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primsong: (primula)

Garden of Thought

~*~*~*~Leaves, weeds and flowers

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Created on 2010-09-03 20:56:36 (#579305), last updated 2019-03-18 (2 days ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 24
Location:Oregon, United States of America
"I did not want to waste in idle talk and popular stories all the hours...but chose at times to think over some topics from the studies we share in common, or to enjoy my memories of friends - I had left some here...who were wholly learned and wholly gracious. Among them you...first came to mind. Thus, absent as I was, I found delight in the memory of absent you in much the same way as, being present, I used to enjoy the society of present you; and may I be shot if anything more pleasant than that has ever befallen me in life!" - Erasmus, on Dreamwidth (In Praise of Folly)

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adagio tea, adrian plass, all creatures, amiableleaf, andrew lloyd webber, antiquarian books, archaeology, archery, art deco, art nouveau, astronomy, autoharps, avi, ballads, bamboo, beecake, bellydance, bible, bleepka, bob hope, boho, britain, british geezers, bulbs, buster keaton, cakefic, cats, chad mitchell trio, christianity, church history, church library, cicero, classics, clocks, coffee, copper, cottage industries, dance, dark chocolate, doctor who, drabbles, dragons riders of berk, drawing, dreamworks, dumas, dw100, economizing, edible plants, edwardian, ee cummings, english language, erasmus, etsy, etymology, evergreens, family, fasting, fellowship of middle earth, first doctor, flowers, fluff, folk songs, folklore, foxtrot, fred rogers, full skirts, fused glass, garage sales, gardening, gene kelly, get smart, gilbert and sullivan, gilligans island, gingerbread, gk chesterson, globus, green, hamsters, hiccup, historicals, history, homeschooling, horatio hornblower, how to train your dragon, httyd, hugh laurie, illuminations, jack frost, james stewart, jamie mccrimmon, jo grant, john green, jon pertwee, keith green, kiddles, ladyhawke, lamps, latin, leaves, leslie howard, libraries, librivox, linens, liturgy, lord of the rings, lotr, low sodium, m*a*s*h, megamind, michael card, miniatures, native plants, nexticon, ogden nash, old school, oregon, organic gardening, painting, parakeets, parodies, patrick o'brian, patrick troughton, peppermint, perennials, plants, plotbunnies, poetry, prayer, puns, ramona, redwall, reformation, richard armour, riders of berk, rise of the guardians, robin hood, rotg, sarah jane smith, scarlet pimpernel, second doctor, shakespeare, silent movies, silly hats, soundtracks, squirrels, stargate, steampunk, stephen fry, sunrises, swimming, sylvester mccoy, tardis, tea, tennyson, thackery, theology, third doctor, tolkien, tom baker, tongue twisters, toothless, torvill and dean, trees, tyndale, unit, urban legends, vhs, victorian, vintage, vintage films, watercolors, watership down, whofic, william hartnell, william morris, wordplay, writing, yeats, zone 7
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