many, so this one being the one the kids have agreed isn't something they personally want away it goes, I hope.

Main problem is it's one of those weighs-a-blinkin'-TON hide-a-bed sofas, even if it is in good shape. And the upholstery has gotten nubbly. SO, I figured "Hey, I can fix at least one of those problems" and went after it with a little battery-powered sweater shaver. 

Me: Yay, shave off the nubbles! Get ALL the fuzz-balls!  Woo!
Shaver: You expect me to shave an entire COUCH? Oh look! Nubbles! Om-nom-nom!
Me: Oh yeah, you can do it! That's one entire arm, let's go for the back!
Shaver: Om-nom...ack, spit, spit. This thing is HUGE! Seriously! I'm just a little hand-held sweater shaver! You know what a sweater is, right?  Om-nom-nom.... agggghh.... Turn me off and unclog me again, if you're going to insist on battling an epic battle with a mere pocket-knife you gotta give it time!  Okay, okay...(pant, pant). I can do this...I can....!
Me: Go, little shaver! You can do it!  Nub-BLES, Nub-BLES, Nub-BLES! Rah, rah rah!
Shaver: Om-nom-nom....

I still have two cushions to do but it's looking pretty perky compared to what it was before. Now if I could only attach anti-gravitational devices to it it would sell lickety-split.  I'll have to settle for that other form of anti-gravitational device called a "cheap price" or possibly even have to dial it up to "free" if necessary, but I'm on my way.
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So over the last three years the caulking seal got a bit wobbly around the edges of the surround in one of the showers (weirdly, this house as three, which seems like way too many for normal life, until you have three people who all want a shower and then you say Yay until you remember the water heater will only shower two with any warmth and by the time you remember that you have at least one guest shivering in a tepid shower somewhere and are trying to chase a family member out of their shower so the guest won't freeze and...anyway...).  It's been on the 'to do' list for a couple years and finally bubbled to the top long enough for a closer look.

SO. Now the surround has all been pried off and toted outside and we have these horrible looking walls of old yellow glue, torn paper off the concrete board and MILDEW.  Oh delightful!  Ah, lots and lots of nice, black mildew that was quietly building an entire Mildewopolis in the darkness, plotting to come take over the house someday.  The mildew taxis were full of fleeing wealthy mildewites as the Rain of Death began spritzing over the blackened rooftops... The house now smells of bleach, the mildew city is slated for the continued death and destruction of all inhabitants and now I have to go shopping for a new surround.  Really, really hope we don't have to rip out the entire tub over this, but you know how home ownership is... aaaackkk.

Wishing I had more time online that wasn't either working on my etsy shop or working on the church newsletter - I feel as if I'm really missing out on all kinds of interesting stuff going on in my flister's lives, like the party is over there, next door, and I haven't time to come hang out in the back yard with my little plastic cup of soda too.  Hope your summers (and bathroom mildew headcounts) are going in the right direction.
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Time to shuffle people around again already, as my eldest's college gets out earlier than others (starts earlier too, to their annoyance when it's summer) - they are in finals...seems the next three days I get to be driving over to the city whenever I have a sufficient block of time, taking empty boxes scrounged from the grocery and coming back with whatever my car will be filled with.  Thank heavens we already got a heavy bed and a futon moved, I think I can manage the rest by myself if I need to - which looking at other family member's schedules may be exactly what I'm looking at.

Eldest is going to inhabit the 2nd bedroom of a condo we have a disabled friend in, it gives her a place "of her own" for the summer, instead of having to feel like she's moving back in with parents, a sentiment I completely understand.  A friend of hers will be taking up the resulting empty slot at our house, however, so we'll still be pretty full up.  I am so grateful that we have a house big enough for them each to have their own room.

In other news, I am yanking out an English Laurel and in it's spot will go a much better-mannered native, a Strawberry Tree along with a bit of Salal.  Much nicer, and considerably less invasive.  My yard is awash in its annual carpet of bluebells, tulips, forget-me-nots and columbine and everything is looking just lovely in spite of it being a cool spring. Mm!


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