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I broke down and got a box of cherry turnovers from the day-old rack at the supermarket bakery and as my son and I were sharing this loot I commented how I always love cherry turnovers and cherry pie.  He asked why and I realized it's partly because I miss George Washington.

When I was a kid George Washington's Birthday was still its own holiday, not this "Presidents Day" thing we have now.  It came in February and the classes in school learned about him and the apocryphal tale of his chopping down the cherry tree and not telling a lie when his father asked him about it  - probably because much of the theme of this holiday was about teaching children about being honest as much as it was about history.  We had cherry pie and cherry turnovers and cookies shaped like little hatchets, made fake "powdered wigs" out of curled white construction paper and decorated with red, white and blue crepe paper.  He was the Father of Our Country and we were happy and proud about it.

I'd love to see George Washington's Birthday come back as a holiday again, it was a good one, honesty never goes out of style - a shame to have it fade away. 
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Our town's big 4th of July parade was held today on the 3rd this year and I ended up right at the front of our large and cheerful Tea Party entry holding one end of the big banner, great fun, lots of supportive people, flags, bouncy children, candy all over the road - but golly gee whillikers that's one loooong parade route. We were standing around for hours before then walking and walking til we thought our feet would fall off - THEN at the end of it, I went off into the maze of suburban streets nearby where I'd parked that morning in a cloud of joggers on a jogathon and couldn't find my car. I walked in circles for about an hour and a half, marching up and down convoluted streets all named alike before I finally gave up and went to a friendly looking family and asked if they had a map I could look at, so I could see it from above and tell where in the world there might be a little piece of road I was missing somehow. They took pity on my by then very footsore and bedraggled state and drove me around in circles in their car - and we still didn't find it.

At this point I was deciding it must have been stolen - it's not much of a car, but who knows in a parade crowd... They dropped me at Rosie's house where I settled down to camp on her porch until she and Icarus got back, and pondered how while the insurance might cover the car I was upset that I'd left [ profile] starbells handmade favorite fleece cape in it and now that would be lost forever. About fifteen minutes later the same helpful people pulled up and gleefully said "WE FOUND IT!" - "No way!" I gaped, already resigned to never seeing it again. They took me straight to it - turned out we'd given up only two blocks too soon. I told them they deserved a medal, or at least a good chocolate cake for all the time they'd used up on my misadventure. "It's reward enough just to help someone out."

Things like this really do a lot to restore my faith in the good of the people of this world.
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Having finished the amazing On Old Age and other essays, I've picked up a copy of Cicero's oratories and essays On Government - even just the first one, a legal opposition to a corrupt governor, is already giving me some deja-vu on some of the abuses of power and position we have now, the pulling strings for favorites and cronies, setting up straw men to hide money-grabs etc. etc. going on now. And the defense trying to say 'well, yeah, he did some things that probably weren't so great but he's such a great leader, we really can't afford to lose great leaders like him...he's a hero!" (then Cicero proceeds to reveal the truth behind his so-called nonexistent 'heroism', all manufactured for appearance, I love it)

The defense demanded it be argued before a jury of Senators only, then when that was accepted, they stuffed the pool of Senators with 300 newbies of their choosing... even stacked 'town-halls' are recycled news here. *rolls eyes* Reminds me of the Senators in Letters that hired men to holler and protest around someone's house to make it look like their cause was 'popular' with the citizens when it wasn't.

I wish all of our legislators were required to study what happened to Rome - not the final collapse so often referred to but why the Republic crumbled until tyranny was possible.

I <3 Cicero and how his 'voice' comes through in his writing so after a while you get to 'know him' - it helps that I'd already read the excerpts from his Letters and knew something of the man behind the speech. He really was amazing - yes, he had his human foibles, but I would have loved to have heard him speak.
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*sticks sign in the ground that says "Warning, Politics Ahead"*

After seeing some of the mind-bogglingly crazy overreactions online, this really had us laughing - because it's so, so true! (Being in it, I know of what I speak):

Omg! Sandals! Scary hat! Mob babies! lol!
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*sing* I Love a Parade...

My daughter and I walked our feet off in the Fourth of July parade here, but it was great fun - over 200 of us for the 'Tea Party' entry, with multiple vehicles - easily the biggest in the lineup, lots of positive support from the folks watching, several wishing they could join us (it was capped to keep it from overwhelming the parade flow), nice big rally afterwards though we cut it a bit shorter because of the heat.

