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Where yesterday was spent in a never-ending cycle of battling the incoming rainwater, today was a never-ending packing, hauling and moving furniture to pull up the carpet.  36 u-haul boxes of books later we wrangled the bookcases into the garage and then started in on furnishings.  More to do tomorrow.  Every muscle in my body aches and I had to crawl up the stairs to go to bed, this is ridiculous. 

Wherever I go in the future, I hope it will NOT have a basement.  Or be by a river.  Or under a waterfall.  Or in a fishbowl.
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AAAAAAaaaaa!  My library got the dvd of Enemy of the World - I've just seen it all the way through (twice!) and it's...

;lsakejfd;lsjf;lsajflsjfdalkjf;ls!   !!!  !   :-D   Yippie!  Woo! Jamie is made of awesome!  Two is made of Extreme Awesomesauce even as a bad guy!  Waaaawoooo yip yip!  Victoria is adorbs!  Yoicks! Wooooo!

Or something like that.

I want to purchase a copy now, this is just lovely stuff.  We expect an ice storm tomorrow, so I may just curl up with it for one more go before I have to give it back.
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Hmm - combo of hubby out of work and kids all prepping to get on their own, kind of feels like a transition in the making. I can feel my deeper roots pulling up, the edges of my routine becoming just a wee, teensy bit blurry. We'd thought of downsizing our home in about five years, perhaps it will simply be moved up the timeline a bit.

Started fixing up my church library to slowly get it up to snuff for eventual handoff, also re-painting the church parking lot for maybe my last time as I only re-do it every 3-4 years.

Having a garage sale in July too, which is a good start in that whole process. Sort of like drawing a comb over my household to get out the tangles, amazing the things I have and don't need anymore (or never really needed in the first place). I'll probably be maundering about that here from time to time over the next couple years. If I must move, a slow and gentle drifting from the dock and an amble down the river is always preferred to a tsunami.
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I noticed a news article about a 'library' in New York that was entirely bookless - they just had displays of e-books and allowed checkout of readers loaded with five books apiece.  They were touting it as The Future, naturally.  Like The Future is always supposed to be a *good* thing, and we should all accept it will inevitably come.  Implication being that if we don't accept The Future we are backwards, knuckle-dragging 8-track listeners who still think digital watches are a pretty cool thing.

As for me, I see a phrase like "bookless library" and my entire inner being goes "Nope nope nope nope nope nope. Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen."

Too many strikes against the e-readers - like not being able to read with half of one eye open and the rest of your face buried in a pillow.  And your brain processes the information on a lit screen differently than when it is on a printed page.  Buying them for .25 at a garage sale. Reading an obscure story from the early 1900s that can't be found any other way. And then there's batteries (or lack thereof).  And the scent and feel of books.  And. And. And.

*hugs (paper) book*  Nope nope nope.
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I'm gradually working my way through a stack of history textbooks for my daughter's high school, trying to help them eke out another year or two of use and abuse by students before they fall apart, they're so expensive to replace and it's a private school so every penny counts.  Nice to have my somewhat obscure super-power of repairing books come in handy from time to time, though I can't do fancy stuff like complete rebinding or restitching, sadly - wish I had the tools for that, this is more like Book Glue, Tape and Contact Paper 101 with occasional bouts of scissor work and forcing books into rube goldberg contraptions I've positioned with fat rubber bands and bricks to keep them in their girdle until the glue dries their girlish figure back where it belongs.

*snip, tape, fold*

Nice thing is this counts toward my volunteer hours for this year.  What do you do for volunteer work?  Do you have schools or organizations that require some of you?
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As of today, I have finally finished getting 1300 of my surviving library titles onto LibraryThing - all I have left is one bag full of new stuff to enter, some tweaking to do and a fat handful of dvds then I can get to work on the Other Things like shelf labels and finding a suitable new book return bin. The pastor wanted the new church library up and running in time for our open house in Sept. and here it is not even quite August! *pats self on back*

Gads, this has completely eaten my summer. Was supposed to have a book review written up for a meeting today and I'm just...not. I'm taking a huge vase full of flowers I cut from my yard this morning, however, which should provide sufficient positive distraction that I don't feel guilty. (Sorry, I didn't get that review done - here, smell these roses! Aren't they pretty?)

