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I love all the way Christmas lets me release my inner magpie as it suddenly becomes socially acceptable to SHINY SHINY everything.   My tree is decked out with lots of white, gold and silver this year and got a new package of white tinsel to go with the lights around the windows instead of the same old tinsel I recycle again and again.  It's really quite lovely, like when multi-colored lights outside are buried in just a bit of snow so the colors shine through the white.

What colors did you end up with on your tree this year?  I know some folks like the tradition of the same decor each year, I like to mix it up.
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My son landed one of those seasonal "drivers helper" jobs at UPS, so this week he's been decked out in brown and riding in the jump seat by an open (brrr!) door as a UPS truck rips along from house to house.  He enjoys it but he allowed himself to be a 'computer potato' this past year and it's catching up with him in spades. On top of it, he landed one of the most hilly neighborhoods in this area three times running.  As he said, "Hell is when you have a heavy package to deliver up an incredibly steep, long, dark driveway - and you are on a timer but your legs are broken."

He limped downstairs with me last night to watch "The Bachelor" - I found it at the library and knowing it to be a modern remake of Buster Keaton's "Seven Chances" wanted to see what they did with it.  Better than I expected, some hat-tips to Keaton's version and quite a good show really, totally worth it just for the shots of a tsunami of brides surging through the streets after one desperate man in a tuxedo.  Turned out to be a chick-flick that a guy with sore legs can apparently enjoy too. 

And here comes Christmas decorating time!  Have fun, everyone.
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One of the many valuable lessons my mother passed on to me was "Be nice to yourself.  You can't expect other people to read your mind and then feel all neglected because you didn't get what you wanted."

There's really no reason to sit around wishing you had The Thing and bemoaning that your life doesn't have that Perfect Person in it who can "prove their love" by somehow magically reading your mind.  Be nice to yourself.  No one knows exactly what you really want but you.  Go get The Thing and wrap it up, if you like, so you can open a present that is exactly what catches your fancy and warms your heart.  You're worth it.
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And there there's that thing where you are so relieved and proud of yourself that you got ALL of your Christmas cards done in a mostly-timely manner and one arrives in the mailbox from a friend you completely forgot about when doing your cards.

Well, crumbmuffins - I had just the right number of cards and now I need to find ONE more.
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It's definitely "that season" again - coming from a Christmas party that had rockin' gingerbread cake with spiced whipped topping and cream-cheese-and-nutmeg stuffed dates to holiday events with everything from brandy beans to peppermint cookies going by it's hard to know what comes next.

We have our church Christmas event this coming Sunday, so I'm busy making marshmallow popcorn balls and green tree-shaped spritz for that, at the rate we're going I may not even need to make any Christmas cookies this time around as we'll already be full up on enough goodies to cause us to all roll out the door like that girl that turned into a blueberry in the Willy Wonka thing... but y'know... there's still those soft sugar cookies with lemon in them... and the peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate....and that amazing fruitcake with all the wine in it....

What are you making this year? Any extra good things orbiting past you?
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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all other obligatory festive greetings, wishes and hopes for the best - just finished taking down my tree and my living room looks so empty without it, always surprising how quickly we adjust to something being 'normal' to have it there.

Germs knocked me out for a couple days, bleahhhh.... but one nice part of it was as I was laying in my bed being miserable my daughter came and propped up her laptop then started a the Big Finish audio in which Six meets Evelyn for the first time and then they go on an adventure involving Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth... So I can FINALLY say I've heard a bit of the Audios, though not nearly enough for my preference as an hour later when she was no longer in the house I made the mistake of hitting the pause button for a moment...and the computer went to its login and I didn't have her password and Six and Evelyn were loooost to meeeeeee.... Hopefully I'll get to hear the rest of it later, now I want to know what happened. I do like Six when he isn't being blindingly rainbow and dogged by a whiny Peri.

Here's to another year, onward into the fray we go!
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Merry Christmas to everyone - hope all is well in your assorted households, palaces, balloons, hovels and floating shrimp boats...or wherever is currently 'home'.

