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My now-grown son has been reluctant to follow through on applying for work and had apparently grown quite comfortable in the nest - too I told him "Congratulations! You graduated!"

Explained that he was graduating from being a child in his parent's home to a paying adult renter. He starts paying rent in June - I cleaned out a kitchen cupboard for his food and a section of the freezer for him and let him know he is on his own. He has access to some staples and spices should he want to bake, etc. - I'm trying to be reasonable. Rent goes up $50 every six months til it hits lower market rate.

Sweetened the deal with letting him know this also means his bedroom furniture transfers to his ownership and that I will no longer comment on the state of his room or the state of his employment (or lack thereof). So far he's taken it fairly well, even when he only had mac-and-cheese available for dinner, and he's started applying for jobs.

Whew! My other two flew out on their own, but sometimes they need a little more encouragement.
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Well, my hubby finally got a job!  Woo! This is the good part.  On the other side of things, it's down in San Diego - and we're not relocating.  This means he heads down there for however long he needs to until we can find something up here in the Northwest again and I hold the fort here - he has an airbnb place lined up for three months and by then maybe we can figure where he will stay and whether to go the condo route or what.  He figures he can get furnishings off craigslist or at thrift shops rather than dragging things down and back up,

Crazy times! 
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My son landed one of those seasonal "drivers helper" jobs at UPS, so this week he's been decked out in brown and riding in the jump seat by an open (brrr!) door as a UPS truck rips along from house to house.  He enjoys it but he allowed himself to be a 'computer potato' this past year and it's catching up with him in spades. On top of it, he landed one of the most hilly neighborhoods in this area three times running.  As he said, "Hell is when you have a heavy package to deliver up an incredibly steep, long, dark driveway - and you are on a timer but your legs are broken."

He limped downstairs with me last night to watch "The Bachelor" - I found it at the library and knowing it to be a modern remake of Buster Keaton's "Seven Chances" wanted to see what they did with it.  Better than I expected, some hat-tips to Keaton's version and quite a good show really, totally worth it just for the shots of a tsunami of brides surging through the streets after one desperate man in a tuxedo.  Turned out to be a chick-flick that a guy with sore legs can apparently enjoy too. 

And here comes Christmas decorating time!  Have fun, everyone.
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Finished re-staining both the back and front decks, including steps and railing.  Added new spiffy no-slip strips to the steps and re-painted the railing so it's a slightly metallic chocolate brown instead of weird faded chipped peach and rust color.  My guess is about 50 years ago when the house was built that railing probably was painted to match the cedar siding but time has not been kind to it.  Much, much nicer now.

Between all that and the new mulch, the place is looking a bit jazzed up, I'm quite pleased.

My son is moving back in tomorrow, looks like he may be able to informally apprentice with our church custodian to learn custodial stuff, then hopefully get his foot in the door with the custodial company he works for before summer is out.  Here's hoping!  He's got to get started somehow and he hasn't had any callbacks on anything legitimate yet.  Not that he's looking forward to helping strip the wax off the gym floor - the current project at hand - but at least he's still game to do what needs doing.
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Well, rather than use up our retirement bucks, I've gone ahead and signed on with a temp agency - though I don't really know if there is much I can do that someone will pay me for. It's my fault for "just" doing charity, child-raising and volunteer work for the past quarter-century. :-P

I'll probably end up with low level clerical, but hey, every dollar I can get is one more than I had before.

Haven't written a resume for decades, it was a challenge to make it look all official with lots of 'skills' and 'experience' instead of employment. Lots of "What year did that happen?" pencil-gnawing. Literally beat my head on my computer desk, much wailing and gnashing of teeth, several cups of hot tea and stress-eating half a pack of digestive biscuits.

Now it flies out into the world to represent me. What a dumb system.
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SO...My hubby leans over the couch where I'm reading a book and says "Just got off the phone. I guess I must now count myself among the unemployed." And then while I'm still digesting this news he runs down the hall shouting "FREEEEDOOOOOMMMM!"


He's been at that company for 22 years and was one of the last two people they had at this location, so he's been a little weary in the saddle but I'm kind of looking around going "batten down the hatches!" and turning off lights, lowering heat, etc. I grew up with little to live on and know all the tricks - he's never been below middle-class. If this drags on a while he may have to learn, but for now let him go bounding across the fields for a bit, he's earned it!
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A lady in my church has a pet-sitting business and has agreed to have me be her backup person when she gets overbooked (yay) - I was trying to think of something I can do that doesn't involve being on my feet 8 hours a day or doing data entry stuff so this could fit the bill. I mean, a dog doesn't really care if you stop to rub your sore feet a few minutes unlike a human manager. ;-)

So I'm getting ready to head out to a day seminar on pet first aid today as part of prepping for that, I figure it will be useful info to have even if the sitting thing doesn't go anywhere, after all, I have pets! And it's free, which is always nice.
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Well, yet another small business near my house is suddenly gone, an ice cream shop that's been there for decades - they must have been done as of the end of September because they were there on the 30th but on the morning of Oct. 1 the shop was vacant - squeezed everything they could out and moved in the night, I guess.  Looked up local news, it said they'd had to close because the minimum wage hike had made it impossible to still keep afloat.  Drat. I used to work in a shop like that and was eyeballing it as one of those I might apply at for part-time work.
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Today is the last day of the Fair at last! Still selling water and soda bottles, seems like it's been a really loooong four days - made liberal use of my peppermint foot lotion these evenings. Temp is "only" in the 90s today, thank God, though my booth has more shade than some of the others so I've done fairly well.

