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Eldest only drives an automatic and while she was visiting she brought up how she'd like to learn a manual transmission, but her grandparents were busy and her dad wasn't available.  "All that leaves is you," she noted.  We looked at one another.  I'm not a good driving instructor.
"I don't know if I'd be much help, but I can get in and hang on while you lurch around," I said.
"Exactly.  Which is why I guess I'll wait."
She then related her memories of the last time I tried to teach her stick, when she was in high school.  It was along the lines of:
Her: "WHAT AM I DOING?  help help I'm going to HIT SOMETHING, help help HOW DO I SHIFT!"
Me: (maniacal stress cackling) "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!"

So.  Back to automatic she goes....
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We aren't doing much for the 4th this year, I seem to be in low-interest mode for holidays this time around.  Spent the morning pressure-washing the curbs of the church parking lot while no cars were parked there, prepping it so I can repaint them, which isn't terribly holidayish, I admit, but it worked great. 

In lieu of other festive ideas we decided to get the last of the apple pies that I froze last fall out of the freezer and bake it and now the house smells fabulous.  Besides, it's traditional to associate America and Apple Pie. I'm not entirely sure why, though, hah!

Starflower passed her test and got her driver's permit this week, so I get to go lurching around with her this year while trying to cheerfully keep my composure as passenger/instructor - ah, parenthood, where the adventures never end.


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