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Well, my grown son adapted to mostly having to buy his own food so far by mostly just eating what he still has access to - in this case, he is essentially living off scrambled eggs and rice and strangely content doing so. Still no job, little signs of actively looking for one. He had one lined up and muffed it by missing the deadlines for their background check info - I am ready to stick a 4th of July rocket in his rear and send him out the door that way at this point.

On a better note, today I get to teach myself to cut tiles so I can finally fix the surround on my fireplace that has had two blank spots where cut tiles fell off over the years. I did also let my son know that this house might be on the market as early as next year and he will not get to move with us wherever we go. :-p
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My eldest came by to pick up her official papers we keep in our safe because she needs to expedite her passport renewal all of the sudden - she's going to Cambodia on a missions trip in June!

She's always had a heart for the people of Asia so she's excited at the opportunity. Says "I've been studying their history and language, it has a lot of the same sounds that Japanese uses so I'm picking it up." Now I get to be the gathering point for whatever monetary support she can wrangle on short notice to cover the passport, shots, plane ticket etc. She needs 3k, we'll see how it goes.

Life is never boring, is it?
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My now-grown son has been reluctant to follow through on applying for work and had apparently grown quite comfortable in the nest - too I told him "Congratulations! You graduated!"

Explained that he was graduating from being a child in his parent's home to a paying adult renter. He starts paying rent in June - I cleaned out a kitchen cupboard for his food and a section of the freezer for him and let him know he is on his own. He has access to some staples and spices should he want to bake, etc. - I'm trying to be reasonable. Rent goes up $50 every six months til it hits lower market rate.

Sweetened the deal with letting him know this also means his bedroom furniture transfers to his ownership and that I will no longer comment on the state of his room or the state of his employment (or lack thereof). So far he's taken it fairly well, even when he only had mac-and-cheese available for dinner, and he's started applying for jobs.

Whew! My other two flew out on their own, but sometimes they need a little more encouragement.
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Eldest only drives an automatic and while she was visiting she brought up how she'd like to learn a manual transmission, but her grandparents were busy and her dad wasn't available.  "All that leaves is you," she noted.  We looked at one another.  I'm not a good driving instructor.
"I don't know if I'd be much help, but I can get in and hang on while you lurch around," I said.
"Exactly.  Which is why I guess I'll wait."
She then related her memories of the last time I tried to teach her stick, when she was in high school.  It was along the lines of:
Her: "WHAT AM I DOING?  help help I'm going to HIT SOMETHING, help help HOW DO I SHIFT!"
Me: (maniacal stress cackling) "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!"

So.  Back to automatic she goes....
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Well, my hubby finally got a job!  Woo! This is the good part.  On the other side of things, it's down in San Diego - and we're not relocating.  This means he heads down there for however long he needs to until we can find something up here in the Northwest again and I hold the fort here - he has an airbnb place lined up for three months and by then maybe we can figure where he will stay and whether to go the condo route or what.  He figures he can get furnishings off craigslist or at thrift shops rather than dragging things down and back up,

Crazy times! 
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Finished re-staining both the back and front decks, including steps and railing.  Added new spiffy no-slip strips to the steps and re-painted the railing so it's a slightly metallic chocolate brown instead of weird faded chipped peach and rust color.  My guess is about 50 years ago when the house was built that railing probably was painted to match the cedar siding but time has not been kind to it.  Much, much nicer now.

Between all that and the new mulch, the place is looking a bit jazzed up, I'm quite pleased.

My son is moving back in tomorrow, looks like he may be able to informally apprentice with our church custodian to learn custodial stuff, then hopefully get his foot in the door with the custodial company he works for before summer is out.  Here's hoping!  He's got to get started somehow and he hasn't had any callbacks on anything legitimate yet.  Not that he's looking forward to helping strip the wax off the gym floor - the current project at hand - but at least he's still game to do what needs doing.
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SO...My hubby leans over the couch where I'm reading a book and says "Just got off the phone. I guess I must now count myself among the unemployed." And then while I'm still digesting this news he runs down the hall shouting "FREEEEDOOOOOMMMM!"


