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We have a new DWth community set up for our Ringers at Fellowship of Middle-earth, it's [community profile] lotrfellowship - all are welcome to come join in. At this point it's brand new and therefore pretty empty, but I'm sure that will right itself in due time. It's a moderated community, so you will need to "join" and I'll get you approved as soon as I can. I've sent invites to the few old-school folks I know are here already on DWth, if you're out there and I just don't know your handle over here, please do let me know.

The appearance, color, etc. will still be tweaked a little but a little remodeling doesn't mean we can't go ahead and move in. ^_^ Many thanks to Tinidril for helping out with this!
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Our longtime online community, the Fellowship of Middle-earth, has become enough outdated that we are now looking for a new home, so I will be working on a DWth community over this next month to make them an appropriate nesting spot.  It's a small group of stalwart posters at this point but we've been together so long that we'd really miss on another if it were to simply float off into the ether.  Good people, worth a bit of time to make them a comfy home to stop in at.

I do wish we could easily insert emoticons into the text here, that's the one feature I think we're going to be missing.  On the other hand, we gain tagging.

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My dear Rings fandom family is casting about for a new online home, it's so hard to go house-shopping with so many different preferences - not unlike trying to order pizza for a crowd! I do hope whatever is decided will be 'warmed up to' by any who are reluctant.

There's no place like home, and it is the personalities of those who gather that define the spirit and love in any place no matter what the decor. They are lovely people, I am sure they will find their collective way to a new hearthside where they can enjoy one another's company once again.
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Pimping out something for a friend here:

One of the members of our online 'family' at The Fellowship of Middle-earth, Frodosmiss, was recently flooded out of her home by the historic level flooding of the river at Minot, South Dakota.  She has requested that we spread the word so people can help out her city by voting in a contest Coke is running that will award $100,000 to the top-voted park.  Minot could dearly use that boost just now as their 'Oak Park' was (like many things, including much of her own home) ruined by the flooding. 

SO - if you can take a moment, please do vote... you just have to put in a security code to show you are human, you can vote as many times as you like.  Minot's park recently managed to surge to the front runner, but it will take some work to keep it there.  Thank you!
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Oh wow - if they weren't a bit of a bother I'd want to make these all the time, so it's probably a good thing they took a while. But oooo yum - Fudge waffles, recipe compliments of Sam/Yaralindi of my LOTR boards, just had to share them. This is the first round:

Recipe under here )

We're already plotting to make them again.
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My house is Too Quiet - with my [ profile] everloyal now off in an apt. of her own and my son now off to his summer job at a summer camp until August, all I have left is [ profile] starbells and she's the quiet one! It's been very weird. Though it is nice to have a chance to fumigate clean his compost heap bedroom while he's gone and can't grunt about it protest.

On the happy, noisy side of things a lovely lady I met years ago through our LOTR boards who goes by Strange Elf will be in my area again in July and she's started belly dancing now. She's gets to come to my class with me, which will be a complete hoot!
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Happy Almost New Year!

I never did manage to do anything for the fandom stockings this year, but I did manage to finally wend my way through all of my previous online-published writings and finish up my 'Master List' for fic and poetry at [ profile] written_leaves. Go me!

Well, most of it - a couple tossers were tossed, otherwise...yeah, I think it's good to go. Now that it won't spam your flists with multiple entries each day, it's open for friending if any are so inclined. It's almost entirely either LOTR or Who with some original bits stirred in.

We're still finishing off all the unhealthy leftovers that invariably make their way into the home each Christmas, and some healthy ones too (the little carob squares are darn good even if they do look disturbingly like dog kibble). Peppermint Jo-jo cookies from Trader Joes are my friend. Finally watched 'Kung Fu Panda' and found it much better than expected, plus thanks to [ profile] everloyal I'm getting to see all of the Ninth Doctor as last.

Hope you all have a Very Good New Year - surely 2010 has got to be better than 2009 was, though it had its moments too. Cheers!
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Wow, we just got the news that Icarus got the job! He was staying with us last week for the interviews and he and I ran around with a realtor so I could be "Rosie's eyes". More house-hunting this week, what fun to kick the tires on houses when I don't have to be the one working at moving.

Lots of BIG houses, the more bathrooms the better. She and Ic are coming back with the two littlest ones to look at houses again, they're getting to be right at home here. Who knew an online acquaintanceship could lead to this?
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Looks like a fine adventure - Rosie & Icarus and their generous passel of kids are on vacation coming to the Oregon coast... and guess where they're ALL staying tonight? Yup, Hotel Prim.