Five miles, near as I can tell between start and finish and getting back for the rally, with my position being right behind a vintage army troop-conveyor, elderly folks on the truck happily tossing candy, etc., nice folks along the way spritzing us with water, Navy man beside me being much better at hollering than I was. Several seemed to really like my sign ('Next Time Read the Bill')

Foot-weary and hot, we then went home and collapsed and did essentially nothing until evening when we toured our own neighborhood to enjoy the small local fireworks going off.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!
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I know far too many people who are looking for work and not finding it. Not good. The gal who lives with us had to postpone her August wedding as neither she nor her fiance can find work and they can't go forward if they've no way to support themselves. :-( Dang. Hard for recent grads like that who are beat out by folks with experience. We're trying to help get my eldest set up for college this August and hope to heavens we can keep having income - too many people leaning on us right now to falter.

On a related note, if you are so inclined and in the US, be sure to attend the nearest 4th of July Tea Party event - our group is marching in a parade, 200+ and rising.

Hope everyone on the flist looking for work finds something soon!
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We'll be at the Portland 'tea party' - Pioneer Courthouse Square, from about 5-ish to 8pm. This is a non-partisan 'anti-government-spending' rally.

I know there'll be a few familiar faces there, looks like we'll have a good turnout too! I'll be helping with the food-drive bins.

There are now over a thousand tea parties happening in this nation tomorrow. If you're so inclined, by all means pop in on the one nearest you. :-) If not, well, I'll still think you're nice people.

That's all!
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Just a happy note that the Portland version of the anti-stimulus-package protests went very well this morning! I'm ready to do it again.

Tea in the Willamette, should anyone be interested...but it's okay if you aren't. )
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Well, it's a rare thing for me but it looks like we're meeting some others on Friday to join in with Portland's non-partisan 'tea party' protest. Seriously. This round of meetings will be 2/27 simultaneous at noon EST (that makes it quite early for us).

Just thought I'd post in case anyone else is interested in joining a group in their own area - the grassroots on this is gathering steam.
Some are listed here:
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Just a brief political note for those in the States - Thanks to Stef for the pointer. Anyone interested in knowing exactly how many porky ornaments have been buried in the stimulus package may want to take a look over here where they've broken it down into an item-by-item list that can be voted on:

Be sure to let your reps and senators know what your own thoughts might be, pass the word.
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In the middle of all the crazy, expensive hype for our new President, may I just say:

"George Bush, darnit, I'm going to miss you. Given what you had to deal with and the sea of hostility you had to face, you did well. Admirably well."

Talk about someone who's earned a rest. God be with him and his family.

That's all...
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I tend to avoid getting into political views online, but I couldn't have said this better:

The treatment of Bush has been a disgrace

That thought shared for any so inclined, now we finally get to turn to other things, like the way the morning light right now is making the trees in my yard look positively glowing flourescent, as if each leaf had its own battery power going. My entire driveway is glowing golden with fallen poplar leaves and looks like something from a fairy-tale illustration. Amazing.

Peers in...

Jun. 1st, 2006 07:52 pm
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Egads, it's been a while...where do I even begin? As Inigo said, 'Let me ', there is too much, let me sum up.'

First off, let me tell you that I have (barely) managed to (mostly) keep up with your postings, I just haven't the time or lack of interruption to be able to reply to all as I would like... I know all of us have times we say this to one another, I guess it's just my turn to wave my hands over my head and cry out a faint "here! I'm here!" :-P

For any who may have interest, we are nearing the school drama finale, I hope, and no I will not be the director for a preschool, thank you... )

The light is at the end of the tunnel, and it appears it isn't the train we thought it was.

My plants are doing so well this year now that the weeds are caught up on, I keep wanting to post pictures of them. Perhaps I should put together a little page o' plant pictures or something. My canterbury bells opened up today, and my peonies and miniature roses are blooming... there's so much happening out there, it's hard to not want to share it somehow.

Thank you, all of you, for still being here. (((f-list)))


Apr. 28th, 2006 06:43 am
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Try as I might, I'm having to fall behind on everything here in LJ land - there's too many gaps that need filling at the school ) but I think the end result will bloom.

Sort of like the sunflowers. I planted them last year, set them in the soil and watched hopefully as they developed leaves, imagining large, beautiful, tall flowers that summer. Alas, no - all I got were leaves... morose, I watered and fed them anyway - but then lo and behold, *this* spring those leaves came in again, stronger than ever and now there are lovely tall stalks coming up from them, the promise of a flower held in each cluster of little green leaflets and buds at their tips. Sometimes you need to wait and work through that time without flowers while down under the ground all those little roots are gaining strength again - and then watch it bloom.
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The past couple weeks have been such a whirl - thought I'd drop a couple updates here if only for myself...

Elanor Garden spring clean-up )

As the World Turns...the school... )

I am still thinking of and praying for dear Loth, and halavana too. Do send something if you can - let's fill her room with flowers and cards!
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Craziness seems to be bustin' out all over - good and bad...

Blessing or Doom of my school )

Gardening - yay! )

May all of you have a wonderfully spring-like week, if not in weather then in general perkiness. :-)


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