I offer a free bandana-swishing and hat-dipping service to anyone who comes up to my tub of ice water, and throw cups of ice water on people on request. ^_^

There's a guy there who breeds and sells sugar-gliders and he let me hold one when he was going by, they all sleep in the pockets of his shirt and cargo pants, she was adorable, soft and so light - And he had an 8-week old baby in his shirt pocket he let me see, adorability overload!

Fair Time

Jul. 31st, 2015 09:34 am
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Working the Fair this weekend, and it's blinkin' HOT - just figures... we run the beverage booths as our main fundraiser for the church's preschool each year and it's quite a job.

Worked yesterday til 10:30pm, going out again shortly, sore feet, way too hot out there - I just kept dipping my hat straight into the ice water tubs and sticking it back on my head, letting the water and ice cubes drop over me, seemed to work pretty well. We're shorthanded so I'm having to work the booth right in the middle of the food court by myself, hardly time to sit down. Our guy driving the little truck that delivers more soda and fresh ice to the booths couldn't keep up either, I completely ran out of water bottles for quite some time - of course, it being 104 out there didn't help, and everyone just wanted to buy water instead of soda. Every time I dig around the tub of ice and ice-water for any that might have sunk to the bottom my entire arm goes numb.

I'm right across from a bright red food vendor's place that says "THE DOG HOUSE" painted across a giant wooden weiner-dog... some folks went by with the biggest corn-dogs I've ever seen in my life, maybe they came from there. Ha!

My 3 kids are working as table-washers, trying to keep the eating areas up to snuff, unfortunately they're the ONLY table-washers for the entire fair - they were moving pretty slow by the evening, oy, I could see them plodding by with their squirt bottles and rags from time to time.

Going a little earlier today as I had no chance to look around the fair yesterday, just straight to my booth until closing. I passed a tent with a reptile show in it on the way, bet the reptiles are loving this heat.

Stay cool, everyone!
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I'm sitting here, pulling on my socks and listening to my daughter scrambling around to get ready to go to school and it occurs to me that I've been getting ready to go to school, my own or someone else's, for most of my life. 

In fact, our entire society is chock full of people of all ages whose lives are ruled by the school system's hours and we all orbit around their holidays.  Whether or not there is school and when is HUGE.  It affects families, work policies, store hours, national holidays.  Even people without kids plan their events and vacations around when school is in or out. The real estate market goes up and down around summer school vacation.  Add school events and sports and it rules the country.

I hope to be free of that tyranny of having to get up and go to a school later this year, part of why I turned down an opportunity to still work at the school library even after mine were graduated.  Dearly hope I can find a job that starts late enough I can have some mornings, lest I trade one tyranny for another and merely wish for quiet mornings until the day I die.
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I seem to be shifting gears somewhat, guess it's time to learn how to be older or something.  I have a few white hairs - this is still quite alien to me, that they've shown up amid my normally dark-blonde hair, very silver-white and kind of wavy so I guess by the time I completely run out of pigmentation I'll have this crazy poof of white.  I kind of like that, but it's still novel enough I stare at them when they are shed (Wait, that came from my head? But it's white!). 

Also shifting in responsibilities in church, having gone from young believer (pew sitter/consumer of activities) to middle (helps with activities/provides stuff) to middlin' older (in charge of some stuff / teaching / deciding).  Now I've just taken on a Deaconess position, which is kind of like an Elder-in-Training.  I'm used to watching this kind of person take care of stuff and coming alongside them when they needed extra help, now it's me.  I just hope I don't have too many rounds of "Boy, that person really needs someone to pray with them, why isn't anyone doing that? Oh wait, it's me!"  Heh. 

New seasons, new ways of Being in the World. So far so good.
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I don't do New Years resolutions, but as I look ahead to the last kid to graduate reaching that goal in June I realize it's time to shift gears more thoroughly to a Grown Up household instead of a Kid household - whatever that means.  Frankly, the "empty nest" sounds pretty good some days, though I love my kids, and I sincerely hope they can each find their feet well enough to get their own homes before too long.  Besides, my house is FULL of extra furniture and stuff they've stashed away for their "own apartment someday."  

For a baby step into this next season, I'm thinking I'll be winding down my Etsy shop and looking into getting a part time 'real' job this next fall - I love Etsy, but it isn't remotely enough to make a dent in our mortgage and I would very much like to work on getting that paid down.  We'll see what happens, I'm not particularly marketable but there may be something that comes to hand.
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Well, it's been over 3 years now since I started my little Etsy vintage shop, The Amiable Leaf - it had a slow start, but seems to have found an ambling pace that I can manage well enough and I enjoy it.  Lately, though, I've been looking at the backlog of stuff waiting for me to get it written up, measured, photographed, listed, etc. and realizing that this is most of what I do when I have computer time anymore - Etsy or the church newletter or library work or some other 'serious' project.  Not writing, or playing around with icons or reading fanfic or even recording for Librivox.  Somewhere along the way, the balance of hours involved in my side business has gradually taken over much of my 'play time'. 

Not that it's bad, per se, it's always interesting to me and goodness knows the dribs and drabs of money are useful, we're still supporting 1 kid in college and 2 in private high schools, after all - but I think I'm in need of pushing back a bit.

Ah, the age-old balancing act of work and pleasure, it never goes away does it?  Don't want to wait too long and go falling off the tightrope. How's your balancing act going?  Are you keeping the Big W word balanced with sanity-protecting fun stuff?


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