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So, my daughter introduced me to "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir" which she discovered while learning some French - hee hee! Yes, the episodes are predictable and have about as much content as a bag of potato chips but I'm finding I'm quite enjoying the characters. Ended up watching the entire first season on Netflix over the course of a week, quite pleased to see the second season is supposed to be out this summer. Also, I realize now I'd seen their 'miraculous' sidekicks as keychains at some point but didn't know what they were then.

You do have to allow that in this universe the "Superman Effect" is functioning, i.e. that Clark Kent's glasses have the ability to somehow keep everyone from knowing he is Superman. The two leads work as a superhero team without knowing each other's identities but are also classmates at school - she has a crush on him as her classmate and he has a crush on her as Ladybug but they never figure out they are the same people because....well... because a mask changes everything? The only explanation given is "magic" - works for me.

I get the distinct impression that the illustrators just really like to draw Paris. Also, it's way better in French with subtitles than with the dubs. Want some light superhero fun? I recommend!
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My son landed one of those seasonal "drivers helper" jobs at UPS, so this week he's been decked out in brown and riding in the jump seat by an open (brrr!) door as a UPS truck rips along from house to house.  He enjoys it but he allowed himself to be a 'computer potato' this past year and it's catching up with him in spades. On top of it, he landed one of the most hilly neighborhoods in this area three times running.  As he said, "Hell is when you have a heavy package to deliver up an incredibly steep, long, dark driveway - and you are on a timer but your legs are broken."

He limped downstairs with me last night to watch "The Bachelor" - I found it at the library and knowing it to be a modern remake of Buster Keaton's "Seven Chances" wanted to see what they did with it.  Better than I expected, some hat-tips to Keaton's version and quite a good show really, totally worth it just for the shots of a tsunami of brides surging through the streets after one desperate man in a tuxedo.  Turned out to be a chick-flick that a guy with sore legs can apparently enjoy too. 

And here comes Christmas decorating time!  Have fun, everyone.
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Garage sale went great - loads of stuff, a plentious bounty of customers and great weather!  Yay!  Bought one thing there, someone had a Zoombox projector for cheap so I got it to play around with. 

Plays a dvd ok, good sound but dim level of bulb so you really have to have the room dark for it to work - the dim and grainy effect was an inspiration so I fetched the old roll-up projector screen I had as a castoff of a school and set it on its tripod in the living room.  It's a late 40s-early 50s vintage and even silver instead of white! 

As soon as it was dark, we watched a great Buster Keaton silent film on the silver screen with popcorn.  Perfect. 

All it needs now is a recording of the ticky-ticky sound that the old 8mm projectors made.  Sense-surround!
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This past week has been just warm enough that we've taken to hiding in the cool basement level a bit, ended up using the time to discover:

Hoodwinked. I totally did not see that one coming, the animation was so bad I was just "wut" at first but my son insisted it was worth the watching. Now I want to buy a copy if only to run the goat on repeat. Brilliant dialogue and a even a hat-tip to The Thin Man. X-D

Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil. A complete disappointment after the brilliance of the first one. We even fast-forwarded part of it. Blah.

Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) - Japanese animated show based on a manga that is still in process so there's only 2 short seasons (Netflix rolled them into one). AAAAAA - totally loved this one...!! Writing is top notch, same author as Full Metal Alchemist. Essentially a city boy ends up at an agricultural high school in the country where he has to deal with everything from raising a pig to butcher ("Pork Bowl" is adorable) to taking on work at a dairy farm. Series takes him all the way through his first year there. *Great* characters, seriously, check this one out! Only problem with it is there isn't any more (yet). It has English subs, not dubbed over.
(also, there's a live action movie of the same tale - I'd go with the animated one!)
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Spent a couple afternoons poking intermittantly at imovie in my ongoing attempts to comprehend the usefulness of my new macbook thing. Made Baby's First Movie by using random footage of my cat on my lap gleaned from the "oh, I found the camera!" moments, adding sound effects, music, credits, etc. Kind of like it, in an odd sense of the word. The whole thing definitely has promise (imovie, not my er..."movie"...) I can see why so many people like to mess around with making vids of stuff in their life now that we have tools like this readily available.

Still feel like an old dog struggling to learn that new trick, but getting there.
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Digging around a thrift shop, I found a copy of the original "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" story that the movie was based off of and knowing how books become movies that may be something entirely different, had to take it home to read of course!  As expected, the faint resemblances between the story and the movie must have had its fans up in arms when the show came out. 

Had to roll my eyes at the predictable removal of the mother of the family, Mimsie Pott, poor dear was killed off in favor of the widower-romance thing apparently.  Truly seems to be an invention, though he did invent the toot-sweets and successfully sell them to Lord Scrumptious.   Also noted that Caractacus has been split into two people in the show with the invention of his father to cover his Naval Commander part... I'm halfway through the book and most of it has been discovering and blowing up a hidden arsenal of weapons a bank robber was keeping in a cave.  Don't remember that in the movie!  Would have been good.

