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After some pondering and reading up on what various folks are doing regarding the new Russian language TOS at LJ, I've decided to go ahead and pull the rest of the way out of it, DWth is already my main bloggy home, my blog is already backed up here and the crossposting to LJ was fun but is not really necessary. 

As expressed well elsewhere, I feel I should be more sad about that than I am.  End of an era, farewell LiveJournal.
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My folks are visiting us for Christmas and as a part of her being here I managed to get my mom to set up a DWth account, as [personal profile] tulipsandquilts - a process that really opened my eyes to how complicated some of what I do all the time really is!

I've grown so accustomed to working with this particular bloggy-thing, whether in its LJ or DWth incarnation, that taking her step by step through things like the fact the blog needs a 'name' and what an icon is, how you add people and how you configure things and...and...yikes. No wonder non-computery people are sometimes intimidated by it.

When you think about it, this is really quite the futuristic, advanced life-form kind of thing to be doing. All that we need are some nice holodecks and photon torpedos and jet-packs now. Or at least one of those buttons like Mrs. Jetson had that smashed everything on the dinner table and swept it all into a hole - I want futuristic housecleaning to go with my futuristic communications now.
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I did it, I went for a paid account at DW, and I'm so haaaappy! I am having a spaz of icon love for getting to finally have more than 15 of them, though I severely fail at icon etiquette at the moment because I fell into the lazy habit of snagging anything that caught my fancy or amused me for a while and neglected to note who made them. SO - here be my disclaimer...if you think you made something I have and would like credit, just send me a pm and I'll be happy to add that info, or if you take offense at my even having it for reasons of your own, I'll replace it with something else, no prob.

Celebrated by making a small number myself, stayed up too late doing it, like I'll ever learn not to stay up too late. That's what caffeine is for, right? Consider the retro fifties slogan - COFFEE! Because you can sleep when you're dead. Which is ironic because all I've had is tea, but hey... Now I want to work on a custom mood set.

I'm switching some of my communities where I find good replacements (turned off LJ's 'gardening' and turned on DW's version of same, for instance) but still keeping most of the home-fire burning over there for now.
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I just love it when I find funkier than usual goodies for my vintage Etsy shop - this time it's an antique wind-up tin toy of a cat that is knitting - it's little needles go up and down and it has a wee ball of yarn in its lap. I don't usually go for stuff that's purely decorative, but it's darn adorable. That one gets cleaned up for sale, but the other two things are MINE all mine, bwa hahaahaa... I found the coolest space-age looking lime green lamp with a built in fruit bowl and a funky-monkey (as my son dubbed it) old decorative yellow and brown narrow wooden chair that totally gets to live in my house. This makes up for all the reams of old mugs, dusty tupperware and cheap resin trinkets from China that I have to wade past to get to them when I go our treasure hunting.

Also, on the Dreamwidth block party of LJ-refugees topic - I found a nice "starter kit" of links over here for anyone else who is just finding their way around: (many thanks to Kate for putting that together)!

Hello to my new friendly people - welcome! *waves*
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And here I was actually contemplating getting a paid LJ account. Egads.

The Russian news release indicating that they are very likely not going to be backing down from their goal of opening up our cosy, private LJ firesides to the blaring, sterile, echoing caverns of Facebook I do believe a migration to Dreamwidth may be in order.
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Snagged this one from [ profile] curuchamion, just because it's kind of interesting, if a bit of a long list in this case. (can you imagine the people who have those fat wads of thousands of friends they somehow keep up with? Yikes!) I found a new friend with shared interests by poking about through her results, perhaps someone else can do the same here, I'm all for folks finding new friends. :-)

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