Y'know, when we got this house I was blown away at the thought of having an extra room (think about it - EXTRA room. An extra one. Like, a whole room that is extra!) It quickly became half storage, half guest room and has seen pretty constant use. Friends, travelers, relatives, strangers, all kinds of people have been in there. More than one has lived there for an extended time.

So speaking of extended times - My folks sold their house and therefore had to move into their 5th-wheel. Technically. Actually, my mom would completely lose her mind living in a tiny 5th-wheel, so they're in our 'extra' guest room. How long? Who can say? Until they find a property they like well enough to buy. And they have a weiner-dog (our cat has mixed feelings on this part). Good thing we get along pretty well. Full house!

Time to go watch a Christmas show - maybe 'Shop Around the Corner,' I love Jimmy Stewart.
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I'm up late (for me) waiting for my crockpot to finish cooking the lentil-sweet-potato-coconut-curry I'm making for tomorrow's potluck.  The problem with sitting up late is I often end up wanting to buy things. 

Actually, I've gotten to where I shop Etsy first anymore, I love being able to support all these nice people who make all these nice things!  Like my somewhat-local Heavenly Honey Farm, - yummers... I tried their honey lip balm and honey eye cream and now find myself abandoning my former loyalty to the mass-marketed 'Burts Bees' with scarcely a backwards glance.  Sorry, Burt!  You've been one-upped.  I went back to Heavenly today and ordered a couple of their 'pillows' of lip balms to give to our church and preschool staff for Christmas this year, yay for having that taken care of.

Now I want beeswax candles too.  Haven't splurged on one of those for a long time. Hm!

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Just a note to all the LJ folks who for reasons I cannot comprehend haven't backed up their journals to Dreamwidth yet - this week Dwth is having an open house of sorts where you don't need an invite code to set up a journal there. Go! Do! I don't think you'll regret it. Really.

I have a huge bowl of pfeffernusse dough in my fridge to bake, then I'm hauling out the bread machine to assemble amaretto bread wreaths for the neighbors in lieu of plates of cookies this year - May your day likewise be fragrant and peaceful with regular incidents of tastiness.
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Gosh I love them.

Starflower and I made a batch of popcorn balls this evening, the easy peasy kind where you zap marshmallows, butter and vanilla in a bowl in the microwave then stir in gobs of plain popcorn.  We sprinkled some with little festive candy bits and then put each in a sandwich baggie tied with a bit of curly ribbon.  They look so cheery stuffed into the crevices on the tree.  I love an edible Christmas tree I can graze from.  One year we made sugar cookies with holes in them and strung them up with ribbon, but they didn't last long enough to be worth the effort and broke easily - maybe I'll try again with gingerbread, as it is sturdier and fewer people in the house like it.

It occurred to me that popcorn balls are a nice cheap treat too - if pennies are tight and we can't afford the nuts and liquor and other goods for fancy schmancy holiday tastiness, this is a fine one to keep on hand.

Next up is pfefferneuse - oh yeahhhhh....
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I mused aloud to my family as to whether we ought to get a real tree this year or whether we should pull out the fake one we have, as I love real ones but they are a bit of a pain to fetch home, trim and then water every day. 
Their response? *shrug*
"Don't you have an opinion about Christmas trees? Any preference at all?"
No, they didn't.  None of them cared.  I already knew none of them seemed too interested in decorating the tree, I usually had to bribe / wheedle help, but to find they didn't care if we had one?  I was a bit surprised and even in denial about it.

This afternoon I asked a few questions of 'they guys'... they don't care about gingerbread or want it, they don't care about popcorn balls or have any interest in decorating.  My hubby still likes twinkle lights at least, but apparently more because the neighbors see them than for us. Still need to interview the daughter to see if I have anyone who will share Christmas with me in my own house, she's been generous in allowing me to steer her into threading popcorn as we watch a holiday show in the past, for instance, but now I wonder if she even likes it.  Or are they all just humouring me?