He's been at that company for 22 years and was one of the last two people they had at this location, so he's been a little weary in the saddle but I'm kind of looking around going "batten down the hatches!" and turning off lights, lowering heat, etc. I grew up with little to live on and know all the tricks - he's never been below middle-class. If this drags on a while he may have to learn, but for now let him go bounding across the fields for a bit, he's earned it!
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Son: (opening box of crackers) Triskets!
Me: Like Speed Racer's girlfriend!
Son: Ah yes, Speed and Triskets. And don't, I can't remember that monkey's name!
Me: I just remember how annoying he was. And what was his little brother called?
Son: I don't know! Why don't I know this? What was it?
Daughter: Squirtle?
Son: Squirtle! And the monkey was something that repeats.
Daughter: Yeah, like Bop-bop or Chee-chee or Ten-Ten or something. *googles*
Son: Bip-Bip, Can-can, Boop-Boop...
Daughter: Chim-Chim!
Son: Chim-Chim and Squirtle. Wait. That's Pokemon.
Daughter: Someone needs to do a vid for that. Speed, Trisket, Squirtle and Ten-Ten.

Beach time

Feb. 13th, 2016 07:59 am
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An update: Our Pi-Cat has thankfully continued to improve and is pretty much back to her former petite weight (she's only a 7 lb. kitty at her fattest), still no idea what caused her illness so I just hope whatever it was doesn't come back as she's now our Gold Plated Kitty from vet bills. We are grateful that she is with us even when she sits on the keyboard now.

Also, looks like my eldest is headed for the beach! She's been applying for work, etc. along the coast and is making plans to move over there. Ironically the rents around here have spiked so badly with all the out of state people moving here that the beach is no longer the expensive place, it's cheaper for her to live there than anywhere near Portland once you get out of the easy day-trip range of that city. Sounds good to me!
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I have an odd phenomena that seems to occur in my kitchen in which my actions are apparently completely invisible to my family when I make tea. Recent cases in point:

Hubby stands and talks to me as I am making tea, we are within 2-3 feet of each other. There is a dishtowel and a holiday potholder hanging from the handle of the oven, and I notice the towel is getting pretty cruddy. I reach right in front of him, take it and put it in the dirty linens basket on the counter then fish for a new towel in the drawer. In the space of time it takes me to do this, he steps up right next to me and rinses a cup then turns and *wipes his hands on the potholder*...
Hubby (confused): "Is this thing meant for wiping hands?"
Me: (new towel in hand) "No, it's a potholder. You just watched me take away the old towel and get out a fresh one."
Hubby: "I did? How did I miss that?"

I am talking with my grown daughter in the kitchen as I heat water for tea. I notice the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, so I work on putting them away as we talk.  This involves walking past her in some cases, and even asking her to move so I can access a drawer.  Five minutes later as I am sitting down with my cuppa she walks over to the dishwasher and opens it.
Her (surprised): "Oh! Someone already emptied the dishwasher!"
Me: "I did. Just now. You watched me, in fact."
Her: "I did? How come I have no recollection of this?"

Hmm...Now if I could only make this work outside the kitchen, think of all the things I could do!
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My daughter and her roomie were given a lead by a coworker that there was a one bedroom opening up in a good complex, so they gave it a whirl - the manager said they could have it if they signed the lease that day and were willing to move in that very night, and so they did!  They took sleeping bags and slept in their otherwise empty apartment just because they could - it even has a great view of the pond and fountain that decorates the little rec center.  The competition here for housing is fierce - when we went to start moving things in the next day a lady showed up at the door saying she thought *she* was supposed to be moving into it instead the next day, we just shrugged, let her know they already had the papers and the keys and to take it to the manager... didn't see her again.... I hope they just had the wrong apt for their sake, it's a big complex.

And to top it all off, both girls can even walk to work from that location which will save them a fair bit of money.  We moved her furniture today, wow what a whirlwind ride - when she woke up that morning who knew it would be the last time she ever slept in our house in her own bed, just like that?  Away she flies, and all is well.
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My girl and her friend had their application denied for their apartment attempt, seems when you added the new requirement that they also carry renter's insurance their combined income didn't make the cut.  Everyone is quite disappointed and they lost the application fees on top of it.  I don't know how people are finding homes around here, almost none of the apartments cover any of the utilities anymore and it seems now this insurance requirement is spreading rapidly as well.  The roomie is a manager and working full time and they still couldn't even get a one-bedroom to split with one person sleeping in the living room.

Back to the drawing board.  Looks like my nest is still going to be overly full for a while yet.

Heard about an entire complex in Portland that had to all move out because the rents shot up so fast none of the residents could afford to stay.  Where are they going?
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The back patio light, which has a motion-sensor, came on - so my son opened the door to see what had set it off. A raccoon had just climbed up one of the plastic chairs and was reaching for for a mug my husband had forgotten on the patio table.

Raccoon(seeing my son and putting a firm paw on the mug possessively): GROWL!


Raccoon: GROwwwwl?


