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I just want to leave a little post to tell brand-new DWth user [personal profile] nana3 that I am just over the moon that she took up my invite and used it. She's a dear lady whom I work with at our food cupboard and always enjoy the company of in RL, so it's simply grand she's here and willing to give figuring out what a 'blog' is a try.

Not that the rest of you are chopped liver!

Besides that, it's been a good week - my son dressed up as Three for his school's 'spirit week' in red velvet with ruffles and a sonic, and I'm still overly pleased with that. Ah, how soon little geeks grow up to be big geeks! *is happy*

Edited to add a pic! He said "The guys won't get it, but the girls will love it!" (he has his priorities straight in more than one way, apparently)
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primsong: Mr. Morton (morton) try to catch up on some of my 'me' stuff at long last.  Like having occasional moments to see what my dear flist has been up to of late and maybe even post a little now and them myself, what a concept!

Shan't bore with long explanations of where I've been, suffice to say I was rather needed by Real World people in need at the same time my church also needed me to take on a batch of secretarial duties and school started again.  I shall dutifully queue up and pull a paper number from the "Take A Number" machine so I can join in that all too common human chorus of "Where The Heckity Ding Dong Did the Last Two Months Go?"  (fill in the number of months of your choice,, full orchestral backup optional).

Now in the (long) waiting game to see if one friend I am helping will qualify for disability, have completed the learning curve on the secretarial stuff (I Haz Publisher!) and am settling into the kid's schedules (mostly, kinda. My gal wants to be involved in *everything*, I swear...)

I miiiiissed yooooou,dear bloggy people! *flails air-hugs*

Anyone have a good recipe for any kind of hot drink involving pumpkin?
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Pimping out something for a friend here:

One of the members of our online 'family' at The Fellowship of Middle-earth, Frodosmiss, was recently flooded out of her home by the historic level flooding of the river at Minot, South Dakota.  She has requested that we spread the word so people can help out her city by voting in a contest Coke is running that will award $100,000 to the top-voted park.  Minot could dearly use that boost just now as their 'Oak Park' was (like many things, including much of her own home) ruined by the flooding. 

SO - if you can take a moment, please do vote... you just have to put in a security code to show you are human, you can vote as many times as you like.  Minot's park recently managed to surge to the front runner, but it will take some work to keep it there.  Thank you!
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As of today, I have finally finished getting 1300 of my surviving library titles onto LibraryThing - all I have left is one bag full of new stuff to enter, some tweaking to do and a fat handful of dvds then I can get to work on the Other Things like shelf labels and finding a suitable new book return bin. The pastor wanted the new church library up and running in time for our open house in Sept. and here it is not even quite August! *pats self on back*

Gads, this has completely eaten my summer. Was supposed to have a book review written up for a meeting today and I'm just...not. I'm taking a huge vase full of flowers I cut from my yard this morning, however, which should provide sufficient positive distraction that I don't feel guilty. (Sorry, I didn't get that review done - here, smell these roses! Aren't they pretty?)

Gone to the beach this next week (yaaaaay), then I intend to start at least putting in some serious Lurk Hours to catch up on my dear flister's bloggy lives, I've missed you!
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As a part of rebuilding and giving my church library a new life, I would love to have a short list of really good books to add gradually over the remainder of this year, though I haven't any budget I'm always an optimist. ;-)

While I have some favorites myself, what I really want is *other* people's favorites (fiction or non-fiction).  SO - My dear flisters who are *also* either Christian or have encountered an exceptional title that had a Christian message or focus, go ahead and let me know what they may be -  especially if they are newer works as the last time we really had nice, new titles added was over a decade ago, though timeless classics are also boffo as they never get out of date.  We're non-denominational and I keep a variety of doctrinal views available.

Rec, rec away!
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Wishing all of you out there in Blogland a lovely, peaceful and sweet Christmas, may each of you find at least a little bit of something that touches your hearts and lifts your spirits.

*pops cork on raspberry sparkling cider* To the internets!

Enjoying rose-flavoured turkish delight, gingerbread tea and peppermint cookies, surely this is a Good Thing, especially when shared with my darlings. ^_^ Welcome to DWth, my Everloyal!
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Anyone who would like to ferret out a few folks within our common fandom may want to come on over to the The Doctor Who Friending Meme that's been recently posted at the 'doctor who' community at Dreamwidth.

The purpose is twofold - first to find and friend other likeminded fans, and secondly to see what communities and interests may be worth pursuing with new communities at DW, should any like to pick up the admin duties of the area their fannish passions direct them towards. I realize we still have a lot of folks who are still sorting out their icons, muddling over their new look and relinking their links but it's never too early to lay out the welcome mats to gather up some good reading, fanart and fannish discussions.
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Spent part of this past week hauling and sorting and piling and pricing textbooks and curriculum for our sale at the church - then today (and tomorrow) running back and forth answering questions and piling and selling and helping haul them to people's cars. Forgot to bring food and about passed out after subsisting on costco muffin for too long - silly me.

BUT at least they are being sold - scads of books and uniform pieces finally off to new homes. It's like the exorcism of the old school's ghost as last.

