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Eldest only drives an automatic and while she was visiting she brought up how she'd like to learn a manual transmission, but her grandparents were busy and her dad wasn't available.  "All that leaves is you," she noted.  We looked at one another.  I'm not a good driving instructor.
"I don't know if I'd be much help, but I can get in and hang on while you lurch around," I said.
"Exactly.  Which is why I guess I'll wait."
She then related her memories of the last time I tried to teach her stick, when she was in high school.  It was along the lines of:
Her: "WHAT AM I DOING?  help help I'm going to HIT SOMETHING, help help HOW DO I SHIFT!"
Me: (maniacal stress cackling) "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!"

So.  Back to automatic she goes....
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I'm sitting here, pulling on my socks and listening to my daughter scrambling around to get ready to go to school and it occurs to me that I've been getting ready to go to school, my own or someone else's, for most of my life. 

In fact, our entire society is chock full of people of all ages whose lives are ruled by the school system's hours and we all orbit around their holidays.  Whether or not there is school and when is HUGE.  It affects families, work policies, store hours, national holidays.  Even people without kids plan their events and vacations around when school is in or out. The real estate market goes up and down around summer school vacation.  Add school events and sports and it rules the country.

I hope to be free of that tyranny of having to get up and go to a school later this year, part of why I turned down an opportunity to still work at the school library even after mine were graduated.  Dearly hope I can find a job that starts late enough I can have some mornings, lest I trade one tyranny for another and merely wish for quiet mornings until the day I die.
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Nice quiet Saturday, been a while since I had one of those.  Just spent a good part of an afternoon playing Shoot Many Robots with my son, a game he got on his X-box - red-neck robot shootin', I enjoyed it more than I expected to, especially as you heal by chugging beers so we were screaming at one another "Drink a beer! Quick!" and enjoying oddball weaponry (my favorites were my gun that shot exploding garden gnomes and my Howdy Weasel pink backpack that added more beer).

Played around with some yarn and learned to make faux-dreads to add to a hair fall I'm experimenting with for dance.  Going to go pop some popcorn and watch Iron Man III with him now, since we're the only ones in the family who haven't seen it yet.  Hope everyone on my flist can grab a bit of downtime too.
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Found some googly eyed glasses in the freebie bin at a garage sale.

I love my children.


Mar. 17th, 2013 08:48 pm
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Only a little over 2 months until my son graduates from high school. Maybe. I can't even express how frustrating and stressful it has been having to drag him inch by inch towards the finish line over the past years, and I still don't know for sure he'll make it in time.

Left him to work on a big paper on the Cold War he has that is now overdue and when I return he's on facebook. I get him off the computer so I can do my own work and he gravitates to his video games. If computer or video game is unavailable, then he takes naps and hangs around reading Tom Clancy novels. I want to pull out my hair, and then his hair but at this point I have to take an observational backseat (and grumble here, apparently, lol...) lest I not let him fall on his face if it is really what he needs to do to wake up.

We had to make a deal with him that we weren't going to do any more behavioral modification (i.e. punishments, rewards, hollering, guilting, etc.) as he is of age and it's his life (and it was making a very unhappy household) but it's so hard to watch him scraping along knowing he will seriously regret it later if he flubs this.

So close. Maybe so far away. Maybe snatching the golden ring. Maybe missing the last banana. Maybe a moment of relief. Maybe we just wasted money on senior pictures.

&*%#@! I hate parenting sometimes.
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Autumn is in full swing and the trees are beautiful, the sugar-pie pumpkins are colorful on my deck and the cat is getting fatter and more rabbity with winter fur day by day, fluff by fluff.  Candy corn time!  Yellow and orange and chocolatey colored brown that doesn't really taste like chocolate but I like it anyway.  Acorn squash with brown sugar and butter melted in the hollows.  Warm slippers in the morning on the cold floor boards.  Coffee steaming up the windows as leaves go swirling past.

Just survived a houseful of teen gals for a festive sleepover, complete with shrieks and giggles into the wee hours and bodies in sleeping bags all over the floor in the morning.  Went through a lot of crackers, cheese, apples and, yes, coffee.  Now it's time to plan for things like a homecoming dance and the church 'trunk or treat'.... think I'll take the easy way out and revising the 'gypsy' theme with my bellydance stuff.
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We aren't doing much for the 4th this year, I seem to be in low-interest mode for holidays this time around.  Spent the morning pressure-washing the curbs of the church parking lot while no cars were parked there, prepping it so I can repaint them, which isn't terribly holidayish, I admit, but it worked great. 

In lieu of other festive ideas we decided to get the last of the apple pies that I froze last fall out of the freezer and bake it and now the house smells fabulous.  Besides, it's traditional to associate America and Apple Pie. I'm not entirely sure why, though, hah!

