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One of those miraculous amazing old gentle men from my church came and helped me install the boards for my front steps because I was concerned I'd get them crooked and someone would trip. They look fabulous! And golly he was fast - I'm still carefully tap-tap-tapping away at the nails to tack down one end of the boards and there he is with over half of his side done already. I am SO grateful!

Also, "I did the thing!" and pat myself on the back, which was performing a solo dance up in Ilwaco and it went beautifully. My daughter filmed it on her phone - not perfect, of course, but I'm surprisingly pleased with it. She got me to put it onto facebook (I rarely use fb) so she could share it. The Lavender Festival folks even transformed a tool shed into an amazing dressing room for the dancers and all the quaint outbuildings were decorated with beads, drapes, persian rugs, etc.

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Our longtime online community, the Fellowship of Middle-earth, has become enough outdated that we are now looking for a new home, so I will be working on a DWth community over this next month to make them an appropriate nesting spot.  It's a small group of stalwart posters at this point but we've been together so long that we'd really miss on another if it were to simply float off into the ether.  Good people, worth a bit of time to make them a comfy home to stop in at.

I do wish we could easily insert emoticons into the text here, that's the one feature I think we're going to be missing.  On the other hand, we gain tagging.

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Hubby asked me to look for a computer bag for him when I was at the Goodwill jumble bins, so I snagged a couple likely looking ones for not much (everything there is by the pound). They sat in the living room a couple weeks til he got around to looking them over to see if one would fit his laptop. Opened up the side compartment on one and... yikes! Scads of very personal papers! Like someone was getting ready to buy a house or something, bank info, personal records, etc. 0.0

Must have been stolen and the laptop grabbed then the bag dumped. Looked neat and untouched, there was even a new b-day card and a pack of gum. Horrified, I riffled through looking for a phone number and left a message. Phone rang back in minutes with a young man VERY relieved. He was on his way home from work, so I gave him our address and when he pulled up I held it up for him to see. Gave him the bag along w some roses and lavender from our yard for his wife, he gave me a hug and couldn't stop saying how grateful he was... they came back a couple days later with a thank you gift and introduced their adorable baby while they were at it. Turns out they live on our street!

So very grateful that God kept their stuff safe and got it back to them. Nice to be able to be a part of that. ^_^
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SO - last year my daughter's best friend, Sarah, went to Korea to teach English there.  She contacted us at the end of last month to ask about whether we might be willing to put up a Korean girl who would be visiting the States and was in need of a safe place to stay.  We agreed to it for a small fee to cover her meals and spent the last couple of days cleaning out our guest room so a stranger could come and live with us for a month, trusting Sarah's judgment that she would be okay as a houseguest.  We set it up with a tea basket and hot-pot in the room and even put a chocolate on the pillow, kind of getting into the "I guess we're a temporary bed-and-breakfast" thing. We were told she 'speaks English pretty well' and had her own transport, and that she'd heard about my daughters and was looking forward to meeting them.

The day passed and we were growing concerned that we didn't have contact info for the girl, who was supposed to have arrived in the country.  We put a sign out at the end of our driveway with her name on it, lacking any other way to contact.  We couldn't reach Sarah, but she'd said she was going to be away from the city where there was spotty wi-fi at best... As it grew dark we fretted that there was some lost sojourner out there somewhere, as our house is difficult to see from the road.

Then a car pulled up! Hoorah!  At last! Then Sarah got out! Wait........what?????  SARAH, what the HECK are you doing here in the US instead of Korea???? And where is the mystery guest???? 

Turns out the Korean girl she'd told us about did not exist except in the form of Sarah herself, who 'speaks English pretty well'.  The name she'd made up simply meant 'my darling' in Korean.  My daughter is over the moon - her best friend is miraculously here in our house and will be with us for a month.  Well done, Sarah, well done.
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We got two new flavors of rooibos from Tea for All Reasons in the mail today. She's my new fave tea lady on Etsy... the Mama's Spicy Carrot Cake is our 'dessert' tonight and it's fabulous with a splash of cream, mmmm!  Going to try out the "Pot o' Gold" next (cacao bits, calendula leaves, tiny peppermint shamrocks, vanilla - ooh yeah)

And this is me at this point, with a bright colored afghan one of my dear online friends, Daughter of Kings, made gracing the couch behind:

Rockin' the (very) short hair!