When I came home, my cat was waiting for me and all was well (I hadn't been able to find her that morning and was haunted all day with the spectre of her being Gone with a capital G) - life is better after Real Food and a bit of quiet and a purring kitty and a chance to see what's up with my flist. Thank you for being here too. *hugs*
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Snagged this one from [ profile] curuchamion, just because it's kind of interesting, if a bit of a long list in this case. (can you imagine the people who have those fat wads of thousands of friends they somehow keep up with? Yikes!) I found a new friend with shared interests by poking about through her results, perhaps someone else can do the same here, I'm all for folks finding new friends. :-)

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I'm home - and I'm very happy to be dragging introducing my mom, [ profile] tulipsandquilts to LiveJournal. This is what she gets for staying at my house and being reminded of it - she made her first post today that was really her and not me just goofing around with her account so it wasn't dormant. Heh.

([ profile] shirebound, I've had her friend you because she loves her newly adopted Leah-puppy so much and I know she would love to see your updates on your new Pip-pup, I already showed her the that's who that is on your flist, it gives her a friend who isn't just me or my daughters as a start point)

NOW - I need to plug her in to the world of LJ, so if any of you can recommend any good, active communities for doxies/little dogs, interesting travelogues or quilting I would be eternally grateful!
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Getting ready for this upcoming weekend's annual women's retreat at the beach, which in my case this year means whacking what seems like an endless parade of magazine pages into skinny little strips so everyone can make those little rolled-up paper beads out of them. Gaaaah. It really seemed like a good idea at the time, but by golly they better like it now!

Going buggy-eyed after doing this for literally hours and must go stare at something else, like LJ.


That's better. Thank you for not being little strips of coloured paper, Flist.
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Thank you to 'anonymous' - I've never had a virtual gift before and had vaguely wondered what they were, now I know! The little snowflake cookies are adorable, make me want to go mix up some sugar-cookie dough and play around with the real thing.
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I've done it.

I've joined that encroaching monstrous blob called Facebook... only wanting to keep up with what's happening with my daughter could have ever made me do it.

It not being quite voluntary, I used my Nom-de-Librivox which is close enough to my real one - still, I can't tell you how nice it was to come scurrying back to the warm friendliness of LJ afterwards. It feels like the difference between sitting in the middle of a busy cafeteria in a mall with people surging around, advertisements blinking and announcements coming over the speakers all the time - and just curling up on a cozy sofa at home to talk to a few friends.

Ah. LJ flist, I wuv you!
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So much happening in so many of my dear friends lives -

May those who are suffering with illnesses soon be strengthened and well,
May those who are having to deal with terrible stresses in their relationships soon find peace and (where possible) reconciliation.
May those who are feeling down, lonely and just plain out-of-sorts soon see something in their lives that will be a comfort and a light, and have time with a companion who can comfort them.
May those who are grieving find the solace that they need, and those who seek wisdom to make the right choces be given the direction they so desperately need.

And may those who rejoice with new life, new jobs, bright turns in their path, sweet hopes for the future know that I do rejoice with them when I read their words - Amen...


How I wish I could somehow just have each and every one of you over for a quiet afternoon of tea and board games and browsing of books, watching a show and just enjoying a bit of peace.

If all of us (certainly including me) only had more time!

In the meantime, I also have hopes that the sump-pump will soon be working again so I'm not having to run downstairs and bail 3 gallons of water from a hole in my basement every 9 minutes - I have a timer set... I think I have a better chance at that than having it stop raining. :-P

At last!

Dec. 22nd, 2004 06:34 pm
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After an entire week offline I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to rejoin the virtual world again - "how pathetic", some might think, but truly I missed all of you, being able to read what what going on in your lives, to share a smile or a concern. I now type to you from my new house at long last! - nothing left in the old one but lots of rabid dust bunnies and garage-and-shed junk, though I'm keeping the suet filled for the LBJs (little brown jobbies) that fill the bushes there, and putting up fresh corncobs for the squirrels still.

This house has squirrels galore, but as we also inherited a loving huntress kitty with it, I don't think I'll be putting up a feeder. It would feel like setting a trap for the little critters... Trying to get used to waking up in a new place - would help if the bathroom sinks were working and other little foibles that we're still toiling away at - but it's a good thing overall. The house is full of boxes, scattered with chaos and still somehow very peaceful.

We did manage to get our mutant two-headed tree along the way, put up a couple strings of lights and will somehow pull off a good Christmas. The kids were astonished when I pulled out sacks of presents, bought ahead and wrapped long ago. They were so sure that with all the moving, there wouldn't be any presents (poor things!) - I can't even remember what's in most of them, so it should be a good surprise for me as well as them that morning.

Also, a huge thank you to those of you who sent me Christmas cards! I have them hung all along the stairs, and they were our only Christmas decorations for a time. I can't tell you how much they meant to me...consider yourselves hugged!

I don't know if I'll manage to post many replies, but I'm off to delve into what all of you have been up to for the past week. Have a lovely holiday!


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