Starflower passed her test and got her driver's permit this week, so I get to go lurching around with her this year while trying to cheerfully keep my composure as passenger/instructor - ah, parenthood, where the adventures never end.
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Time to shuffle people around again already, as my eldest's college gets out earlier than others (starts earlier too, to their annoyance when it's summer) - they are in finals...seems the next three days I get to be driving over to the city whenever I have a sufficient block of time, taking empty boxes scrounged from the grocery and coming back with whatever my car will be filled with.  Thank heavens we already got a heavy bed and a futon moved, I think I can manage the rest by myself if I need to - which looking at other family member's schedules may be exactly what I'm looking at.

Eldest is going to inhabit the 2nd bedroom of a condo we have a disabled friend in, it gives her a place "of her own" for the summer, instead of having to feel like she's moving back in with parents, a sentiment I completely understand.  A friend of hers will be taking up the resulting empty slot at our house, however, so we'll still be pretty full up.  I am so grateful that we have a house big enough for them each to have their own room.

In other news, I am yanking out an English Laurel and in it's spot will go a much better-mannered native, a Strawberry Tree along with a bit of Salal.  Much nicer, and considerably less invasive.  My yard is awash in its annual carpet of bluebells, tulips, forget-me-nots and columbine and everything is looking just lovely in spite of it being a cool spring. Mm!
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I just want to leave a little post to tell brand-new DWth user [personal profile] nana3 that I am just over the moon that she took up my invite and used it. She's a dear lady whom I work with at our food cupboard and always enjoy the company of in RL, so it's simply grand she's here and willing to give figuring out what a 'blog' is a try.

Not that the rest of you are chopped liver!

Besides that, it's been a good week - my son dressed up as Three for his school's 'spirit week' in red velvet with ruffles and a sonic, and I'm still overly pleased with that. Ah, how soon little geeks grow up to be big geeks! *is happy*

Edited to add a pic! He said "The guys won't get it, but the girls will love it!" (he has his priorities straight in more than one way, apparently)
That's m'boy )
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Getting ready to make a long drive tomorrow to the other side of the mountains to visit my folks for Thanksgiving weekend. That, in itself, isn't too bad I suppose... if it were just me.  Sometimes I do become rather weary of being the one who is expected to make sure everyone *else* has clean clothing, packed and ready, in appropriate combination, amount and thickness for the season plus foodstuffs for the trip, plus the foodstuffs we're bringing as our share of the holiday, plus my mom's b-day stuff, plus checking maps, making sure there's gas in the car, money in the wallet and water in the water-bottles, etc etc.

Ever wanted to just pull out your hair and let them all go hungry/thirsty/naked?  Yeesh!

Anyway... I don't usually use a journal for grumbling to no purpose.  It made me wonder if you remember at what point your parents just pulled away from 'taking care' of your life (while still home? Not til after you moved out? Are they still lurking under your window making sure you change your bedding and have fresh water in your bedside cup?)

I've done relatively well - mine all do their own laundry and have gotten better at packing their own suitcases, they even sometimes offer to help with food without having to be prompted first... I just need to back off and let go without being there to 'save' them I guess.  Did your parents just let you fail, or were they there to catch you before you hit the ground?
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My dear Starbells and I are dancing tomorrow in an autumn harvest show to promote the bellydance classes in the area, and as it was short notice they grabbed what they apparently thought would be an easy "theme" for everyone to match their outfits on - "Blue".

Guess what is the ONE color I have almost nothing in? >_< I have pink, peach, brown, green, white, copper, even tie-dye. No blue.

I've managed over this week to scrounge up a choli and hip-scarf in blue - begged a secondary color for mercy and "purple" was added as a back-up...check. I have purple gaucho pants...and a necklace. This leaves me with - still no skirt...! Arrrrgh!

Just spent an otherwise nice, sunny afternoon leaping from thrift store to thrift store - landed one purple skirt that might work in a pinch. No blue. Anywhere. Except ONE blue dance skirt that was so skinny and so long it might have been made for a life-size Barbie.

On a better note, Happy Birthday to Starbells! My Brit-lovin' girl gets what she asked for this evening, a dinner at a British restaurant even though we'll have to drive a bit to get to one. (love you, lady!)
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I like it here.

Just thinking how fb does something strange to the brain. One of my kids was upset the other day because she was trying to contact her friend for a question about homework but "she hasn't shown up on facebook!! I don't know what to do!"...
"Have you tried CALLING her?"
*sheepish* "Oh...uh, no."