Gone to the beach this next week (yaaaaay), then I intend to start at least putting in some serious Lurk Hours to catch up on my dear flister's bloggy lives, I've missed you!
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As a part of rebuilding and giving my church library a new life, I would love to have a short list of really good books to add gradually over the remainder of this year, though I haven't any budget I'm always an optimist. ;-)

While I have some favorites myself, what I really want is *other* people's favorites (fiction or non-fiction).  SO - My dear flisters who are *also* either Christian or have encountered an exceptional title that had a Christian message or focus, go ahead and let me know what they may be -  especially if they are newer works as the last time we really had nice, new titles added was over a decade ago, though timeless classics are also boffo as they never get out of date.  We're non-denominational and I keep a variety of doctrinal views available.

Rec, rec away!
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Hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend is a good one - cold and wet here (what else? Someone apparently forgot to pay the Sunshine bill this spring). 

Watching over the very last of my grade-school library being boxed up, found three schools that were happy to give them a good home - doing better with it as time passes, stiff upper lip and all that, and I've made some progress in sorting things out with the tiny number of people who have expressed the opinion that churches no longer NEED libraries anyway, as "everyone just looks things up online nowdays".   (To a librarian, them's fightin' woids...)

I'm hoping to have the new church library up and running by September.

It was about this point that a Bright rainbow of Library Happiness came in -

BookishSquee!  Oh bless the fellow who came up with this - I am so incredibly tickled with it!  Got a lifetime account set up for my church, and one for me as well, added a random handful of books I had near my computer to give it a test drive and am SO pleased with the layout and ease of use and... everything! I love how you can even note what you are currently reading and find others reading the same book and talk about it to make a book discussion group. Coolness and delight! 

I can even use the direct link to the collection on our church website to direct people to it and they won't need a password or anything to browse from wherever they are. *boing*
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The meetings are over - my library is being split into two like an amoeba, with the preschool library downstairs and the adult/teen interest and church reference library upstairs - the room upstairs is a classroom that I can only have two walls of.  At least it's something, rather than having it entirely axed.  I only have two weeks until they start coming in to move walls and re-do electrical work for the food cupboard's freezers.

I'm wiped.  Taking a break from packing books and such - I've found two private schools who will be taking the lion's share of the fiction I have.... I've managed to spare one bookcase's worth of fiction for kids and adults, the rest is being boxed to go away next week.  Still don't know what to do about the nonfiction, so I'm throwing myself into what I *can* do for now.

My big READ poster with Yo Yo Ma holding "Goodnight Moon" is going to the music department of a college - nice to find that a good home, it was one of my favorites.  I said goodbye to my collection of soft stuffies for the kids to cuddle while they were read to as well, the beanbag chairs are going to the children's ministry.... etc.

Was doing pretty well until about halfway through, clutching an armload of "Hardy Boys" when I suddenly just burst into tears and had to go regain composure.  I'm not particularly concerned with the Hardy Boys, so the timing kind of made me laugh at it after.  It also helps, in a weird way, to know there are other people out there who are dealing with things far worse than just having to give up books... I'm trying to keep this in perspective.

Off to measure the classroom to see what I can do with it.
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It's been a hard year for a lot of people and our church hasn't been exempt - one of the things going on at this point is we found out the old grade school people, who already caused us so much misery in the past that ended in our abrupt and traumatic closure of the school, have come back to haunt us. Turns out they never completed the permits for their two classroom modulars.

Now the county refuses to let us keep the modulars unless we pay a stunning $90,000 and "bring them up to code" and dig a drainage pond. This is a number so far into the stratosphere for our little congregation that it's simply impossible - especially as we've been scraping to just try replacing our aging furnace this year (it was used back when it was 1967...).  We're now looking for someone who will take the modulars off our hands for free if they will do the work to move them because we can't even afford to move them.

Because of this, our very active Food Cupboard that feeds so many people in this community that was filling those modulars has to move into the main building. And the only suitable room for it is... my library.