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One of the many valuable lessons my mother passed on to me was "Be nice to yourself.  You can't expect other people to read your mind and then feel all neglected because you didn't get what you wanted."

There's really no reason to sit around wishing you had The Thing and bemoaning that your life doesn't have that Perfect Person in it who can "prove their love" by somehow magically reading your mind.  Be nice to yourself.  No one knows exactly what you really want but you.  Go get The Thing and wrap it up, if you like, so you can open a present that is exactly what catches your fancy and warms your heart.  You're worth it.
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I must find myself a good Leslie Howard icon - I'll have to settle for James Stewart for now.  You see, I just finished watching "Pimpernel Smith" via youtube, since it doesn't appear to exist in dvd...  and...*flails*
I love Leslie Howard's work.
I hate the Nazis who shot him down - how I wish he had lived to see the end of that war.  He's kind of the Brit version of Jimmy Stewart, really, the patriotic, upstanding actor who used his talents for his country but also was determined to actually go into battle... thank heavens Stewart at least made it out alive.

Go watch Pimpernel Smith if you haven't yet... and see where Indiana Jones came from.
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Went to a memorial this past weekend to say farewell to a wonderful old family friend who passed away, full of life and surrounded by happiness as he always had been. Very positive time, church packed with people who all had a story to tell about how he'd been such an amazing influence on their lives. Would that we all could step out of this life with such joyful acclaim, steeped in love and music. Good-bye, Stan... we need more people like you.

In my teen years he was my church choir director, school choir director, jazz choir director, co-director of drama productions, my humanities teacher, my sunday school teacher... to say I saw him frequently was an understatement. He was instrumental in developing my love of music, art history and most of all, in leading me to Christ. I can't thank him enough, nor could any of the many people there.

Met a lot of people I hadn't seen for nearly 30 years, amazing how some have changed so much you can barely tell who they are and others have apparently been stored away in a time bubble somewhere. It is always a marvel to me how many Good People there are in this world, far too easy to forget it with the media so obsessed with the negatives.

Life goes on, bless those who make it a brighter place for everyone.
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Our town's big 4th of July parade was held today on the 3rd this year and I ended up right at the front of our large and cheerful Tea Party entry holding one end of the big banner, great fun, lots of supportive people, flags, bouncy children, candy all over the road - but golly gee whillikers that's one loooong parade route. We were standing around for hours before then walking and walking til we thought our feet would fall off - THEN at the end of it, I went off into the maze of suburban streets nearby where I'd parked that morning in a cloud of joggers on a jogathon and couldn't find my car. I walked in circles for about an hour and a half, marching up and down convoluted streets all named alike before I finally gave up and went to a friendly looking family and asked if they had a map I could look at, so I could see it from above and tell where in the world there might be a little piece of road I was missing somehow. They took pity on my by then very footsore and bedraggled state and drove me around in circles in their car - and we still didn't find it.

At this point I was deciding it must have been stolen - it's not much of a car, but who knows in a parade crowd... They dropped me at Rosie's house where I settled down to camp on her porch until she and Icarus got back, and pondered how while the insurance might cover the car I was upset that I'd left [ profile] starbells handmade favorite fleece cape in it and now that would be lost forever. About fifteen minutes later the same helpful people pulled up and gleefully said "WE FOUND IT!" - "No way!" I gaped, already resigned to never seeing it again. They took me straight to it - turned out we'd given up only two blocks too soon. I told them they deserved a medal, or at least a good chocolate cake for all the time they'd used up on my misadventure. "It's reward enough just to help someone out."

Things like this really do a lot to restore my faith in the good of the people of this world.
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I had a more unusual Memorial Day event than usual this year... went out early this time and got my flowers on one set of grandparents graves then drove to the little farm town where my other grandparents now reside beneath the grasses. Beautiful day, couldn't ask for better. In a fine mood, I decided to pop over the hill to the little town of Roy itself to see if the old general store they used to run was still standing. It was, though it turns out it's been rented out as a residence which was a little weird (you look in the old store front and see someone's piano and fern, etc. behind the old 7-up sign) but it was kind of funky too... and across the street from it a lady worked in the front yard of the house that once was my grandparents' home.