I have every bed I can possibly put together done up and did a run to the local thrift store for a few more blankets and pillows and bought some big prefab lasagnas. Should be fun. They'll come through again next week on their way back home to CO, and Ic has an interview out here as part of the journey. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up neighbors.
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Hoorah - we have a new Theme Day upon us! I've managed to write a handful of goodies, mostly short bits, for the Grey Havens, Cirdan and Mithlond in general and the ship sets sail today. No doubt plenty of nautical flavor to this one.

For anyone who hasn't been by for a while, do drop in - the more the merrier, even if all you would like to do it a haiku or limerick. I almost stopped doing these for lack of participation, but at this point am grateful to those who badgered me back into it, because in spite of the archiving work they've been a lot of fun.
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To prove I can talk about something other than Percy - We've been working on updates for our boards and looking at the myriad ways one can try to outsmart the spam-bots (those 'type in the warped letters' things don't work anymore) - one of the simple ones was called 'The Humanizer' - it asks you one question, "Are You Human?" which you toggle yes or no. Seeing as it is only a matter or time until the bots are programmed to toggle one or the other, allowing at least half of them to get through, we are taking it a step beyond that.

I've put together an array of pictures, and they will soon be in an array of about 12 pictures a new registree will see. All a bot will know is here's a bunch of unlabeled images with boxes by them. A human being however can read "Click the boxes by all the pictures of Hobbits" and get in. Half of the pictures are hobbits, randomly sorted each time. The other half? In honor of Linaewen, they are images of cheese.

If a person can't tell the difference between Hobbits and Cheese, do we want them on our boards anyway? I think not. ;-)
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An update for those who may have been wondering - Rosie and Icarus *and* all of their kids are now together - the last of the girls who were in the hospital has finally come home, and while two of them have a long ways to go in recovery still, they are just so happy to be home again. I've seen photos of (what was left of) their van - it is amazing that all 10 of the people in that vehicle are alive. They've begun to receive cards in the mail and were greatly encouraged and cheered by them, and by everyone's caring for them and their children - the local tv did a spot with them on the importance of wearing seatbelts too. Thank you, everyone!

And dear ((((Candi)))) - I am so terribly sorry for what you are going through - it seems the time for grieving among us is not yet past.
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Gracious, it has been a while hasn't it? Thank you dear Kimby for the nudge... I've been up to my ears in work, I'm busy running a bookfair this week (with a Robin Hood theme - for which I sewed mountains of felt hats for the kids) and both of my daughters have birthdays within a week and a half... Tea party successfully pulled off, relatives visiting likewise conquered, house is a mess but the kids are starting to catch up on their homework backlog from our vacation... 100 crocus bulbs got planted before the rain hit, but only half the snowdrops and none of the tulips (mud time ahead for me!). I'm weeding 'deadwood' out of a half-defunct church library for another church, trying to update my own church's library, a school auction is looming on the horizon and I am attempting to duck out of it. There's more too, but I won't carry on - suffice it to say I am lucky to get over to LJ every other day now and when I do I usually only have time to scan over what everyone else has been up to. Argh!
(I'm using that time to type this time, so if you did something way cool I'll have to find out about it later - sorry) If I have snatches of time, I use them for the Fellowship board as I have to make it my priority there.

Feeling very left out and rather forgotten at times, but I know it is an illusion - you are all always in my thoughts, even those I have not seen for a long time come to mind at times, like the earthquake in Hawaii making me wonder about Jatamansi, Leggy Pants, Old Toby and Misty Mountain Hopper. How much more those of you whose lives I still have the privelege of sharing in this small, silent way?

Thank you, anyone who is still there - and yes, I am too!
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I am completely humbled and flabbergasted by the generosity of our dear ((((SirAda/Onono/ Onomir))))... He and his stalwart brother and others he has gathered are taking a precious Saturday morning in summer and coming out to my town just to help me move books and bookcases as I relocate my library - there was no way I could move many of these things by myself, and I am incredibly grateful. Wow.


Jan. 13th, 2006 06:25 pm
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I feel as if I have just stepped into or out of Lorien...which one I'm not sure.

I stopped pursuing Theme Day events for the fanclub after the last one was so slow - I had 60 people vote for it but only 5 or 6 show up to post anything...ended up talking to myself to give it a semblance of life. I thought that was the end of it, but then Lo! I was asked (nay, begged) to bring them back, and being a pushover for anything involving writing for M-e, I did - and so today and tomorrow are the Day for Lothlorien, Galadriel and Celeborn. Whether or not it "flies" will determine if it still has any life in it... so far, it is doing better than I expected, though not what I had hoped - but then, one of my faults is being an optimist. ;-)

I feel as if I am watching the slow fading of the leaves, the inevitable arrival of winter among the silver trees, wondering when we too will take ship and sail for other waters where the writers are everyoung.

