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The wedding is done, thank heavens - we had a variety of snafus as often does occur... all the coffee I was given was whole bean and the only brewer was a giant percolator basket style one with no instructions, for instance - resulting in a panicked call to my parents to bring their coffee maker from their kitchen with them and any coffee they had in their cupboard. We completely forgot to put out the sparkling cider so I have all these bottles leftover....We had a lot of empty seats between the groom's family having almost no one there and so many of ours dropping out for various reasons... and they almost forgot to exchange rings - hastily put them on each other laughing just before heading back down the aisle. X-D

BUT - it was worth it! The dance processional to present the bride was amazing, and everyone had a good time. We're still waiting for the Good Pictures, but here's one to give an idea:

here comes the bride!
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I'm packing my car with decorations and getting ready to drive down for rehearsal today (it's an hour and a half away) and now I'm seeing snow. Really, weather? You have to blinkin' snow? Ran to check weather predictions, looks like all will be clear by tonight thank God.

We have two hours today to rehearse and decorate, then tomorrow morning it's show time!

So far we've had one bridesmaid drop out, one set of grandparents snowed in and one set of parents (his) with pnuemonia, plus the summary the officiant gave of what she was going to talk about didn't pass the bride's inspection and they are scrambling for a different talk. Turns out his family didn't really invite anyone at all so it's all been informally through efforts by the snowed-in grandma and I have no idea at all how many of his relatives will be there. 0_0

My dancers are asking me "Covered bellies? Or are uncovered bellies okay?" and I have no idea. I'm just telling them to wear whatever they like at this point.

*Vizzini voice*: "Wait til I get going! Now where was I...?"
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Situation: Son-in-Law gets back from Boot Camp.

His family: Long, nobly worded paragraphs posted about how proud they are of him, how he has grown to be A Man, etc (insert Hallmark card sentiments here). Photos of flags against the sun, military men lined up in crisp lines.

Our family: *weird hooting noises and kermit-flailing* *memes* *chasing each other around the room wielding spatulas in excitement* *impromptu group dance*
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Egads, I swear they go out of their way to make things difficult in Boot Camp - even when they are on their way out the door. They had to get up at 4am, had graduation at 11, then had to literally run 2 miles to their barracks to get their luggage, then 2 miles back to catch the bus - and if they missed that bus, they were out of luck because it was a 3 hour bus ride and the plane left at 4!

Our guy managed to get the bus and caught the leg out of GA, but then it was delayed in takeoff so he missed the connection - which left 10 minutes before it was supposed to and then taxied around for over half an hour while he helplessly watched. He got stranded in Denver. >_< Late enough there were no more flights.

He finally straggled in this morning, thank God, I expect he'll just want to sleep around the clock to recover.
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Well, we got through Bridal Shower Number One, which was the standard gathering of relatives kind, good game of dressing people with toilet-paper to create wedding gowns for entertainment and my mom brought Costco food platter things. We then hit re-set on the house and geared up for Bridal Shower Number Two - a tea with dancers and friends that needs more work.

Then the weather decided it was going to ice and snow and we had to reschedule it 2 weeks down the pipe. Now I've got to figure how to keep my house "nice" for 2 weeks with a table full of tiered tea trays and crystal. Pbbbbbt.

In the meantime my daughter is staying with me working on beading her bridal skirt and making a lace-up turkish vest to match her white-and-silver-jacquard dance belt. Today that means learning how to set grommets for the laces so we're practicing on scrap fabric first.

Less than a month to go!
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Wow, so many details in a wedding - I'm SO glad I've had some time ahead to work on this thing, here we are a month-and-a-half to go already. It reminds me of child-rearing, how you start all idealistic (MY child will never play with THOSE...MY child will only eat organic...) and end up just happy if they are safe and can give you five minutes peace at the end of the day.

We started off with "None of that icky tulle! Only real cloth table covers, real candles..." Now we have tulle swoops because frankly it's cheap and this is a big space to cover. Battery powered tea candles that don't have to be tended and will stay on for hours, and I spent yesterday ironing the wrinkles out of cheap organza table covers because 25 tables of real fabric was waaay too expensive no matter how we did it.

I swore I wouldn't use any of that cheap Dollar Tree garbage but here I am with centerpieces that are mostly made of Dollar Tree pieces. >_< They are pretty but my inner principled "shop local" person is generating some cognitive dissonance on my little Cognitive Dissonance machine when I really look at them.

Why are so many weddings notoriously covered in tulle and organza? Now I know!
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I've been slowly allowing myself to watch season 2 of Miraculous Ladybug the way a dieter nibbles on that singular box of chocolates knowing they won't have any more for a long time. Only annoyance was I could only find them in English and I really hate the English voice acting, the French is SO much better.

