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Well, my grown son adapted to mostly having to buy his own food so far by mostly just eating what he still has access to - in this case, he is essentially living off scrambled eggs and rice and strangely content doing so. Still no job, little signs of actively looking for one. He had one lined up and muffed it by missing the deadlines for their background check info - I am ready to stick a 4th of July rocket in his rear and send him out the door that way at this point.

On a better note, today I get to teach myself to cut tiles so I can finally fix the surround on my fireplace that has had two blank spots where cut tiles fell off over the years. I did also let my son know that this house might be on the market as early as next year and he will not get to move with us wherever we go. :-p
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My son was transitioned to buying his own grub recently but thus far has been chowing down on what he started off with as if there was no worry about that.  Then it finally happened:
Son: "We're out of milk."
Me: "You can buy some if you like, I don't use milk."
Son: . . . . . "I really, really want mac and cheese."
Me: "If you have some quarters you can get a box of mac and cheese for about 75 cents."
Son: . . . . . (makes a peanut butter sandwich from his remaining half jar of peanut butter for dinner)

The following morning he gathered his bag of cans to turn in, went to the store and returned excited because he'd gotten a half gallon of milk on sale.  It seems like a small thing, but to me it was a tectonic shift - it's the first time he's grocery shopped for himself, entirely on his own impetus with entirely his own money.  Those can refunds would have been used to purchase soda or pizza before - now he's excited that he has a singular box of mac-and-cheese.  This is good!
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My now-grown son has been reluctant to follow through on applying for work and had apparently grown quite comfortable in the nest - too I told him "Congratulations! You graduated!"

Explained that he was graduating from being a child in his parent's home to a paying adult renter. He starts paying rent in June - I cleaned out a kitchen cupboard for his food and a section of the freezer for him and let him know he is on his own. He has access to some staples and spices should he want to bake, etc. - I'm trying to be reasonable. Rent goes up $50 every six months til it hits lower market rate.

Sweetened the deal with letting him know this also means his bedroom furniture transfers to his ownership and that I will no longer comment on the state of his room or the state of his employment (or lack thereof). So far he's taken it fairly well, even when he only had mac-and-cheese available for dinner, and he's started applying for jobs.

Whew! My other two flew out on their own, but sometimes they need a little more encouragement.
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My son said a discussion had come up on Reddit about what foods you missed from childhood, and he got nostalgic (or as nostalgic as an early-20s person can be)... said he decided that the garbagey food he'd enjoyed the most as a child was worth looking at again to see what it really tastes like, though I warned him it won't be nearly as good as he remembers.

He bought a small bottle of an overly sweet orange juice concoction called SunnyD, and two Kid Cuisine tv dinners, one with chicken nuggets in the shape of Hello Kitty's head and a side of mac-and-cheese, another with mixed nuggets and fries, plus "chocolate pudding with an edible cookie spoon!"  Added a cheap package of those chocolate covered mini doughnuts where the brown coating is barely detectable as "chocolate."   He offered to share, so it looks like we'll have Nostalgic Garbage for dinner tonight.
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Finished re-staining both the back and front decks, including steps and railing.  Added new spiffy no-slip strips to the steps and re-painted the railing so it's a slightly metallic chocolate brown instead of weird faded chipped peach and rust color.  My guess is about 50 years ago when the house was built that railing probably was painted to match the cedar siding but time has not been kind to it.  Much, much nicer now.

Between all that and the new mulch, the place is looking a bit jazzed up, I'm quite pleased.

My son is moving back in tomorrow, looks like he may be able to informally apprentice with our church custodian to learn custodial stuff, then hopefully get his foot in the door with the custodial company he works for before summer is out.  Here's hoping!  He's got to get started somehow and he hasn't had any callbacks on anything legitimate yet.  Not that he's looking forward to helping strip the wax off the gym floor - the current project at hand - but at least he's still game to do what needs doing.
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My eldest has always had a penchant for eating weeds, coming in with handfuls of chickweed and miners lettuce, etc. and bemoaning my spraying our driveway to keep the stuff under control.  This time I opened the fridge and found a bagful of...something...?  She came up behind me and said "Oh, those are dandelions! I'm making bread."

Sure enough, she found something based on an old Roman recipe and made a Dandelion Honey Cake using almond flour and the blossoms of all those dandelions.  It has the texture of pumpkin bread and is really, really good! My grandma used to pick young leaves for her salads, trying to get to them before my grandpa went out to work on the lawn, but I'd never eaten the blooms.  Strikes me as something they'd eat in Redwall.
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My daughter and her roomie were given a lead by a coworker that there was a one bedroom opening up in a good complex, so they gave it a whirl - the manager said they could have it if they signed the lease that day and were willing to move in that very night, and so they did!  They took sleeping bags and slept in their otherwise empty apartment just because they could - it even has a great view of the pond and fountain that decorates the little rec center.  The competition here for housing is fierce - when we went to start moving things in the next day a lady showed up at the door saying she thought *she* was supposed to be moving into it instead the next day, we just shrugged, let her know they already had the papers and the keys and to take it to the manager... didn't see her again.... I hope they just had the wrong apt for their sake, it's a big complex.