If anyone cares to drop in to read, write or just play around, we would love to see you. Not a plug, just a wistful thought, like wishing you could be here with me to watch the wind in the trees tonight.
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So much happening in so many of my dear friends lives -

May those who are suffering with illnesses soon be strengthened and well,
May those who are having to deal with terrible stresses in their relationships soon find peace and (where possible) reconciliation.
May those who are feeling down, lonely and just plain out-of-sorts soon see something in their lives that will be a comfort and a light, and have time with a companion who can comfort them.
May those who are grieving find the solace that they need, and those who seek wisdom to make the right choces be given the direction they so desperately need.

And may those who rejoice with new life, new jobs, bright turns in their path, sweet hopes for the future know that I do rejoice with them when I read their words - Amen...


How I wish I could somehow just have each and every one of you over for a quiet afternoon of tea and board games and browsing of books, watching a show and just enjoying a bit of peace.

If all of us (certainly including me) only had more time!

In the meantime, I also have hopes that the sump-pump will soon be working again so I'm not having to run downstairs and bail 3 gallons of water from a hole in my basement every 9 minutes - I have a timer set... I think I have a better chance at that than having it stop raining. :-P
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Ever since the storefront was put up (and that's a LONG time ago now), I have chafed at the advertising, instability, crashes and freezeups, stupidity and layoffs, etc. etc. that we have dealt with in our days with Decipher. We survived in spite of our host, not because of them... And how many times did we say "Oh, if only we could have our own board...!"

Well, now WE DO. It's been a long time in coming, but all the mods have helped me and I've many folks who have each sponsored a month of hosting - as of today it's finally real. Threaded view, quick loading and all. No ads, no membership dues, no CEO. We're going to make a stab at moving, and hopefully will get to see a few 'old faces' who understandably were too fed up with Decipher to post anymore. New forums for non-LOTR writings, on-topic discussions and swoons have been added as well, as we have all grown and changed.

Whew! *pops cork on ginger-ale to celebrate*
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Ack - why does it always take so long to do what should be simple things? I've been wading through a serious learning curve on phpbb boards this past month, and it seems every molehill becomes a mountain when you try to change it...

"Don't touch that. You never know what it might be attached to." - Buckaroo Bonzai

I am the artistic side of things, but when it comes to technical I feel half blind and in the dark, fixing things slowly by feel. Thank goodness for my techie-hubby. More on this project once it's closer to being ready to fly. :-)

Of course none of *you* ever have troubles with editing or changing software...nooo....
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I just got a great email note from my dad - he discovered my "Nothing of Note" and declared - after apparently reading it all in one fell swoop (at that point, 68 chapters) - he had a 'dead butt.'

Enjoying it and intrigued by the Brave New World of Tolkien fanfic, he then requested other author's names that I thought were a good ride through Middle-earth. I sent him a short list of the ones I consider our shining stars... and then received this:

"Aloha; Still gnawing at the ropes that hold this story in place, like a blasted rat! When I first read your "best authors" advice, I MISread :Intense and Angry" It was, of course, "angsty", BUT, it definitely suckered me in. I am now on my second "dead butt" day pursuing this tale of the actual capture of the Hobbits! Sonovabitch!! The bad guys HAVE them!! Not good, sez I. BUT, this is such a collage of the MOVIE/ TOLKIEN/ And PERSONAL TALENT, that it is virtually seamless...All Hail Northstar. My butt gets even more numb. My mind HOWEVER is invigorated, I am hanging onto my hat, as the Queen of Cliff Hangers does me in. Dad"

All hail NorthStar, our (((([ profile] psychotic_kiwi)))))
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We're off to church shortly - then to Portland for "The Importance of Being Earnest". Been a loooong time since I've seen an Oscar Wilde play. The last one we saw was with Onone, and ironically was Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience" which is a lampoon of the cult following that Oscar Wilde had in his day.

Taking my family and meeting Tinidril, Faithwalker, Onone, Gimli's Sister and MITH - woo! Our MithrandirCQ is in town from the far away East coast and we've never had a chance to meet him before. Strange Elf is in town too... wish we could have pulled her in as well. The Big O may join us yet - he wasn't sure if he could make it.

Hard to think of things to do for a local moot when the movies are too long to watch now, and we've all seen them so many times - hope this works! I would love to have them all over to see my house (my sinks are working - oh happiness!) but it would probably be too long of a drive for them to all caravan over and back.

Still, I hope it will be a "good day." :-) We'll be thinking of all of you!


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