So I'm bracing myself to lose most of the library that I spent the past 15 years building and maintaining.

I expect we'll keep the preschool books by making a little 'preschool' library among the preschool classrooms, and I think I can keep the adult/reference stuff in a room that has built in bookshelves that aren't being used. The rest....well, I just have to keep repeating to myself that feeding people is more important than books that are, truthfully, only occasionally being read. It's important. I admit I'm still somewhat in shock, but I'm trying to roll with the punches.  Though yes, this really hurts.

No matter what, we have a heck of a job ahead this summer, as neither books nor refrigerators nor bookcases nor cases of applesauce are lightweight objects and we've a limited number of people with strong backs.  The county is only giving us until July.   :-(
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I was grocery shopping and ran into a lady we used to go to church with/visit/etc. about ten years back but haven't seen much since - don't you hate it when you get that "So, what are you up to? What do you do?" question?

At least I do. I am abruptly and painfully aware of my lack of Social Occupation Status.

I am currently in the unusual situation (for this day and age) of being what might be termed a 'housewife'... This means I run around trying to keep up with caring for our property and taking care of my family, force my kids to do their homework, do the paperwork, sell random stuff online on the side, write stories the Typical Person I Know can't relate to, sing, volunteer in assorted places that don't pay me and keep up my reduced library duties at our church/preschool. All of which notably do not generate titles or money.

She tells me perkily about how she goes into jails as a chaplain and plays the piano for a local Iranian church while also working. You know - like REALLY working... I mean, the kind someone gives you money for and that you can't beg off from if you're having a bad day.

I say "Er...I, um... I write...(mumble)..."

"Are you still working in that library?"

"Uh, well, yes, though it's smaller now...I take care of my yard..."

"Oh - do you put up any produce from it?"

(relieved) "Yes! Yes I do, I just did applesauce and jam. And we have a ton of grape juice steamed out for the freezer." She nods approvingly. (whew! saved by my fruit! I am a Productive Human Being after all!! Proof I do not just sit around doodling drabbles and picking lint off of socks!)

On the up side, she REALLY wanted some of my grape juice and will be coming by to fetch some from my overfull supply, and she is a nice person, so aside from all that it was a good chance meeting, and I'm less awkward when I can *show* them something instead of trying to describe it.
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Hey all you librarian types out there (and you know who you are - ha!) Take your nose out of that book just for a moment and tell me if you've heard of any kind of software for *small* libraries with limited budgets - my antiquated Auto-Librarian (ick) is horrid and as I am going to be getting both a better computer (and internet, woot!) I am shopping around for something better, especially as I'm going to be setting up a small library for yet another church/school this year.

Danke! Mucho!


Oct. 20th, 2006 04:24 pm
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I seem to be running out of energy and vim before my bookfair it quite over... I still have today to do, but I find myself delaying going out the door to the school and dinking around on the computer for a minute instead. Must be theraputic.

I'm going to do something frivolous - that's about where I am this morning. ;-) I found this over on Rosiegardener's LJ -

Write a journal entry for this meme with six random facts about yourself.
Then pick six of your friends list and tag them - no tag backs.
These rules should be included in your entry.

1. I ripped up a rose plant this week and cackled with glee as I shoved it's spiky, unflowering carcass in the bin.
2. Puzzles frustrate me - just give me the blinkin' answer!
3. I am still learning to play the autoharp, though not well enough to play for others yet.
4. I dislike hanging up pictures of people because it always seems they are looking at me.
5. If I stare very hard I can wiggle my eyes and make the whole room look like a blur.
6. I love bubble-tea.

No tags... but if you want to be frivolous also you are most welcome to.
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Gracious, it has been a while hasn't it? Thank you dear Kimby for the nudge... I've been up to my ears in work, I'm busy running a bookfair this week (with a Robin Hood theme - for which I sewed mountains of felt hats for the kids) and both of my daughters have birthdays within a week and a half... Tea party successfully pulled off, relatives visiting likewise conquered, house is a mess but the kids are starting to catch up on their homework backlog from our vacation... 100 crocus bulbs got planted before the rain hit, but only half the snowdrops and none of the tulips (mud time ahead for me!). I'm weeding 'deadwood' out of a half-defunct church library for another church, trying to update my own church's library, a school auction is looming on the horizon and I am attempting to duck out of it. There's more too, but I won't carry on - suffice it to say I am lucky to get over to LJ every other day now and when I do I usually only have time to scan over what everyone else has been up to. Argh!
(I'm using that time to type this time, so if you did something way cool I'll have to find out about it later - sorry) If I have snatches of time, I use them for the Fellowship board as I have to make it my priority there.