Aside from all that, I rather like Chitty herself, cheeky thing flashing "Push, Idiot!" at them when they aren't quick enough to hit an unknown lever (and thus discover her wings) - she merely wanted out of a traffic jam, who wouldn't?

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Overheard snippet of conversation:

"I'd like to see those Sherlock things someday."
"What Sherlock thing? What about Sherlock?"
"Those Sherlock things, the ones with Bipnbop Crinkledink."
"Oh those! Yeah, they're really good!"

I love that there wasn't even a pause, it's so completely understandable in today's world.
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Poking through a used bookstore I found a book written by old school comedian Bob Hope, a biography of his career on stage and in film over the years.  I kept getting my nose caught in it until I finally just bought it so I could finish reading it at home, an amusing read (the guy was a pro comedian, after all...) with some great behind-the-scenes things from the 'Road' shows he did with Bing Crosby as a bonus - so now I've ended up ordering four old Bob Hope films off Amazon as I found several that I had never heard of that sounded intriguing, and then topped it off with a collection of Marx Brothers on the side. Should be an entertaining winter.
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Oooo, very impressive! I finally had a chance to fill one of the gaps in my 'stuff everyone seems to have seen but me' list by spending an evening watching the 25th anniversary version of the Phantom of the Opera that was done at the Royal Albert Hall, as a friend who had recently discovered it herself had gone on a Phantom-athon of sorts and watched 8 different versions of it.  This was the one she said was best. It didn't latch into the 'fandom' part of me the way some characters do - but I can see why it has appealed.

There was the added treat of Andrew Lloyd Webber coming out at the end with a fun multi-phantom rendition of the main theme sung by the original Christine and 5 of the professional Phantoms over the years.  I enjoy Webber's work, especially 'Cats' and 'Joseph...' and bounced around in my seat when he popped up.

Jolly good operatic stuff. 
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Nice quiet Saturday, been a while since I had one of those.  Just spent a good part of an afternoon playing Shoot Many Robots with my son, a game he got on his X-box - red-neck robot shootin', I enjoyed it more than I expected to, especially as you heal by chugging beers so we were screaming at one another "Drink a beer! Quick!" and enjoying oddball weaponry (my favorites were my gun that shot exploding garden gnomes and my Howdy Weasel pink backpack that added more beer).

Played around with some yarn and learned to make faux-dreads to add to a hair fall I'm experimenting with for dance.  Going to go pop some popcorn and watch Iron Man III with him now, since we're the only ones in the family who haven't seen it yet.  Hope everyone on my flist can grab a bit of downtime too.

Wreck it

Jun. 21st, 2013 08:27 am
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Just a small fannish rant.

Well, I finally managed to see Wreck-It Ralph - it was a cute story and had surprisingly intense moments. Well done, and the Sugar Rush song was pretty good. BUT - How the heck did this *ever* win animation awards over Rise of the Guardians? Seriously! Ralph was well done, but holy cow, had any of the awards people even SEEN the piece of art that is RotG? I was really, sincerely hoping Ralph would be better than it was so I could be at peace with that, but alas, it was just a political/money motivated as I suspected. Blarg.

Apologies to any Ralph fans - he's a good character - but I can't fall into his world and want to live there the way I can with Guardians. Each to their own.
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I must find myself a good Leslie Howard icon - I'll have to settle for James Stewart for now.  You see, I just finished watching "Pimpernel Smith" via youtube, since it doesn't appear to exist in dvd...  and...*flails*
I love Leslie Howard's work.
I hate the Nazis who shot him down - how I wish he had lived to see the end of that war.  He's kind of the Brit version of Jimmy Stewart, really, the patriotic, upstanding actor who used his talents for his country but also was determined to actually go into battle... thank heavens Stewart at least made it out alive.

Go watch Pimpernel Smith if you haven't yet... and see where Indiana Jones came from.
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I wish I had this guy's brain.

This totally deserves to be a holiday tradition. I'll watch it every year.
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I recently had an interesting afternoon in which a lady at our church who is essentially blind asked if I would watch Ladyhawke with her - she had never seen it and wanted to know what it was about. It's a perennial favorite, but I hadn't seen it for a while; it was fun to revisit and intriguing to try to act as someone else's eyes, narrating and describing anyplace there wasn't dialogue. She wants to 'see' it again now, so I guess I did okay. ^_^

Our church "Trunk or Treat" went very well, we had a great turnout and even with all the extra candy we bought we still nearly ran out - lots of little kids in adorable outfits, my Starbells made a great mermaid and our car looked very under-the-sea-ish. My son just carried a stuffed rabbit and a towel around and told people he was a "Hare Dryer". Rain started to sprinkle just as we were taking everything down, so the timing was perfect even for the weather. Hope it went well for everyone else too!


