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I am leveling up, I think. I now have my very own private dance student who comes to my place once a week, and I just got an invite from a pro dancer to meet at her place a few times so she can help teach me choreography tips and how to better use the stage space.
0.0 She says she wants me to dance at their holiday show.

I am simultaneously pleased and terrified.
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We had our last graduation event for my youngest's school chums, the ones who were Freshmen when she was a Senior so we worked with them in drama, etc. and got to know them. End of an era with her school in a way as most of the amazing older teachers she had that were so influential are all retiring as well now. Good people, the kind that pour their lives into those kids and it really shows, the kind the kids still talk about when they are old themselves.

The roses are all so tall and abundant this year! My yard is going crazy with blooming things so I cut back two big bouquets of miniature roses to give away to people at church this morning. Now I've dragged out my dehydrator and loaded it up with rose petals for a friend who adds them to her homemade soaps, the house smells heavenly with drying roses.

Hoping all is well for everyone as we all wade into another summer together.
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Eldest only drives an automatic and while she was visiting she brought up how she'd like to learn a manual transmission, but her grandparents were busy and her dad wasn't available.  "All that leaves is you," she noted.  We looked at one another.  I'm not a good driving instructor.
"I don't know if I'd be much help, but I can get in and hang on while you lurch around," I said.
"Exactly.  Which is why I guess I'll wait."
She then related her memories of the last time I tried to teach her stick, when she was in high school.  It was along the lines of:
Her: "WHAT AM I DOING?  help help I'm going to HIT SOMETHING, help help HOW DO I SHIFT!"
Me: (maniacal stress cackling) "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!"

So.  Back to automatic she goes....
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Back in the 50s my church apparently went through a legalistic phase, the 'no smoking, no dancing, no makeup' kind of thing and of all of that only a lingering whiff of 'no dancing' was left by the time we came around to it.   For the past 20 years every time dancing came around (even the chicken dance at a party) there were always a few older people who had that 'I feel like I should feel guilty for dancing, but I don't, but what if there's an even OLDER person here who still thinks it is wrong?' reaction. 

Well, we have officially jumped the shark on that topic now - with the approval of my teaching bellydance to the ladies this coming January.  Talk about casting aside the old garment with flair!  Haha!  It's on a freewill donation basis to fund-raise for building updates, I'm quite curious to see how many actually sign up.  :-D  I'm actually quite astonished that they let it go through.

Hm - while watering plants outside this morning something stung my foot and now my little toe looks like a sausage... little toes are strange enough as it is, hopefully won't last long.
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Managed to make myself sit down and work on watercolor for a bit, and while I was there I remembered I hadn't prepared any kind of "welcome back" treat for the preschool teachers this year so I made them some quick mini-pictures.  They're not super duper and some came out better than others but I was kind of pleased that I Did The Thing instead of just buying a pack of cards at the shop.  If I can get the ball rolling, maybe I can save a little money on greeting cards at the very least. 

watercolor cards for our teachers

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This probably sounds crazy to people who aren't Christians, but my church has been teaching about prayer and with it fasting and the different kinds there are, so now we get to practice - we're all fasting together for the next three weeks with three times available for corporate prayer each day as well and I'm so happy!

I love it when we all get to do things together and I love prayer, so this is wonderful to me.  It's going to be a challenge (I've never done one for three weeks running before), but that's the idea, to stretch us a little.  It's all voluntary, with only guidelines suggested, some are just giving up one meal a day, others are just cutting out meat, etc. for a time, a small number of more experienced folks are going to try just liquids for at least part of it.  We all get to encourage one another and discuss how it's going a couple times a week too.

Starts tonight!  Yay!
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It's been much too long since I managed to post on LJ, yikes, though I do get by to lurk at least somewhat, enjoying seeing what everyone is up to. Almost the end of another year!

Lots gone by... dad stuff (we ended up giving away the business for a dollar), lost two of our parakeets and now I'm helping my folks with my Grandma who recently had a stroke and is kind of 'not there' for the most part - plus she keeps undressing, lol... that part is kind of funny. What a year, eh? Sounds par for the course for a lot of you.

The church history class I've been teaching has pretty much sucked up the writing time as I'm constantly having to stay ahead with notes, handouts and essays on the various events and personalities. This next week should be fun - Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation plus one of my favorites, Erasmus, next week I get to tackle Henry VIII. Still, I'm really missing my 'fun writing time', reduced to drabbles and the occasional poem is thin rations.

Also working on a gingerbread creation for our Tolkien-inspired Gingerbread contest - anyone who wants to join in is welcome to, good fun. I've never made gingerbread before in my life, but last night found me installing a floor for the tomb of the Stewards and adding dead kings in marshmallow. Heh. We've had an amazing chocolate-gingerbread Meduseld submitted already. Deadline isn't til Jan. 7, if you want to join in.

Looks like everyone managed to survive Christmas so far - now for New Years! (yay) Here's to a fine year ahead, better than any of us are hoping (or dreading?).

Peers in...

Jun. 1st, 2006 07:52 pm
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Egads, it's been a while...where do I even begin? As Inigo said, 'Let me ', there is too much, let me sum up.'

First off, let me tell you that I have (barely) managed to (mostly) keep up with your postings, I just haven't the time or lack of interruption to be able to reply to all as I would like... I know all of us have times we say this to one another, I guess it's just my turn to wave my hands over my head and cry out a faint "here! I'm here!" :-P

For any who may have interest, we are nearing the school drama finale, I hope, and no I will not be the director for a preschool, thank you... )

The light is at the end of the tunnel, and it appears it isn't the train we thought it was.

My plants are doing so well this year now that the weeds are caught up on, I keep wanting to post pictures of them. Perhaps I should put together a little page o' plant pictures or something. My canterbury bells opened up today, and my peonies and miniature roses are blooming... there's so much happening out there, it's hard to not want to share it somehow.

Thank you, all of you, for still being here. (((f-list)))
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Okay...I am officially trying to not be as nervous as I feel right now - our grade school is closing (though the preschool is still strong) and I have suddenly ended up in the very center of organizing and launching a homeschool cooperative for the families cast adrift. I have the blessing of the hosting church to have it there in the same classrooms with the same curriculum and everything a co-op could dream of as they still want a school they just can't afford to pay teachers. The parents take turns teaching or hiring tutors/instructors for special classes and the kids all still get to see each other and stick with familiar stuff. It looks good, but I have *NO* experience in being an administrator or teacher - and I'm presenting all of this to two parent meetings in about an hour.

Yikes. Am I insane or what? In the past four days I've found supporters, got permission, designed a registration form, an overview and flyers, put up a website and email contact point and designed web banners. It's been nuts! We'll see what their response is... if they come alongside me, it's a go. If not, then I continue on homeschooling in a more standard fashion I guess. *closes eyes and leaps*
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It is the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Suess - which in my case means I get to give a presentation about his life to the first and second grade classes about an hour from now. I wrote up a biography for him at about their level of understanding and get to do a Q & A on him and his life. What an interesting man he was. :-)

My favorite thing was the way he kept a closet full of crazy hats in the observatory he used for a studio. Whenever writers block loomed, he would put on a silly hat to get back in the mood. That and how cranky he would get when well-meaning printers would "correct" his colors to make the trees green instead of pink, etc... Heh.

Wear a bow tie and read a few rhyming tongue-twisters today. Enjoy!


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