Feeling very left out and rather forgotten at times, but I know it is an illusion - you are all always in my thoughts, even those I have not seen for a long time come to mind at times, like the earthquake in Hawaii making me wonder about Jatamansi, Leggy Pants, Old Toby and Misty Mountain Hopper. How much more those of you whose lives I still have the privelege of sharing in this small, silent way?

Thank you, anyone who is still there - and yes, I am too!
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I am completely humbled and flabbergasted by the generosity of our dear ((((SirAda/Onono/ Onomir))))... He and his stalwart brother and others he has gathered are taking a precious Saturday morning in summer and coming out to my town just to help me move books and bookcases as I relocate my library - there was no way I could move many of these things by myself, and I am incredibly grateful. Wow.
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Why oh why oh why are books so blessed HEAVY?

My library is moving to a bigger room just down the hall and I am so very pleased, more light, more space, a place for the little ones to have storytime - yay!

But oh golly what a lot of books and bookcases I have to move in the next month before school starts. Heaps and heaps.

Anyone have some muscle to spare?
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Long ago I found a gumball machine at a garage sale from a fellow who had tired of refilling it at his business. It's paid for itself and raised money for my library ever since, repainted to not look so utilitarian in the school hallway, a good and faithful companion to the coat-racks. Early last week I found it broken, much to my surprise - a huge crack in the front of the acrylic 'bubble' that holds the candy. These things take serious force to break, someone must have picked up the whole thing, iron stand and all and smacked it into something to do this. Weirdly enough, none of the candy or money was gone, so we figured it wasn't vandalism so much as a prank gone wrong by someone in the youth group or something...

I ordered a new bubble for it, and screwed it in place. No big deal. Filled it back up with candy - Skittles this time...lots of them. When full, this thing holds about 15 lbs, I dumped in about 7 lbs. School was ending and I was in a hurry. I turned away for about five minutes to lock the library door and came back to find someone had decided to open the little door, to fish around for anything loose as kids are wont to do. But instead of a loose piece or two, it was a fountain! The entire contents of that machine were trying to just pour out the little door, like a bezerk jackpot of candy in the hall! Kids getting ready to leave school were electrified, magnetized and instantly drawn to the magical outpouring of sugar and the shrieks of excitement were bouncing off the walls! ACK! All my candy, all my expensive candy pouring out where the locusts were eating it!

I 'stoppered' the flow and stood guard over my faulty machine while helpful moms scrambled around on the floor, some tossing the candy into the trashbin, others figuring the 'five-second rule' on germs and letting their kids eat what they had managed to get. What a scene... bright bits of sugar everywhere, everyone talking at once, the office ladies teasing me about it from down the hall...

Emptied it back out, took it home and found the fault in the alignment of the various parts and a gasket. Brought it back again and put it in place...and didn't have the lock that fits in the top. Still can't find it. What a comedy of errors this is turning into. :-P Skittles, anyone? I have a mixing bowl full of them - and some were from the floor, many have been handled by children and moms. Bleah.
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I really don't know quite what to do - I feel like I know all of you so much better because of your LJ entires, but then I'm always lurking instead of posting myself which feels a tad unfair. And yet I have a hard enough time keeping up with what I need to care for online that I also find I have little time to just 'play and socialize, or write. :-/ My own fault, but it's hard to choose what to bow out of, what to fade out of and what to just take the time to maintain, it's all of value to me. How does one discard diamonds in favor of emeralds?