Seriously, WHY do they have to make Nino always sound like he's stoned? Why is Adrien so whiny and worst of all, why the heck does Plagg sound like an annoying Disney sidekick? I love them all well enough I watch it even when it's painful but, ugh.

Was quite excited when my daughter said she had them in French and we are now going to watch them together with better voicing, woo!
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What a crazy year coming up... I feel like a pack mule. I'm busy helping my son prep to move out this next week (hoorah, he finally managed to get a place! Or part of one. A room in a shared house anyway). It's just me and him to move stuff and the room is upstairs so hopefully that will go without too many mishaps.

I'm hosting not one but TWO bridal showers in Feb (one for relatives and then a tea for friends the following week) followed by...

The Wedding in March for my daughter and new son-in-law! With the three bridesmaids being a)in Japan b)working and super busy and c)incommunicado and living far away it means pretty much all of it lands on me. Again. Oogh.

The new couple then need to move from the coast back to the city area to be nearer to his base. Guess who's the main person available with a car to help out? Present!

On top of that, we finished all our loan approval stuff and are actively seeking a single-level house so I'll be moving and selling this house as well (please God, not during the wedding).

I'm looking forward to Autumn already because by then most of this stuff will over. :-p
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We finally found a venue for my daughter's wedding in March - had to nudge the date over a week as someone else had already copped the first choice, but SO glad to have that booked. It's in an old barn that's been revamped into a very nice events space with a huge wooden dance floor and a stage, there's big rafters up above already pre-strung with lights. Woo!

Now I finally know some things for certain like the date, the place and how many windows we need to decorate. They have a big entry that the bride and groom come in through with a curtain rod 9 feet up. She didn't care for the curtains they had available to rent so I'm getting some sheers for it and we'll add swoops of sparkly tulle on the sides in her chosen ocean blue color. I think it'll look pretty good and not cost much so win-win!

Now to things like culling the guest lists and so on, still a lot to do. She wants cake toppers that are a chibi crow and dove so we'll make those from sculpy ourselves. Her groom shipped out to Basic training a couple weeks ago and she didn't take it too well but is getting better now that she's received some letters.
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My husband liked to juggle but hasn't done it much recently, so when I came across our old basket of koosh balls I thought I'd sort through them. Discovered the really old ones were getting brittle as the rubber had aged, kind of like old rubber bands, so when they were tossed they shed little bits of koosh everywhere. Threw the guilty ones into the wastebasket and forgot about it.

Woke up in the middle of the night to an unearthly glow coming from the wastebasket in my room. Half-asleep me was a bit wigged out for a moment before tracking it to a glow-in-the-dark koosh down among its brethren gamely lighting up their resting place; a kooshy apparition of koosh-balls past. I am half-inclined to keep it and do something with all the glow-in-the-dark rubber bits now if I could think of anything creative with them - any suggestions?
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My coral and purple costume worked! The hair-fall I braided did too and stayed in place. I really do need lighter colored dance shoes, though - looking for something else that works now. I was kind of freaked out about doing this one because it was a difficult piece but yay, I survived and I kind of like how this pic came out. It helped that I was at the tail end of the show and there wasn't a lot of audience left. Now I get to do it again at a Lavender Festival later this month, yoiks.

Dancey dance
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I'm having flashbacks to old Runescape, remembering when my kids spent serious hours one summer managing to briefly corner the apple pie market there. "I have successfully cooked an apple pie!"...ten of them, actually. Ten into the freezer for special events down the road! Takes longer than virtual ones but they sure do taste better.

pie pie pie pie
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"The Army doesn't tell you these things..." is a phrase that has probably introduced many a varied situation in its long history. In our case, my daughter's fiance is going into the Reserves and leaves for Basic in Sept. They found out from an army wife that his pay will be higher if he's already married before he leaves, SO they're scurrying to a courthouse! They'll be married this week on paper, though they've both said they want to regard it like a Very Serious Engagement and continue with the former wedding plans in the spring after he gets back. Oy vey!

On the plus side it does give her time to wade through all the name-change paperwork and other whatnot beforehand so they don't come back from a honeymoon to a mound of homework. Also may make moving in the spring easier as landlords may rent to a married couple more easily.
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My eldest is engaged(!!!!) and looking at March with lots of spring daffodils and bluebells for flowers at her wedding. 0.o He's a great guy, I'm so happy with her choice but it will be definitely an adjustment in my family as I'll have TWO sons instead of one and I get to add the infamous "Mother-in-Law" to my list of secret identities. That being right up there with "Landlady" in most people's minds it should be interesting.