And to top it all off, both girls can even walk to work from that location which will save them a fair bit of money.  We moved her furniture today, wow what a whirlwind ride - when she woke up that morning who knew it would be the last time she ever slept in our house in her own bed, just like that?  Away she flies, and all is well.
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Spent part of today helping my youngest with landing an apartment along with her potential roommate friend - it's so hard to find rentals right now, they had three other people all hoping to get it if her application doesn't go through and that was in the space of only two hours - they managed to be the first to apply that morning by happenstance, the manager had only received the notice it would be open this next month late last night.  0.o

Here's praying it goes through, it's in a great location for what they need - my fledgling is tottering on the edge of my nest and I'm really hoping she'll be able to fly.
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Well, my daughter was rear-ended while sitting at a stoplight the other day (totaled her beloved little car, dude who hit her admitted he was looking at papers in his lap, he'd only had his new car for two days...) SO - we had to go looking for a chiropractor as ours had retired a couple years ago and we hadn't replaced him. We found a winner!

See, there's a house I've noticed along the main drag, one of those where it's been converted to a business with parking where the lawn used to be. The reason I've noticed it is two full size skeletons on the roof who keep changing their poses (currently in a bathing beauty pose and dancing with the chimney). Inside, we found, was a crazy bohemian chiropractor who travels all over the world whenever he can. His office is full of geegaws and crazy bits from various countries and his two cats are very chatty. Plus he knows what he's doing. ;-)

Best of all (to me), while my girl was being worked on for her whiplash I got to go to what he dubbed "The Torture Chamber" - behind a batik curtain I lay on a warmed hydro massage bed the entire time and watched a BBC documentary about Japan on the flat screen affixed to the ceiling. :-D I'll take a silver lining, sure!
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The back patio light, which has a motion-sensor, came on - so my son opened the door to see what had set it off. A raccoon had just climbed up one of the plastic chairs and was reaching for for a mug my husband had forgotten on the patio table.

Raccoon(seeing my son and putting a firm paw on the mug possessively): GROWL!


Raccoon: GROwwwwl?


Raccoon: growl...


Raccoon: 0.o

My son wins the rights to the mug; the defeated challenger scampers off into the dark.
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So, my mom brought me a yellowed, folded piece of notebook paper she'd found inside one of her books - "A budding writer!" she said as I unfolded a childhood story written for some class project. "You must have been remembering when we went on that boat, and you always loved swimming."

Um, nooo. Actually I faintly remember this - I just really liked the sound of "bubble jumper" and wanted an excuse to use it. Really - that was about all the impetus of the entire story, but you know moms, they like to think their offspring are prodigies from an early age (hey, I know know MINE are!) ;-)

I read the painfully inane tale in which I gave an account of going on a submarine called the Bubble Jumper, very briefly went diving and discovered a large solid gold pitcher (...which I could not even lift. I signaled my friend over and together we swam back to the Bubble was the size of a (chair, crossed out) large dog..."

Wow. I had a pretty strong friend if the two of us were able to just swim back lugging a solid gold pitcher the size of a chair! Oh, excuse me, a large dog!

I can't decide if I'm amused or embarrassed by the existence of this tale.
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Gosh it's hard to launch kids these days.

I have two grown daughters now, and they both have very good roomies-to-be they've found, everyone now has at least part-time work - BUT now neither set have been able to find even one blinkin' apartment anywhere in this area that they can afford, even splitting the rents and utilities. This is insane.

And all the housing is full anyway, with wait lists. What the heck?

Guess they're all stuck living with us for a while longer...may we all have patience.

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I don't do New Years resolutions, but as I look ahead to the last kid to graduate reaching that goal in June I realize it's time to shift gears more thoroughly to a Grown Up household instead of a Kid household - whatever that means.  Frankly, the "empty nest" sounds pretty good some days, though I love my kids, and I sincerely hope they can each find their feet well enough to get their own homes before too long.  Besides, my house is FULL of extra furniture and stuff they've stashed away for their "own apartment someday."  

For a baby step into this next season, I'm thinking I'll be winding down my Etsy shop and looking into getting a part time 'real' job this next fall - I love Etsy, but it isn't remotely enough to make a dent in our mortgage and I would very much like to work on getting that paid down.  We'll see what happens, I'm not particularly marketable but there may be something that comes to hand.
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Just got a call from my mom that my Bro' and his fiancee are expecting a boy in October. 0.0

My hubby and I have had the Offspring Monopoly on both sides of the families for years - just wild that my kids will finally have a real Cousin...! Too bad it took him so long that now my kids are practically grown up, oh well.  ;-)

*boings happily in disbelief* I get to be an Aunty!  Long distance anyway, as he's in another state.  But seriously, he was planning for an early retirement recently, I really thought this was a definite 'never going to happen' thing... but you just never know, do you?  He'll make a great Daddy.

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I was just thinking on the recent post of what she encountered during her day from [personal profile] sharpest_asp - it reminded me of when my children were younger and we kept a little pocket spiral notebook for each one, labeled "(Name)'s Senses Journal".

Every now and then we'd pull theirs out and sit down with them to have them answer "What do you touch/taste/feel/smell/see", writing the answers down absolutely verbatim. They are absolute joys to read over now - especially the ones from when they were toddlers, or when they were talking to their siblings at the same time they were answering. ("I see a....NO! That's MINE!...Mooooom, tell him that's mine.") They're all teens now and we filled the little books up when they were in later grade school, they reside in our fire-safe now and are still enjoyed, they're that precious. Just an idea, for those of you whose lives involve small children.


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