All that aside, I laugh at my resolve in December that I would begin posting more regularly here and renew that resolve anyway. The holidays are past, and I finally found the photo lithium batteries I needed to make my Master Replicas Sting glow all blue and hum... waaaay cool! It's even cooler than I thought it would be. I just kept wandering around my house with this blue, humming sword in my hand, I didn't want to put it down! I've mounted it on the wall in my library now, with my Weta figures, a sort of little LOTR shrine, LOL.

"My library" - I still can't get over that I have one. This house is so big I wonder that I am living here! We've ordered not one, not two, but THREE new bookcases for the library, and I know I have enough overflow books to fill one of them. The others are for growing room, and to be able to spread out my collection with little objects d' art (or strange whatnot I find here and there) in between, a luxury I've never had.

Someday my kids will be grown, and my body will protest when I go up and down the stairs, and I will look out over this fabulous yard and groan about caring for it BUT Not This Day! This is the season to stretch out a little, to be able to be hospitable, to stash away a few memories for those older days.

I can't wait to see what pops out of the ground in the Spring - I have no idea what there might be. We had a snippet of sunshine yesterday and I trimmed back half the grape arbor, it was so peaceful, and checked to see if the weird sproingy corkscrew grass I found at a nursery in the fall is still alive. So far so good! I need to learn how to use my greenhouse too...always admired them, but never had one to play with.
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A little while ago I asked on the boards if anyone would like to send me a postcard from wherever they are, to help with the decorating of my 'travel' themed bookfair I have to put together mid-October - what a response, and what a blessing it has turned out to be! I've so enjoyed every one of them, and so many have come in, I am humbled by the generosity. Especially of LuLu, in Hong Kong - she sent me several homemade postcards with pictures she had taken on her travels in Egypt and Japan, plus a package of vintage, humorous ones for Hong Kong - I am sure it must have cost her a bit to mail them too. I even had Brave Hobbit in Maine send me a lamintaed world map, so I can attach bits of yarn and show where some of the cards came from.

I am excited instead of dreading the bookfair, which is rather new for me. It's the single largest event I pull off for the schoolyear, and maxes out my required school volunteer hours for the year. Another thing I really appreciate about it is the way it will make all of my 'fan community' real to my coworkers, and the parents. I've had many comments (kindly said) kidding me about my online group - and now the one teacher I mentioned this was happening to went all wide-eyed and thought it was totally cool.

This is a good thing! It started off as just a 'what in the world am I going to use for a theme?" and has turned into such a shower of blessing - It makes me want to sent postcards to other people, just to share it. :-)
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For those who don't already know it, I work as the librarian for a private elementary/middle school - and anyone who works around a library will know that the work never stops, there's always something that needs repair, replacement, relocating, etc.

I had stocked up a nice batch of books to process as additions to the shelves and figured on some rearranging and such over the summer when there weren't any students and teachers doing the check-in-check-out thing, you know... when I'd have lots of time (ha!) but someone tried to break in to our library in the beginning of June. This unknown individual was apparently deranged, because there's nothing of value to the typical burglar in there - I mean, my typewriter and lamp are from a garage-sale, for pity's computers are oooold. I am quite attached to my books, but let's face it, none of them are rare collectibles. BUT they tried anyway, and while they did not succeed they did manage to mangle the knob.

So the facilities fix-it guy took the bad knob off, leaving the door unopenable. For three months.

A couple weeks ago I appealed to the principal in desperation when I checked yet again and found it still shut fast. She said "Oh yeah!" and got ahold of one of the fix-it guys. "Oh yeah!" he said, "We'll have to get that fixed." "Oh yeah!" she replied, "Seeing as school starts like, next week!"

SO I finally recieved a shiny new key into my hands, after doing a little jig in the hall when I came around the corner and saw a *KNOB*! it may not match all the other nice knobs in the hallway but IT OPENS. *crack* (it stuck shut!) *creeeeak* Like opening a time capsule from the previous school year, which seems very long ago right now.

Strange to look at the things I had laid out on the desk to do the next day... in June... and undisturbed. Nothing stays undisturbed at my house, so it was an odd feeling. So far all I've managed to do is remove a summer's worth of dust from everything, but I have hopes of getting it ready - we have more students than ever this time around. And you know, it's nice to be 'home' again.


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