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My eldest came by to pick up her official papers we keep in our safe because she needs to expedite her passport renewal all of the sudden - she's going to Cambodia on a missions trip in June!

She's always had a heart for the people of Asia so she's excited at the opportunity. Says "I've been studying their history and language, it has a lot of the same sounds that Japanese uses so I'm picking it up." Now I get to be the gathering point for whatever monetary support she can wrangle on short notice to cover the passport, shots, plane ticket etc. She needs 3k, we'll see how it goes.

Life is never boring, is it?
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I find a vast amount of the things I am involved in have my faith and/or my church and its various activities, needs and ongoing whatnot as a part of them - goodness knows there's always something to do, especially in a smaller one where everyone has to wear more than one hat.  Since my earliest "church days" as a teen, I've been drawn to take care of the building, furnishings and bulletin boards, etc. - i.e. one of my first actions as a new Christian was to take the welcome mats home and scrub them, hee hee....  I still update bulletin boards, polish the wood in the sanctuary, make sure the kids have scribbling paper so they don't scribble in the hymnals, pressure-wash the moss off the sidewalk and paint the lines on the parking lot, for instance.  And I love it.

Out of curiosity, for those of you who have a church or other group that meets on a regular basis, what 'slot' of duties do you find yourself falling into the most naturally?  What jazzes you that you get to be a part of it?


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