Raccoon: growl...


Raccoon: 0.o

My son wins the rights to the mug; the defeated challenger scampers off into the dark.
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My son just walked through the kitchen proclaiming in his best announcer voice:
"To err is human. We are all breathing our own kind now. That is all. Thank you."

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One thing about having a smallish number of relatives is every time we get together for a major holiday (I'm looking at *you* coming up, Thanksgving) it always feels like there really ought to be more people around, like a poorly attended party even though everyone invited showed up.   You know it's a bit pathetic when you try to have a board game going and if a couple people wander off to the kitchen or something you no longer have enough people to play.  :-p 

My eldest says she hopes she will get to marry a man who has a HUGE family so she can finally enjoy the chaos that comes with lots of cousins and aunties and so on at a holiday gathering.

Oh well. Back to buying the small ham and and teeny turkey for now.  Hope your own holiday plans are going well!
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This is so weird. I brushed my hair this morning and I had enough hair to assemble my very own small dog if I'd wanted to. I told my kids I've decided to be deciduous this year and drop my leaves as it's coming up on Fall. I'll regrow them in the Spring.

My son, whose long ponytail is his pride and joy (though he has to be careful with it not catching fire as he is in a welding course) delighted in dancing around me singing a song about "fuzzless mother" to the tune of the infamous llama song. He thinks it's great that he now has longer hair than I do. X-D

Got a great cap off of Etsy that has attached fake bangs so I can put it under any hat and look like there's hair under there. People are so creative!
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A notice came up for me to renew my DWth and I kind of went "Oh wow, I haven't posted since April!" and thought it seemed worth doing a little updating, if only for me to look back at later on.  Been quite a year.

First off, the disabled lady I help take care of FINALLY got her disability approved and I've had a lot of extra time dealing with the paperwork, banking and various updates she needed now that we can finally buy stuff to replace/update her life.  It's been good to finally go forward on that, though it does mean time invested of course.

Then my beautiful, wonderful Starflower graduated from high school this past June, but not before she was the lead in their school play which meant a lot of fun time spent there, as I did the costuming and helped paint the set.  Scads of hours over there, but good times all around and we survived graduation and everything that goes with it, hoorah!

THEN in late May I was diagnosed with breast cancer - small and early, thank God - so after graduation was over I had lumpectomy surgery, did recovery from that and then found I was right on the statistical line for whether I would need chemo or not. I was given the choice and decided if it was that close to the line better safe than sorry.  SO at this point I have three more chemo treatments to go through the end of October and my hair is falling out like autumn leaves on a windy day.   I went shopping for colorful hats on Etsy and am trying to make the best of it, thankfully I haven't been too sick at this point.  The unknown is always more fearsome than the reality. 

LIfe is kind of crazy, I keep up with two households, my own and my friend's, and two churches as well... I assume all of you out there are likewise not letting much moss grow on your proverbial rocks - I'll have to spend some time reading now to see what's been happening.  *hugs*
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I love St. Pat's Day even though my only connection genetically is via a half-Irish grandpa - I would still enjoy it even if that weren't the case.  You see, my favorite color is green and there are stores who have "anything green is on sale!" events (woo!) plus there's this marvelous excuse to make corned beef and cabbage, which I love but it's expensive so I can't normally rationalize it.  Yes, I know they don't really even eat that in Ireland itself, but hey, I'm not pretending to be authentic I'm just having fun.   Breakfast for my kids was porridge colored with green food coloring, and as I couldn't find any Irish Breakfast tea, we had Jasmine Green.   Oh well, why not toss in some Chinese?  It has the word "green" in it, right?

And yes, I know Protestants wear orange and Catholics wear green in some places, but that's not here where I am and I like green, so I wear green in honor of Patrick, who was obviously not a Protestant - it's all good.  I'm off to make Irish Soda Bread with lots of brandy-soaked currants and sultanas in it as a treat for our preschool teachers now. 

Have a great day, everyone!
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Opened the cupboard to put a box away and two other boxes fell to the floor. Opened the fridge to put juice away and vegetables came bouncing out. Opened the other cupboard to put away a hand-mixer and an ENTIRE JAR OF MOLASSES leapt out and made a suicide dive right into the cat's dish.

The sound was astonishing and brought all family members running into the kitchen, thankfully sans the cat.

Cleaned up the amazing spontaneous interpretive artwork entitled "Catfood, Glass and Molasses with accents of Broken Pottery in the Modern Age." 

*huddles away from cupboards*
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Found some googly eyed glasses in the freebie bin at a garage sale.

I love my children.


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