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One of the dancers in our troupe showed up recently with a custom outfit - a blue ghawazee coat done up to be the TARDIS, matching earrings, harem pants made from cotton with the pattern of the "Vincent" swirl artwork featuring same - and a homemade Four scarf. Now she bounced over to me to lend me three Big Finish eps with Ten and Donna (with commentary on how she despises Rose Tyler). Hee! Another one has a Star Trek costume and dance routine including producing tribbles from a concealed pocket and using them like hand candles. The geekery apparently permeates every part of life it you wait long enough.
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AAAAAAaaaaa!  My library got the dvd of Enemy of the World - I've just seen it all the way through (twice!) and it's...

;lsakejfd;lsjf;lsajflsjfdalkjf;ls!   !!!  !   :-D   Yippie!  Woo! Jamie is made of awesome!  Two is made of Extreme Awesomesauce even as a bad guy!  Waaaawoooo yip yip!  Victoria is adorbs!  Yoicks! Wooooo!

Or something like that.

I want to purchase a copy now, this is just lovely stuff.  We expect an ice storm tomorrow, so I may just curl up with it for one more go before I have to give it back.
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We had a "belly blast" party last night, which meant a lot of bellydancers got together for a fun time watching each others recordings of dances we'd done. The hostesses hubby was hiding upstairs away from all the female frippery... but THEN.

One of the recorded dances was one of our ladies in a TARDIS coat and swirling solar-system patterned pants, a certain scarf about her neck as well as a bow tie and (later, pulled from a hiding spot in her bosom) 3-D glasses. The Theme played loudly as she came on stage and the hubby suddenly, eagerly materialized in the middle of the party rubbernecking to see what was on the screen. Hahahaha!

The show's theme music could be used like some weird geeky mating call, bringing them out of hiding. ^_^
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Well, my folks who have been living with us for the past month as 'homeless' people while they looked for a house are off in their RV for the week, checking out an area down south of here for potential real estate, one kid is sleeping in and another is off on a youth retreat... the house is blessedly quiet.  I'll miss them, but at the same time it's nice to have a break.

A couple fic recs: I finally had a chance to just sit and read a couple fanfics last night, a luxury I've rarely had of late. We're in a mild 'Rise of the Guardians' phase here, mixed in with the usual fandoms and has some quality reads by psychicsaphie for those so inclined. They run a touch intense, well-written and interesting.  Start off with Snowbird then carry on to The Frost Spirit and the Honey Tree.  If you're brave, go to the still-in-progress The King of Cold Mountain, but be warned it has a nasty foe and serious cliffies.

For my fellow Three fans, PandaInTheStars (starpanda of DbyA) has taken Jon Pertwee's love of playing vampires and crossed it over into his Doctor role - take UNIT and Three and consider how it would happen if he were still an unusual entity holing up and working for them, but for different reasons.  .Blood and Tea is also at  Everyone stays in character and the action/solve-a-mystery plottiness is good fun. She's working on a sequel as well.

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all other obligatory festive greetings, wishes and hopes for the best - just finished taking down my tree and my living room looks so empty without it, always surprising how quickly we adjust to something being 'normal' to have it there.

Germs knocked me out for a couple days, bleahhhh.... but one nice part of it was as I was laying in my bed being miserable my daughter came and propped up her laptop then started a the Big Finish audio in which Six meets Evelyn for the first time and then they go on an adventure involving Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth... So I can FINALLY say I've heard a bit of the Audios, though not nearly enough for my preference as an hour later when she was no longer in the house I made the mistake of hitting the pause button for a moment...and the computer went to its login and I didn't have her password and Six and Evelyn were loooost to meeeeeee.... Hopefully I'll get to hear the rest of it later, now I want to know what happened. I do like Six when he isn't being blindingly rainbow and dogged by a whiny Peri.

Here's to another year, onward into the fray we go!
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With thanks - or blame? - to both [personal profile] lost_spook and [personal profile] john_amend_all - I picked up that 5 fandoms meme today, except I don't seem able to think in 50-word bits just now, so after much pruning I've wrangled each one into a drabble-size instead. Brevity isn't always my strength.