Apr. 17th, 2010 08:02 pm
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Sigh. Just figures if my children are going to be generous and share their germs it would just have to take me down on the most gorgeous sunny Saturday. What a waste of lovely sunshine, sleeping it away.

Also results in odd brain meanderings, like Three and Jo mixed up with High School Musical...something about the Doctor telling Jo she had to try to blend in with the students whilst he was going to be a substitute. Somehow I don't think that one's making the cut for things to spend time actually writing.

One good point, I had to kill time doing something low energy so I watched Horns of Nimon (perfect cheese) and Bing Crosby-Bob Hope's Road to Utopia - good fun, though I still think Road to Morocco is the best of the lot.

Maunder, blather, yawn. Hope all is well for the rest of you out there!
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All my kids and myself have been down this past week with what we figure is that H1N1 Germ of Trufflehunting. Not too bad in severity but it's the lingering on...and on...and on thing that's driving us stir-crazy. What a waste of a week! Sleep, cough, drink tea, try to write a little, work on Etsy...sleep...rinse and repeat. Very tired of not being able to think clearly.

On the other hand, the timing could be said to be fortuitous for we'd just received a Box of Wonderfulness Revisited in the mail, to wit - 9 Doctor Who tapes, all Fifth Doctor as he was the one we were missing the most of. Just spent the better part of an otherwise useless day with my kids, all of us heaped around a television to enjoy 'Warriors of the Deep' 'Black Orchid' and 'Enlightenment'. Yaaay, Fivey! We'll survive this yet, with the help of the Doctor, right?
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I can't help but wonder who gets paid to write the schlock I so often find on some of my favorite movies or books - jacket blurbs that seem to indicate the writer never even scanned the book, much less actually read it, 'summaries' on dvds that make you go "are they talking about this movie or just making something up - and just how many drinks did they have first?"

I would love to see publishers of media offer fans of those works a chance to submit 'reviews' for the packaging - certainly would be less annoying.

And what brought this little rant about? I just got a copy of one of my old favorites, The Scarlet Pimpernel, the one with Ian McKellen and Anthony Andrews on dvd... and what does it say on the back?

The swashbuckling classic comes to rip-roaring life in this lavish production, filled with breathless romance and derring-do!.... ack....gack.... ptui! ptui!

Then to add insult to injury, they add a quote from the 'New York Times' - "A whale of a yarn! Crammed with adventure...lavish...sumptuous!"

Just kill me now....A whale of a yarn? The Scarlet Pimpernel is a whale of a yarn???

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We are snowed in, and even church is cancelled today - so I'm going to spend some time playing around with a meme. Gacked from [ profile] everloyal

Moooovies und life )
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The movie folks were filming far into the night, I conked out after a while (I'm a night-wimp) but my kids stayed up past midnight watching from the deck. When they decided to make the curve in the drive that leads back to our house into a "road" that appeared to go someplace, the fake FBI in dark blue Suburbans had to back way up and then race around that little corner again and again. This put our house and deck into the background, so the kids had to hide behind trees with the grip-guys, but the cat could not be moved. She stayed on the deck all wide-eyed goggling at the trucks and activity. Who knows, maybe we'll see her on the big screen, lol!

Also had to grin at all these big 'FBI' guys padded with armor and guns, etc. who had to stuff themselves into the Suburbans - they didn't quite fit and when they rolled down the window to hear what the director had to tell them, the sound that went out into the night air was "ding ding ding ding ding ding ding" - the car telling them to put on their seatbelts, LOL! They couldn't hush it, either.

They are busy packing up now - it's been fun. The page at imdb for the show is here:
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It is odd to look out your window and suddenly see a surge of men coming down your driveway, as if a busload of protesters are coming to picket what type of tea I serve in the morning. Just as we were about to truly go "Whaaaaa...?" the entire surge of them turned and went into our neighbors yard instead of ours (there are only the two of us on the long drive). Turns out they are the Movie People - a while back, her house was scouted out for a film location and we'd almost forgotten about it. Now we watched bemused as hordes of Movie People scurried around her house like rats, climbing around her deck and garden, peering at the trees, standing in clumps in the yard waving their arms in animated fashion as they talked, measured things with their measuring wheel.

The elderly man next door came out and hung about his deck, looking stern and concerned, so I went to tell him what it was. "Oh, is that it? I just saw all these strange young men in her yard and thought I ought to come out and keep an eye on 'em." (Would have loved to see him go after them young whippersnappers).

Wonder what day they'll come do the real filming? I want to rubberneck and lollygag around to watch.


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