Fun thing was we ended up talking about the history of the store and the house, then I asked if I might peek around the back yard (grandma's garden used to be there) then she invited us in! I'd never thought I would ever set foot in that house again...hadn't been there for 20 years, since it was sold after grandma died. So many memories! My grandparents were the center of their community for many, many years and these folks said every time people in the area found out where they lived, the reply was always "Oh yes! You live in Spud & Irene's old house!" Even after all these years. (Grandpa's name was Julius, but he went by Spud all his life).

It was the most wonderful afternoon, just lovely people - my daughter started playing their piano and the husband ran to the other room and returned with a mandolin to jam with her. They played and laughed, I gave the dog a good scrubbing behind the ears and the lady grilled me on memories of the house and what it was like - seems they want to gradually restore it to its original form, as over the intervening years someone added various cheap built-in cabinets and 'updates' that really don't fit in. I can't even express how wonderful it is to find my grandparent's home being in such loving hands. They invited us back, asked for pictures of what it was like in the past - we've just made new friends and all because of a burst of nostalgia on a sunny day.
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Drove down to my old 'hometown' (if you call it that - I moved a lot, but was in this one for high school) because a nursery down that way had the blight-resistant filbert trees I was looking for. Picked up my plants and noticed the school was letting out for the day so I popped in on one of my old teachers on a whim.

It's been over 20 years, but Mr. Fischer, you still rock! Literally! He was rehearsing 'Crocodile Rock' with other staff members, ripping on the electric guitar. Love this man to pieces, he and his lovely wife who was there as well, teaching wood-shop. Found out their daughter lives near me so I get to have them visit soon. I got hugs and "I'm so glad you've come back into our lives!" - who can beat something like that?

"The older I get the more I think kids are what life is all about," he once told me. Wonderful, incomparable people, talented teachers who influence SO many lives over the years. God bless 'em all.

(also planted 3 kiwi vines, 2 filberts and 2 figs today! Woo!)
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An update for those who may have been wondering - Rosie and Icarus *and* all of their kids are now together - the last of the girls who were in the hospital has finally come home, and while two of them have a long ways to go in recovery still, they are just so happy to be home again. I've seen photos of (what was left of) their van - it is amazing that all 10 of the people in that vehicle are alive. They've begun to receive cards in the mail and were greatly encouraged and cheered by them, and by everyone's caring for them and their children - the local tv did a spot with them on the importance of wearing seatbelts too. Thank you, everyone!

And dear ((((Candi)))) - I am so terribly sorry for what you are going through - it seems the time for grieving among us is not yet past.
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I am completely humbled and flabbergasted by the generosity of our dear ((((SirAda/Onono/ Onomir))))... He and his stalwart brother and others he has gathered are taking a precious Saturday morning in summer and coming out to my town just to help me move books and bookcases as I relocate my library - there was no way I could move many of these things by myself, and I am incredibly grateful. Wow.
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We're spending this week over in Eastern Oregon, staying with my folks - the air is rich with the scent of baking vanilla whenever the wind blows, the ponderosas are so fragrant. Spent a day at a mountain lake boating and wading, had my youngest lose one of her sandals somewhere in the middle of the lake where in spite of all our dredging efforts we had to give it up for lost. She hopped back to the car with her remaining shoe and donned a cheap pair of flip-flops as a make-do. I was a little frustrated by it as they were nice sandals and nearly new, kids shoes cost so much.

Two days later we give in to the begging of the kids and return to the lake to putz the boat around a bit again. There on the bank lies her missing sandal!

Us: "Look! Look! Is that your sandal?"
Woman on the bank: "Oh no, it can't be hers. My son found that out in the middle of the lake."

Have you ever given up on something and had it return from the deeps?

This town gets taken over by a huge quilt show this weekend, they hang the entire town with quilts, even the gas station, the inside of the grocery store, everything. The place is already filling up with scads of women there for quilting classes and socializing, a holiday of sewing fanatics. Amazing. I can't sew to save my life, but nothing beats an entire town that's effectively one big women's pajama party.


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