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I recently realized from the way my cat responds that while her name is Pi, she believes her name is Beautiful Kitty.  It has made me suddenly self-aware of how often I greet her as "Hello, beautiful" and "Come up here, beautiful kitty!"  Now that would be a nice sort of nickname to acquire, no wonder she has such confidence in our servitude to her.

Beach time

Feb. 13th, 2016 07:59 am
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An update: Our Pi-Cat has thankfully continued to improve and is pretty much back to her former petite weight (she's only a 7 lb. kitty at her fattest), still no idea what caused her illness so I just hope whatever it was doesn't come back as she's now our Gold Plated Kitty from vet bills. We are grateful that she is with us even when she sits on the keyboard now.

Also, looks like my eldest is headed for the beach! She's been applying for work, etc. along the coast and is making plans to move over there. Ironically the rents around here have spiked so badly with all the out of state people moving here that the beach is no longer the expensive place, it's cheaper for her to live there than anywhere near Portland once you get out of the easy day-trip range of that city. Sounds good to me!
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Made coffee this morning and our sick kitty came waltzing into the kitchen, drank a little water and ate about six bites of food. First time in a week and a half! My son was running up and down the hall rousing the family to come and see, Pi is eating! We were all gathered around, trying to not disturb her groove, twittering quietly like fans of a famous artist watching them paint.

The cat ate! Let the parade commence!

Now we just hope she does it again - back to Cat Watch.
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Our dear little Pi stopped eating or drinking last week - we've now put sufficient funds into that cat we are calling her our "gold plated kitty." So far all they know is she's healthy as a horse except for unknown reasons her digestive system is moving in slow motion. I've had to take to squirting a syringe of warm water into the corner of her mouth when I can get away with it to try to keep her hydrated. She goes back in for another expensive vet round on Monday, but darnit...she's OUR cat, a part of the family, our little fur-person. You know how it is.

A lady I swim with in the mornings is a vet tech, she said she would come to our house and show me how to do sub-q injections if needed. :-(
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What is it about the scent of a cat coming in out of the cool rain - I just want to pick her up and snuffle my nose down into her fur, she smells of pine needles and fresh air and small green leafy things nodding under silver drops.

My daughter agreed that it was irresistible, even if (like her) she is actually allergic to the cat and suffers for her giving way to the beauty of Damp Kittyness.
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Opened the cupboard to put a box away and two other boxes fell to the floor. Opened the fridge to put juice away and vegetables came bouncing out. Opened the other cupboard to put away a hand-mixer and an ENTIRE JAR OF MOLASSES leapt out and made a suicide dive right into the cat's dish.

The sound was astonishing and brought all family members running into the kitchen, thankfully sans the cat.

Cleaned up the amazing spontaneous interpretive artwork entitled "Catfood, Glass and Molasses with accents of Broken Pottery in the Modern Age." 

*huddles away from cupboards*
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So, over at Death by Aspirin there's been a small challenge to 'time-ify' our cats.

Pi loves being a Time Cat.  She is very patient about how long it takes me to sometimes open the TARDIS door for her, in spite of the pompous reputation. 

Pi the Time Cat

Kitty dots

May. 20th, 2011 06:47 am
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Pi-cat climbed into my lap while I was typing and demanded a pet, but every time I tried to scrub the permanently-in-need-of-petting spots on her head, her head would whip from side to side. What?

Finally realized the sun was reflecting off my watch so if I pet her head a bright DOT of light appeared on the wall and moved around enticingly only to disappear again when I pulled my hand back *because* her head was following the DOT so closely.

Cat-brain = fascination with DOTS OF LIIIIIGHT.


Oh, and the cursor moving around on the screen, of course, which makes me occasionally wish I had a transparent cat so I wouldn't be rubbernecking all around a cat's legs and tail like a ground-squirrel on drugs just to see where to click.
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So, what do you do when a cat keeps coming around and YOWLing under your windows every night, trying to come in the cat flap and act like it lives in your house.... in spite of being chased off, shot with a nerf gun, made the target of hurled pine-cones and squirted with a hose? Ya THINK it would get the hint. We've had to conclude it is retarded. >_< Our own (fixed, mellow) kitty is annoyed. It's well fed so it isn't a stray - but it's been doing this off and on for a *year* now and we're seriously thinking of getting a humane trap. Feline village idiot.

On the good side, I found some funky wavy forks on Etsy that a crafty person made into wall hooks and they're just perfect for holding up the little window scarf in my dining room! Yay! I love Etsy.
Love the 'do, Mr. Fork )
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As I came home I noticed Pi pouncing underneath the maples - sure enough, as I parked and got out, she was trotting along with a very fat mole in her mouth. I've been having a lot of mole-hills, especially in annoying places like centered in the lawn, or right under the new plantings so I admit I was pleased at this particular catch. Unfortunately, she brought it near me and dropped it, watching it move so she could play with it. The poor little critter was waving its pink paws and squeaking and...and... aigh! "Just KILL it, will you?" I hollered at her. She looked at me, unperturbed and batted it around. I couldn't watch any more - I went in the house and tried not to think of how much it looked like a big version of our adorable hamster. *sigh* cats...