1: Pick five fandoms. List them in alphabetical order. Okie-dokie...

1. All Creatures Great and Small
2. Doctor Who
3. Lord of the Rings
4. The Scarlet Pimpernel
5. Watership Down

2: Visit this site ( to find your first RANDOM POEM OF POWER. Write down the 5th line (yes, even if it's an E.E. Cummings poem and you wind up with an apostrophe). Repeat five times and - you guessed it - list 'em in alphabetical order! (No cheating, mind! This is a challenge and it's always been about creativity.)

3: I think you can see where this is going. Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble
(Pfft! I need more words than that!) for each fandom (try to do it all in one sitting - make your brain explode!), using the line from the poem as a prompt. You don't have to include it in the half-drabble - it's just inspiration.

4: Bravo! Have a cookie.

Well, here's the results! )
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So, over at Death by Aspirin there's been a small challenge to 'time-ify' our cats.

Pi loves being a Time Cat.  She is very patient about how long it takes me to sometimes open the TARDIS door for her, in spite of the pompous reputation. 

Pi the Time Cat

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How did I not know that Patrick Troughton was in All Creatures Great and Small?? 

I've been slowly working my way into the third season of ACGS, doling the eps out to myself as treats to make them last - What an utter delight it was to find the Trout there in Darrowby!  They hid him underneath a cartload of beard and wig, but he was still magnificent, of course.

Yee! It reminded me of the when I watched Meglos (I think it was?) and Jacqueline Hill walked in ("Ahhh! It's Barbara!!!!" *boing boing*), heh.
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For any who may have Who among their interests, [personal profile] evilawyer is hosting a basic Doctor Who friending meme over at [community profile] gallifrey_times - always a good chance to find a few folks who share a love for the Whoniverse.

Come on, don't let me be the only one!
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Ohmigosh, we just discovered Adagio teas - they let people make their own custom blends for other people to purchase and....Cara McGee is a genius.

SHERLOCK is amazing, he's all....ooooh, smoky and intriguing and fascinating and dark and addictive.  Much better fresh and hot than after he's been sitting in the pot for a while, though.  We've ordered Moriarity (Moriaritea?) next, oh yeah...ginger is good. I want to try Watson too.

And the TARDIS blend is jolly good too, with little blue flower flecks and speckles of wood in it so it looks like it really has some TARDIS bits in it.  Tastes kind of like a nice blueberry muffin, if it were a tea.  Kind of fruity, not unlike its inhabitant can be.

Now I want to get them all.

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I just want to leave a little post to tell brand-new DWth user [personal profile] nana3 that I am just over the moon that she took up my invite and used it. She's a dear lady whom I work with at our food cupboard and always enjoy the company of in RL, so it's simply grand she's here and willing to give figuring out what a 'blog' is a try.

Not that the rest of you are chopped liver!

Besides that, it's been a good week - my son dressed up as Three for his school's 'spirit week' in red velvet with ruffles and a sonic, and I'm still overly pleased with that. Ah, how soon little geeks grow up to be big geeks! *is happy*

Edited to add a pic! He said "The guys won't get it, but the girls will love it!" (he has his priorities straight in more than one way, apparently)
That's m'boy )
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Gosh I love Etsy - lookie, lookie!   A TARDIS cincher?  Now I seriously want one of these, with the matching capelet of course.

Vworp out, baby!
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About a year and a half ago I started in on a Threefic for my "Custom Vehicle" series, which itself grew out of a long-ago prompt in someone's list (I now forget who) that said "Three, Delgado!Master, Dragon."

Then life went kablooie for a while and my muse took a long uncharted cruise somewhere with only occasional postcards and floating coconuts from abroad to communicate with me. My poor little half-done tale sat in its binder so long I had to dust it. Repeatedly.

I cannot say how thankful I am to be able to say that writer's blockage has successfully been ploughed aside by a certain little yellow roadster and after a determined bout of typing:
"A Mysterious Customer" (being the 4th and final episode of the Custom Vehicle tales) is complete!