Also at work I learned to make soap with lye (lye is evil but it does nice things to fats), which has been interesting to me as I never did take Chemistry in school so I never got the "be a mad scientist" out of my system when I was younger. This is why I like my espresso machine so much, it goes WHOOOOSH when it makes coffee and grand clouds of dramatic steam go up and it makes me think I should don an Albert Einstein wig when using it.

So! Fair warning I may ramble on about wedding decor or stuff as this year goes along. And soap? Yeah.
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I've been really enjoying my part-time job helping a lady who makes soap, lotions, candles and such. We were sorting bins of dried "floof" (assorted plant parts, ribbons and things) that she embeds in candles and she paused to go stir little piles of rose petals drying in her kitchen on paper towels. She said she was nearly out and needed more rose petals soon for lavender-rose soap so she had to remember to stir the piles often.

Hmm, I thought, I have a dehydrator at home... So yesterday I loaded it up with multiple trays of rose petals, columbine, wild rose, iris, canterbury bells - essentially anything I could find in the yard with color. Beautiful! And they dry so fast! Today I loaded it up again with a big stack of rose petal trays and my whole house smells like warm roses. I wish I could share the scent with you all if DWth just had a scratch-and-sniff feature.
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So, while merrily whackity whacking away I managed to trip over a branch hidden in the tall grass (hence the whacking) and took a tumble. While the only thing I injured was my pride I found I'd somehow managed to decapitate my whacker. 0_o I tried reattaching its brain but it spun off again as soon as it was started up.

The result is I just got a brand new shiny weed whacker out of the box (woo!) and managed to get it assembled and running. Bonus that it can take attachments and I also got a chainsaw-on-a-stick attachment for it to abbreviate said branches into firewood. This little cloud definitely had a silver lining!
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This year is vanishing at a rapid rate - I've continued slooowly fixing my house but now that the weather is warming up I get to start sanding and staining boards to finish the deck again as well as being up to my ears in yard work. I used to love taking care of this place but now I'm kind of looking forward to having less land to tend. I may even (gasp) be one of those horrible people who cut down extra fruit trees if the place we end up with has too many, I am SO done with the annual deluge of fruit.

Still looking for that new house (well, sort of new - we actually prefer stuff built before the 80s) checking listings every day and I'll be meeting with a nice real estate lady this week, turns out she goes to the same church I've begun attending down in Salem - that was a fun discovery. And yes! I've finally found a new church, a Foursquare there conveniently right across the street from a Calvary Chapel which I also like so I can mix-and-match with studies and events.

AND I have belatedly discovered this little gem known as Ouran High School Host Club. Hee hee. I've now seen all of it in Japanese and then again in English. ^_^ Whee!
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A lady who has a business making/selling soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc. as "Midnite Oils" asked me to come work for her to cover while their regular assistant was in the hospital. I really love it, packaging soaps and sniffing all the nice things. This week when I showed up for my weekly round she tearfully told me the assistant had passed away. 0.o I now have the job but it makes it kind of awkward to be celebratory about it.

They're great people and I've used their products for years, hopefully I'll be able to pick up what needs doing quickly so I can do their old friend's job justice.
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Stopped at the local Filipino-run store to pick up some good quality coconut milk (look for high fat content and no guar gum or "flavoring" for starters). Every time I go I look for something I've never eaten before to try out. For instance:

*Durian is not food. Do not eat. Do not even sniff. Do not have anything to do with anything durian flavored, ever. Just NO. Unless you really really like eating rotten sweat-socks in your spare time.

*Fox-nuts are pretty interesting with kind of 'meaty' earthy flavor, an intriguing accent but I wouldn't want them in quantity.

*Candlenuts have to be thoroughly roasted or they are toxic(!) then have almost no flavor after all that, just starchy, but a raw one really does burn just like a candle if you light one in a dish.

*And for today I found freshly made Vietnamese tofu pudding in a big tub that came with a container of what turned out to be a lightly sweet ginger sauce with long strands of fresh ginger in it. You put the "pudding" (very soft tofu) in a dish and top with the sauce. I added extra ginger and it made a really nice lunch.

Every now and then I find a winner!
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Just back from a nice performance with the Potpourri dance troupe. I intended to take a couple pictures but forgot, so here's me getting ready to head out instead - unfortunately doesn't show the coral/purple skirt but I'm really liking the tropical colors at the moment. Going to use the full outfit at a show in April so maybe I can get a couple "real" pictures then.


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