I'm a bit taken aback at the moment, will need to process this.  How much of my Christmas activity is just, it seems, for me only rather than (as I imagined) shared positive times -  And if so, how much of it will I still pursue?  I'll have to ponder.
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Wishing all of you out there in Blogland a lovely, peaceful and sweet Christmas, may each of you find at least a little bit of something that touches your hearts and lifts your spirits.

*pops cork on raspberry sparkling cider* To the internets!

Enjoying rose-flavoured turkish delight, gingerbread tea and peppermint cookies, surely this is a Good Thing, especially when shared with my darlings. ^_^ Welcome to DWth, my Everloyal!
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I wish I had this guy's brain.

This totally deserves to be a holiday tradition. I'll watch it every year.
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Our women's group at church had their Christmas wing-ding and as it had an international theme I figured this was a good excuse to make a big batch of pfeffernusse, one of those wonderfully fragrant things that I adore and other people sometimes won't even eat.  Found a faboo recipe at allrecipes, liked the anise extract to tone down the anise slightly, had to crush whole cardamom with my pestle because I didn't have any ground (that took a while) and increased the black pepper to 1 1/2 t., added some buckwheat honey with the clover in the molasses and wow - these about make my eyes roll up in my head, mmmmmm.  They're heaven just sniffing them. Thanks to the strange aversion on the part of others, I even had a goodly lot left over to nibble/snarf at home too.

Life is uber-crazy, rather weird, both very good in some ways and quite stressful in others, very mixed right now - I'm grateful for the holidays and cookies and sparkly decorations, they are a welcome distraction and lift the spirits. 

Now - all of you go bake something super-tasty, but be sure the people around you don't want it so there's plenty left for you. ;-)
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I'm so glad to see the holidays seem to be going mostly-pretty-much well for the folks who have popped in to LJ, may you all have a bit of something that warms your heart this day.

We had a sleepy-slow morning, laying out the pretty tablecloths, baking a pecan coffeecake and omelets, eggnog and tea on the side - I like to keep Christmas as simple as I can, who wants to spend a holiday in the kitchen? Everyone seemed to love the stuff in the stockings and under the tree ("This is all from the bins??" was asked unbelievingly more than once - I did all my shopping at the Goodwill distribution center this year - .89 a pound for whatever you can find... good stuff in there if you dig!)

Now it's a nice peaceful interlude where everyone is enjoying something new or nibbling at treats. Bing Crosby is crooning in the background and the Invasion of the Non-Geeky In-Laws won't happen for a couple more hours. Aaaaaaah.

What does your family have for a 'traditional Christmas morning' breakfast/brunch? We used to do waffles, but it seemed too much of a bother this time.
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One of the nicest things about December is it usually brings with it little shining Christmas stories, snippets with sprinkles and warm tales all fragrant with spices.

Here's my own offering for this year, Wishing on a Peppermint Star - a warm cocoa cup of Three and Jo, stirred with a candy cane and topped with a small dollop of fluff. Enjoy.

If you've written one for this year or another that you think we'd enjoy, do post a link!
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I found a wonderful old Edgar Guest poetry collection in the Good Will bins, of all places - it was published in 1928 and appears to have been well-loved. Thought I would post here one of the poems in it that sums up much of my own view on life and what it brings you...

Like Calls to Like )

Merry almost-Christmas! Now we're off to cut paper snowflakes and thread popcorn. :-)
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I don't quite know how it happened, but it's Christmas Eve already - I woke up and checked my emails to find a handful of birthday greetings, so very sweet, especially as I had rather forgotten it was my birthday, heh. I'm waiting to hear from Frodowannabe, who is in town and will be coming to visit me later today (yay!)- inspired me to go unpack my weta figures, to make the room properly Ringish in her honor. Such fun, to get to meet another Ringer for the first time again.

Wish *all* of you could be here, that we could all just... *be* together for a bit. Have a lovely day, and an even more lovely Christmas tomorrow, and all you storm-birds, keep warm, yes? ((((f-list))))


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