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Son: (opening box of crackers) Triskets!
Me: Like Speed Racer's girlfriend!
Son: Ah yes, Speed and Triskets. And don't, I can't remember that monkey's name!
Me: I just remember how annoying he was. And what was his little brother called?
Son: I don't know! Why don't I know this? What was it?
Daughter: Squirtle?
Son: Squirtle! And the monkey was something that repeats.
Daughter: Yeah, like Bop-bop or Chee-chee or Ten-Ten or something. *googles*
Son: Bip-Bip, Can-can, Boop-Boop...
Daughter: Chim-Chim!
Son: Chim-Chim and Squirtle. Wait. That's Pokemon.
Daughter: Someone needs to do a vid for that. Speed, Trisket, Squirtle and Ten-Ten.
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Character actor Abe Vigoda kept a website all these years that had his smiling picture and simply stated 'Abe Vigoda is alive" after some folks mistakenly thought him deceased back in the 80s. He died at the ripe age of 94 of good old-fashioned old age and his website has been updated -
"Abe Vigoda is dead." with the same picture except with Xs over his eyes.
There's also a song to listen to - a parody called "Abe Vigoda is Dead."
I want to die like this guy!

Out of all the many, many roles this guy had over the years we ironically remembered him most readily as the Alaskan Grandpa in "North" - who is being sent out onto an iceberg to die.
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So - My daughter was at a grocery store recently - a very small boy came along pushing one of those tiny 'shopper in training' type mini-shopping carts they have for kids to "help" with.  He toddled his cart right over to the display of toilet paper and with effort, hefted a huge package of TP onto it. 
Child: *in small, lower-case child's voice*: "We can't forget this, 'cause it's about all I do!"
Mom (nodding): "Yep. Yep, that's right."

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Overheard snippet of conversation:

"I'd like to see those Sherlock things someday."
"What Sherlock thing? What about Sherlock?"
"Those Sherlock things, the ones with Bipnbop Crinkledink."
"Oh those! Yeah, they're really good!"

I love that there wasn't even a pause, it's so completely understandable in today's world.
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Poking through a used bookstore I found a book written by old school comedian Bob Hope, a biography of his career on stage and in film over the years.  I kept getting my nose caught in it until I finally just bought it so I could finish reading it at home, an amusing read (the guy was a pro comedian, after all...) with some great behind-the-scenes things from the 'Road' shows he did with Bing Crosby as a bonus - so now I've ended up ordering four old Bob Hope films off Amazon as I found several that I had never heard of that sounded intriguing, and then topped it off with a collection of Marx Brothers on the side. Should be an entertaining winter.
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This is so weird. I brushed my hair this morning and I had enough hair to assemble my very own small dog if I'd wanted to. I told my kids I've decided to be deciduous this year and drop my leaves as it's coming up on Fall. I'll regrow them in the Spring.

My son, whose long ponytail is his pride and joy (though he has to be careful with it not catching fire as he is in a welding course) delighted in dancing around me singing a song about "fuzzless mother" to the tune of the infamous llama song. He thinks it's great that he now has longer hair than I do. X-D

Got a great cap off of Etsy that has attached fake bangs so I can put it under any hat and look like there's hair under there. People are so creative!
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Found some googly eyed glasses in the freebie bin at a garage sale.

I love my children.

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It's a nice, sunny day and was just sitting at a signal waiting for the light to change, idly watching an empty red-white-and-blue breadbag bouncing around in the intersection as the highway traffic went shooting past.   It went up, down, in circles, swooped and was nearly flattened to the pavement, then a car whipped it way up high into the air where it caught perfectly on the antenna of the large pickup following behind - and stayed there.

I laughed as I watched the pickup head down the hill at high speed with its new fashion accessory, a breadbag flag jauntily vibrating in the wind as it went.  :-)
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Making my morning coffee, I just absently picked up the nearest spoon to stir it.  Turned out that was also the spoon I'd just used to give Pi-cat her morning treat of catfood.

Just what I always wanted, that exotic piquant of chicken giblets in my latte.  Mmm. Not.

What's amusing to me is I've been using the same spoon for both for some time now to simply save on one more dirty dish with each morning, but I always (always always) *rinse the spoon* first.  And I remember telling myself "One of these days I'll forget to rinse the spoon and end up with catfood in my coffee."  Like, you know, today.  ;-)   I don't listen to myself any better than my kids do sometimes, lol!
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So, over at Death by Aspirin there's been a small challenge to 'time-ify' our cats.

