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Noted that one of my knees kept wanting to slip out of place when I was kneeling so it made it kind of borderline impossible to get back up. Decided a 'trick knee' was not a good idea when I still have (hopefully) many years to bobble around in this body yet to go.

Everyone raise a toast to the internet, by which I was able to glean from someone who paid a fancy therapist what to do to help it *without* having to pay a fancy therapist.

Turns out the bands that stabilize my knees were weak because I've been favoring that leg for years due to foot issues. Now that I have inserts and such the foot thing is better but this was a bit of fallout from that. Stand on one leg and balance - count to 30. Stand on the other and do the same thing. The goal is to get to where you can balance for 30 seconds solid and steady.

My knee is much better already! ^_^ Thought I'd share it, since it's so simple. I was a real humdinger of a wobbler on that side at first, I had no idea I was compensating with the stronger leg til I did that.
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Instragram must be truly on its way out as A Thing, I can tell because I finally learned how to use it. When us old folks arrive, the Cool Factor falls into the basement, but hey - I did posts of each of the expected topics (nature, cat, dessert).

Gerrout o' Instragram ya whippersnappers, go on and do that next Thing in your virtual cardboard clubhouse before we follow you again!
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My daughter called to tell me she has a new manager. He mentioned something about the small town he'd grown up in, she said "Oh yeah! My mom went to high school there." "What's her name?" he asked and whaddayaknow, he graduated with me!

Last time I saw him he was 18, of course, and taking honors for his many athletic skills. Always a nice congenial kind of guy, always dressed in assorted sports gear every time we crossed paths. Strange to fast-forward that mental image of him to a 50 year old manager working with my now-grown kid! I wonder if he still has his hair.

Life is weird.
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I noticed last time I was at my optometrist that he was getting kind of...old. The receptionist he's had at the desk since forever is as well. I've gone to him for 24 years now (getting old m'self) and couldn't help but think "You know, you look like the kind of guy who is getting ready to retire." Decided to be proactive and go looking for a younger doc, so today I'm test-driving a whippersnapper with good reviews. Maybe they'll have some newfangled techie doo-dads in their arsenal so I can see better, who knows? Gracious, listen to me - I sound like a granny.

I hate having dilation eyedrops, but other than that I'd rather go to an eye doctor before many other kinds of doctors. The poke-n-prod isn't nearly as intimate.
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My mom complained about an arthritic finger joint and how it made her necklace hard to put on - and it occurred to me that as being creaky like that runs in my family I really ought to think ahead a little. I got little lobster clasps from the craft store's jewelry section and am settling in this morning to replace the difficult spring-clasp circles on my favorite necklaces with something easier to open and close for stiff fingers.  My old self may thank my younger self for it someday. 
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Glargh I am so tired of hot flashes... Y'see, I had an ovarian cyst out many, many moons ago and the result is (as was predicted) a slightly earlier than ususal array of Instant Visitations to the Spontaneous Tropical Vacation events every lady gets a few tickets to in the tail end of their life.  How in the world does a person dress for winter, all snuggly warm, when at any unexpected moment it is SUDDENLY 90 DEGREES AND I'M APPROACHING THE SURFACE OF THE SUN... and then it's just a typical cool winter again? 

I've taken to packing a folding fan with me everywhere I go because it isn't like I can just abruptly strip down to my skivvies in public settings or something. I have five or six in different colors now.  Fans that is, not skivvies.  
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I'm sitting here, pulling on my socks and listening to my daughter scrambling around to get ready to go to school and it occurs to me that I've been getting ready to go to school, my own or someone else's, for most of my life. 

In fact, our entire society is chock full of people of all ages whose lives are ruled by the school system's hours and we all orbit around their holidays.  Whether or not there is school and when is HUGE.  It affects families, work policies, store hours, national holidays.  Even people without kids plan their events and vacations around when school is in or out. The real estate market goes up and down around summer school vacation.  Add school events and sports and it rules the country.

I hope to be free of that tyranny of having to get up and go to a school later this year, part of why I turned down an opportunity to still work at the school library even after mine were graduated.  Dearly hope I can find a job that starts late enough I can have some mornings, lest I trade one tyranny for another and merely wish for quiet mornings until the day I die.
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I seem to be shifting gears somewhat, guess it's time to learn how to be older or something.  I have a few white hairs - this is still quite alien to me, that they've shown up amid my normally dark-blonde hair, very silver-white and kind of wavy so I guess by the time I completely run out of pigmentation I'll have this crazy poof of white.  I kind of like that, but it's still novel enough I stare at them when they are shed (Wait, that came from my head? But it's white!). 

Also shifting in responsibilities in church, having gone from young believer (pew sitter/consumer of activities) to middle (helps with activities/provides stuff) to middlin' older (in charge of some stuff / teaching / deciding).  Now I've just taken on a Deaconess position, which is kind of like an Elder-in-Training.  I'm used to watching this kind of person take care of stuff and coming alongside them when they needed extra help, now it's me.  I just hope I don't have too many rounds of "Boy, that person really needs someone to pray with them, why isn't anyone doing that? Oh wait, it's me!"  Heh. 

New seasons, new ways of Being in the World. So far so good.
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I suddenly feel as if my warranty is running out on my body or something. I go to the dentist who tells me I'll likely need a crown on a tooth this year because it's cracking. Then my glasses break (thankfully I have my backup pair until I get them fixed). Tomorrow I go to a foot-doctor because I apparently now will need orthotic inserts in my shoes thanks to my arches giving out on me. My neck is getting more turkey-like and my hands are freckling and getting that 'old' look.

What gives? Hey! Body! I'm not done with you yet, thanks. C'mon - we should be getting more mileage than this. :-p

I haven't really mentioned any of it anywhere but here, however... somehow I can grumble here and it doesn't count. If I grumble out loud to my Real World people I feel like I'm *also* turning into one of those old people who are always reciting a litany of all the things that are going wrong with their body whenever you talk to them. Bleah!

So, what body part is falling off/malfunctioning/needing replacement in your version of The Human Body (tm) today? Let's hear it! Alphabetically, if need be. Are you practically bionic or still mostly organic?
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Well, knock me over with a feather. I sent "disgusting" grapefruit juice to my son's classroom for their party, and he tells me that the other drink available was an "icky punch nobody liked" so they opened my juice and drank every drop!

What is it with kids these days? They drink grapefruit juice, and they eat tofu too. I wouldn't do those things for anything when I was a kid, I had to "get old" first.


Oct. 25th, 2005 10:39 pm
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I've just been noticing that the backs of my hands are getting all veiny. Like I remember my mom's looking when I was small and noted the difference between her hands and my own smooth, young ones.

Sigh... No doubt the age spots will be next. Guess I might as well get used to it. :-P

A shame that physical youth is so brief, instead of lasting as long as our mental / spiritual youth.
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With three kids, I feel as if I am perpetually having to focus on teeth, and not just the daily "Remember to brush" and "Did you brush?" and "Did you really brush?" and "You didn't brush, what do you think I was born yesterday? Get in there...!"

It's the orthodontist to adjust braces on one yesterday, the dentist to get two teeth pulled for my middle one today (guess what? More braces in the future...and more braces! And look...!) - plus checkups for all three coming up yet again, and somewhere in there my own to tend as well.

I feel as if I am getting to know my dentist very well. Don't they ever change the posters on the ceiling? :-D

Ah well... It's part of life and maintenance for these disposable bodies we drag around with us for several decades. And on the good side, a chance to visit all the way over and back with my middle boy, who doesn't get enough Mom-time away from his little sister. Off I go again. I'll bring back little samples of dental floss and stickers for all of you!


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