A bit o' beta still needed on the later chapters, but I'll start off a couple earlier ones at Teaspoon tonight because I'm just so darn happy that it's finally, finally done. Gosh it's nice to have an eternally WIP'ed WIP stop WIP-ing.
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I think those who are likely to be most interested have probably found it now, but thought it would behoove me to not leave a link to my first fic of the year, a somewhat bizarre blend of 12 random prompts thanks to dw_straybunnies and [personal profile] lost_spook with her holiday challenge.

All that said... The Giraffe Convolution of Doom is over here at Teaspoon.

6 short chapters of mayhem with Two, Six and Seven with a bit of Four and Eleven plus Frobisher, Evelyn, Ace, Jamie, Sarah Jane, Martha, Rani (SJA) and the Meddling Monk at the London Zoo and Ancient Egypt. Enjoy.
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Once more - the 15 revealed )



Response for lolmac once more )






and finally, responses for kerravonsen )


 Whew! That took a bit of doing, some of those.  Thank you so much to everyone, that was grand fun. :-D


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I may have had to miss Fic Rush (again) but at least I was not entirely without a bit of writing going by.  I had a lot of responses and it took a while to crack some of those literary nuts, but now it's done.  I'll post the results in chunks.

First of all, here's my fifteen:

Fifteen characters tossed in a salad bowl )

And now....




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Happy Geek Day!

My blue "Doctor Hoo" t-shirt with all eleven Doctor Owls on it arrived in the mail just in time for it, I am so happy with it!  My kids keep repeating "I am SOOO JEALOUS!" though, so somehow I doubt I'll be able to keep this adorable shirt all to myself.

Hoo hoo!

What's the geekiest thing you own?  I think my geekiest of geek is still my mane hair from Shadowfax, in a tiny spice bottle with a label.  Ha! It's so stupid and cool at the same time.
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I have concluded it can be monetarily dangerous to clean my family room/library.

There are bookcases there, and one of them is crammed full of Doctor Who tapes. This meant remembering our "Terror of the Zygons" tape didn't work and needed replacing which led to remembering that we were still missing some of Five's episodes which led to hauling all of Fivey's out to put in order and see what's missing which led to spending money frivolously online.

Ended up finding a replacement 'Zygons' (yes, I do realize that's Four, not Five. They DO look a bit different from one another), plus 'The King's Demons' and the dual tape set, 'Awakening' and 'Frontios'. Only two more and we'll have all of Fivey! (Only 'Four to Doomsday' and 'Planet of Fire' left in limbo). In the meantime, I also broke down and got season 1 of All Creatures Great and Small with my Christmas money as well - I predict a Davison-o-rama in the upcoming months. ^_^
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My daughter was playing around with the uber-coolness of my Three-styled toy sonic screwdriver (the cat takes suprisingly well to being sonicked) and had to ponder - "Why don't they make them with something like an end that comes off and inside would be a real screwdriver that you could use to twist things with, you know, so it really does something? I would totally want to make something like that."

"They have a real marketing opportunity there," I noted, "for instance, they could put out the Jackson Lake version of the sonic screwdriver and charge a mint for... a screwdriver."

"I would buy it," she nodded. "That would be so cool."
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*comes up for air after an extended lurk*

Yes, I'm still alive! This is a good thing, I should think. Various events that snowballed on me since this past fall are finally starting to even out - maybe I can write again at last!

In essence, I ended up being the human Point of Stability for more than one close friend as their own lives took concurrent and assorted tumbles. The support, encouragement, teaching, counseling, praying, meeting physical needs and such pretty much completely ate my free time (and sometimes my sleep time) for about...four months now... I am SO happy to have the pressure easing off, and to see them all making strides in their proper directions in life again.


One good side-effect is one friend who ended up living in our guest room for part of that time has begun the Who-Conversion-Process - muwhahahaa! She was briefly introduced to One, Two and Three with the intent of having a complete Doctor Sampler, but became so pleased with our inimitable Ruffled Dandy and UNIT that she hasn't moved on to Four yet. ;-)


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