Pi loves being a Time Cat.  She is very patient about how long it takes me to sometimes open the TARDIS door for her, in spite of the pompous reputation. 

Pi the Time Cat

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I was at a women's retreat at the coast this past weekend, which had one nice, sunny day and two that were more typical of Oregon (i.e. grey with rain), relatively good time had by all.

My fave part? A sign at a marina just down the road with small boat rentals, a business managed by a woman, I might add:

* * *
Husband Daycare
$10 hr.
Until 5pm

* * *

Muse google

Feb. 8th, 2012 11:39 am
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I was attempting to work on a WIP chapter and hitting a snag, reflexively opened up a Google tab.

Only to realize I was apparently attempting to google my *own story* to see how it went or something, you, in the I could write it....

Gah! Really, brain?
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I think those who are likely to be most interested have probably found it now, but thought it would behoove me to not leave a link to my first fic of the year, a somewhat bizarre blend of 12 random prompts thanks to dw_straybunnies and [personal profile] lost_spook with her holiday challenge.

All that said... The Giraffe Convolution of Doom is over here at Teaspoon.

6 short chapters of mayhem with Two, Six and Seven with a bit of Four and Eleven plus Frobisher, Evelyn, Ace, Jamie, Sarah Jane, Martha, Rani (SJA) and the Meddling Monk at the London Zoo and Ancient Egypt. Enjoy.
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On the recommendation of lost_spook, I obtained a copy of Adrian Plass' "Why I Follow Jesus" and it is fast taking its place among my Very Favorites at a prodigious rate for a newcomer to the literary fold.  Not that I'm terribly surprised, as Mr. Plass rarely disappoints.

And, to top it off, I had a complete YES! Someone Understands! moment reading it last night:

"In one of the desk drawers beside my chair I squirrelled away a delicious collection of stationery articles which I planned to try very hard never to use.  I have always been irresistibly drawn to stationery counters in newsagents' shops.  I'm a loony about stationery.  I love it all. I love the rubber bands and the sticky labels and the pencil sharpeners and the staple guns and the Blu-Tack and the drawing pins and the neat little packs of envelopes.  I love their fiddly, twiddly, functional little beingness, and I love having them stowed away in MY drawer. Yes, I do!"

For you see, I still have some sweet little colored clips and stationery and fancy pens that I've managed to almost never use for about 20 years now. I have the very last pages of very favorite stationery squirrelled away from childhood. I have unused novelty erasers from the 70s. And I love them all.  Yes, I do! I cannot escape a stationery store unscathed, I always end up buying an interesting pen, or a little sketchbook, or cute post-its, or....something. 

I love their twiddly, fiddly beingness. Do you?
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Once more - the 15 revealed )



Response for lolmac once more )






and finally, responses for kerravonsen )


 Whew! That took a bit of doing, some of those.  Thank you so much to everyone, that was grand fun. :-D


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I wish I had this guy's brain.

This totally deserves to be a holiday tradition. I'll watch it every year.
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[ profile] everloyal and friend drove up to visit and as they came up the steps (cajoled in by offers of apple crisp) their question was "Why is there a body in the grapes?"

Oops. Realized I'd left the half-a-body mannequin I use for taking pictures of my Etsy stuff out by the grape arbor. It looked pretty good that morning with the sunlight on the leaves and propped on a bench it made a great display piece, but I'd wandered off for other angles and abandoned it there.

"Let me grab my body," I said apologetically and dashed out to the arbor, faintly hearing a "What did she just say?" from my husband through the open windows. Snagged it and toted it back across the yard, ducking into the kitchen as I went past the doorway to display the black cloth torso in my arms. "This one, I mean," I amended and headed downstairs to put it away.

This time I hear my now thoroughly baffled husband asking "When did I start living in a sit-com?"

"Oh, this place is much better than any sit-coms I've seen," was her friend's reply.
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This cracks me up - and I want one of those! And one with a coffee-maker in it.

Hah - also amused myself that picking a Bible is a bit like picking your favorite Doctor; even if there are Eleven different versions, it's still the same story underneath. ;-) Sci-fi scripture analogies are great; my pastor uses movie-references all the time.

Speaking of which, I'm off to help prime walls for painting - our youth pastor and his wife just bought their first home and it's a real fixer, last time it was getting down cobwebs and washing everything while other folks attacked all the blackberries in the yard with spades. Looking more like a home all the time! Nothing like a work party to make something that's drudgery into something fun.


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