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Continuing in my quest to get the blinds in this house functional again, I finally found a way to fix the top of a hanging vertical blind slat when the itty-bitty piece of plastic that holds the thing up snaps off. A "MacGyverisms" site showed how you can just tape a big paperclip on the back of it and punch a hole in the tape - Bam! It gives the carrier something to grab onto and the blind slat is back in place. I had three slats broken like that, they're lookin' good now. Golly, that was easy!
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Call me slow to figure out life, but it never occurred to me that you could get a broken window-blind restrung, it took a lady at my morning swim to mention getting hers done for tiny lightbulbs to turn on in my head.

Took two of my three broken ones in today, by next week I'll have top-down-bottom-up blinds that actually can go top-down-bottom-up instead of only top-down-in-an-occasionally-crooked-way. They're charging $55 a blind, don't know how that compares elsewhere but it's a heck of a lot better than having to get new blinds done.

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Being one of those people who needs quiet time and (even better) "alone time" to recharge from the demands of life, the universe and everything I am often frustrated by how rarely truly *alone* ever happens.  This is one of those rare days when my DH is out of town and the kids are in school and I don't have to be anywhere at all.  I am almost agog over this mysterious shiny sunlight-through-clouds opening of nothingness and am soaking it up like a dry sponge.


Made one of those "chocolate cake in a mug" microwave oblongs of self-indulgent chocolatey chocolateness to celebrate, along with a pot of tea.  Painted a bit, glued a chair that's been in need of gluing for a long time, watered plants... Puttering on small things and not being interrupted is an opulent delight.  I could get used to this.

Are you a "I vant to be aloooone" person, or someone who is recharged by being in the middle of activity?
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*cough cough* Spent part of the morning cleaning out my dusty lean-to, pulling out half-full bags of garden dirts, stacks of pots, piles of tomato cages and other miscellanea and going after the whole thing with a broom - this week is Re-Roof the Shed & Lean-To Week, and boy does it need it. Ick! Now to clean out the shed itself and move as much as possible of the stuff from there into the greenhouse - a giant game of klotsky except with dust clouds and spiderwebs and old bird nests thrown in.

My folks are coming so my dad can help teach my teens how to fix a roof, good sized project for learning on. Love my hubby, but he's a computer guru far more than a handyman, so I'm always looking for ways to get that hands-on experience going for the kids.

Found some funky old stuff - a giant rusty cog I think I'll hang on the shed wall as "art" afterwards, a stepping stone someone spilled red paint across and then apparently hid away to hide how it looks like a murder just occurred beside it, the decrepit remains of one of those big two-man tree-saws hanging under the eaves.


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