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Went to reassemble the bed in our guest room after my son and I wrestled it back into the house from the garage, just one of those basic metal frames. No bolts. Son: "It was wired together, Dad had me cut it apart with my wire cutters when we moved it."

I go fish around in the garage and locate four bolts about the right size. Assemble bed. It doesn't fit the boxspring. What the heck? It's a king sized frame? No wonder it was wired together. Go to Habitat for Humanity to drop off king frame and pick up a nicer queen one for only ten bucks. Yay! While there I notice 2 lovely green chairs and a small table to go with them. Chalkboard sign says chairs are 50% off today. Hm.

Go home and assemble bed, turn around and go back to Habitat. Now I have a new dining set! The chairs were only $12 and the table $14. Gosh I love that place! Woo!
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The Habitat for Humanity "re-store" had paint at half-off their already ridiculously cheap prices so I went to see if there might be a decent color for my old garden benches. I was thinking something mossy looking originally, so if they got scroungy out there it wouldn't show up but then - WOO! A huge 5 gallon bucket of the most amazing blue came by and I couldn't pass it up. Here's what I spent the last couple days on, I'm so jazzed with the result!

blue benches!

Color pop time!
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So, it appears I am in need of a new office chair for here in front of my ol' Dell, the previous one was a hand-me-down from my brother that finally gave up the ghost from one too many violent flops into it by my teen son.

The problem is, where do I find a good chair that will be ergonomic and all that jazz that is for a woman-sized torso instead of for a 6-foot man?  I want arm-rests, but they are invariably too high for me because I'm just not that tall/long for instance.  All the chairs I poked through at the local office supply place were either meant for men, meant for extra-large men or were super cheapo with no arm-rests.  What gives? I know there's a LOT of women in front of computers out there.

Any tips, hints or womanly wisdom here?  Where did you gals find your chairs? Do you like them?


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