I hate nature sometimes. At least it disappeared after that, rather than showing up parts.
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I've been hard-put to keep up with everyone this week - had to choose between that and writing and decided it's been too long since I took time to just write. (the new tale, Stone of Erebor, is now underway)

Happiness abounded recently when we finally got the papers from the IRS that make One Small Garden an official non-profit. Now we can pursue donations to replace the benches, get the deck properly stained and sealed, etc. and set up the organization to help other potential charity gardens. My kudos go to the three ladies who put so much time into getting that paperwork through! They are with me here - along with a special visitor who came back to see how it was growing and to lend his support.

In the garden with Sean

On another note, I bought a catnip plant to put in my own garden, for Pi. It was left on the kitchen counter when we went to bed, ready to put in the ground in the morning. In the middle of the night, what do we hear? *bonk bonk thump whack*... Pi found it. She was lolling on a branch of catnip, rolling around on the countertop, surrounded by all the things she had knocked over and totally buzzed. It went up on top of the fridge, she went outside. Somehow I don't think it will last long out there, lol...

At last!

Dec. 22nd, 2004 06:34 pm
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After an entire week offline I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to rejoin the virtual world again - "how pathetic", some might think, but truly I missed all of you, being able to read what what going on in your lives, to share a smile or a concern. I now type to you from my new house at long last! - nothing left in the old one but lots of rabid dust bunnies and garage-and-shed junk, though I'm keeping the suet filled for the LBJs (little brown jobbies) that fill the bushes there, and putting up fresh corncobs for the squirrels still.

This house has squirrels galore, but as we also inherited a loving huntress kitty with it, I don't think I'll be putting up a feeder. It would feel like setting a trap for the little critters... Trying to get used to waking up in a new place - would help if the bathroom sinks were working and other little foibles that we're still toiling away at - but it's a good thing overall. The house is full of boxes, scattered with chaos and still somehow very peaceful.

We did manage to get our mutant two-headed tree along the way, put up a couple strings of lights and will somehow pull off a good Christmas. The kids were astonished when I pulled out sacks of presents, bought ahead and wrapped long ago. They were so sure that with all the moving, there wouldn't be any presents (poor things!) - I can't even remember what's in most of them, so it should be a good surprise for me as well as them that morning.

Also, a huge thank you to those of you who sent me Christmas cards! I have them hung all along the stairs, and they were our only Christmas decorations for a time. I can't tell you how much they meant to me...consider yourselves hugged!

I don't know if I'll manage to post many replies, but I'm off to delve into what all of you have been up to for the past week. Have a lovely holiday!
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It looks like our house has come with a built-in cat. We thought she was the neighbor's kitty, but they all say she's not theirs, and then we thought "Well, she looks like she's getting fed," but the fat squirrel she was voraciously dining on yesterday may have answered where her food is coming from. She's barely out of kittenhood, a grey-brown tabby with a white bib and feet, very sweet tempered. She's good at keeping 'buttertoes' when she's kneading happily, and acts like she is already familiar with the house, inside and out. I can't help but wonder if the renters that were briefly in the house this past winter and spring left her behind.

Our elderly lady-kitty passed on in May, so we are currently catless.

You know, in all the years I have had various cats, I have only chosen a cat once. All of the others were a part of the house when we moved in, or were dumped at the end of our road. In two cases, it was a cat came in an open window and decided that they lived there. I guess cats choosing me, rather than the other way around, may be my fate! :-)

With the delays in the windows, difficulty scheduling the refinishing and now needing to reorder part of the kitchen that was mis-measured, it's looking like end of September before we can officially shift. On one hand, the relaxed pace of moving is nice. On the other hand, the extended transistion is driving me crazy. At least we don't have to go looking for a cat now.
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I do hope the kitties of Lyria and others who have elderly pets may go as peacefully as my little Peaches went this afternoon. I'd been checking on her almost hourly as she was fading away, and had given her a little water and a thorough petting earlier on, but when I went out to the garage where her little heated kitty-pad was that she liked to sleep on she was gone... The good thing is it looks like she simply went to sleep and faded away. The kids all said their goodbyes to her poor little remains after I smoothed her out with her brush and made her look as nice as reasonably possible. It was a mixed bag - the oldest had already come to peace with it knowing she was ailing, the middle one is sobbing in his room and the youngest was fascinated with the way a deceased cat feels if you pet it. Sigh...

Considering we are also still househunting, it is a bit of a relief for I feared she wouldn't survive the stress of a relocation. On that front, we looked at another house that was on nice property, but it was at the very top of our price range already and turned out it would need an addition to work... no money being "left over" for such an addition without going much further into debt than we are willing to take on, we had to regretfully let it go.

Seasons come, seasons go...


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