I've been gradually deleting and removing stuff from my fb over this week - can't seem to make myself just shut the darn thing off all at once so it's more like fading out, but as I get down to a tiny handful it's feeling - freeing. Nice. Peaceful. Ahhh.
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*cough cough* Spent part of the morning cleaning out my dusty lean-to, pulling out half-full bags of garden dirts, stacks of pots, piles of tomato cages and other miscellanea and going after the whole thing with a broom - this week is Re-Roof the Shed & Lean-To Week, and boy does it need it. Ick! Now to clean out the shed itself and move as much as possible of the stuff from there into the greenhouse - a giant game of klotsky except with dust clouds and spiderwebs and old bird nests thrown in.

My folks are coming so my dad can help teach my teens how to fix a roof, good sized project for learning on. Love my hubby, but he's a computer guru far more than a handyman, so I'm always looking for ways to get that hands-on experience going for the kids.

Found some funky old stuff - a giant rusty cog I think I'll hang on the shed wall as "art" afterwards, a stepping stone someone spilled red paint across and then apparently hid away to hide how it looks like a murder just occurred beside it, the decrepit remains of one of those big two-man tree-saws hanging under the eaves.
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My son has a childhood friend visiting from CA, one of those times when you know they used to have a lot in common/two peas in a pod/the two amigos - but time passes and kids turn into teens and I wondered how it would go if interests had diverged too widely. Would they have enough common ground for any of that old affinity?

He arrived and was given a tour of the house, stepped into our library and saw... a bookcase stuffed top to bottom with ALL of Doctor Who on vhs tapes. Arm waving! Shrieking of "DOCTOR WHO!" and random bounding around the room hugging everyone in a euphoria of geekiness!!

I think we're okay. ;-)
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My house is Too Quiet - with my [ profile] everloyal now off in an apt. of her own and my son now off to his summer job at a summer camp until August, all I have left is [ profile] starbells and she's the quiet one! It's been very weird. Though it is nice to have a chance to fumigate clean his compost heap bedroom while he's gone and can't grunt about it protest.

On the happy, noisy side of things a lovely lady I met years ago through our LOTR boards who goes by Strange Elf will be in my area again in July and she's started belly dancing now. She's gets to come to my class with me, which will be a complete hoot!
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With especial thanks to [ profile] piplover for the site that led to the bbq brownies and to [ profile] everloyal and [ profile] starbells for their help in making them - here are the results of our dessert auction contributions -  I wanted to do a third item that either looked more creative or was sugar-free but kind of went into a funk on Saturday and didn't get it done. Oh well - maybe next year!

Earl Grey Tea Cookies )
and then the less photogenic Barbeque Brownies )
Thank you for all the ideas, ((((flist))))- now to go nibble at what we came home with instead, a cream-cheese bread, a cherry cheesecake and a mini banana bread loaf. Yum yum. We have way too many good cooks there.
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I love the net - my son is jazzing himself up for his last day of school by voluntarily wearing slacks, vest, frilly tuxedo shirt and bow tie. This is uber-cool, BUT neither of us knew how to tie a bow tie.  Oh woe, alack, alas.... ticky ticky tick Aha! Yes, it exists - with step by step pictures showing how to tie a bow tie. It's like having access to all of the knowledge of the Borg without all of the uncomfortable head-gear.


May. 26th, 2010 03:01 pm
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My son now has a mullet, and it's a very nice, fluffy one too. The guys at this high school were all "Whoa! You really did it! I didn't think you really would!" and the girls are "Ooo! Love your mullet!"  He had one person reach out and pat his head during a class because "I had to see if it was really as soft as it looked."

It suits him.  This is what happens when you raise your kids on things like MacGyver.  X-D
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I simply love some of the stuff I come across at garage sales and such - in this case it's a computer hutch! It's beautiful and matches my maple kitchen cabinets, which is a Fine Thing as my comp is right at the end of my kitchen, I am sooo happy. We had to replace a couple bits but that turned out better than expected as well ) It even has a light at the top. Yay! I feel so spoiled, I would hug it if it weren't a piece of furniture.

I was just looking around my house earlier and mentally identifying all the stuff we got from yard sales - there's quite a lot, I suppose if I were one of those folks who "MUST have it new" my house would be pretty spartan (or I'd be in significant debt). Looks good to me - I'm grateful for my mom raising me to appreciate how used can be good as (or better) than new.

It's an interesting mindset, the 'new' thing. My daughter, [ profile] starbells, has an excellent artistic eye for clothing and told me one of her classmates admiringly asked her where she got her clothes. She said "Goodwill" and the other girl was both shocked and dismayed. "My mom won't let me shop at Goodwill, she says the clothes are germy."

I just have to roll my eyes. As if her 'new' clothing shipped from companies in China and handled by who knows how many people before her would be germ-free, lol! When my mom was in real estate for a while, she mentioned meeting a woman who said she wouldn't buy a 'used' house, only new because she didn't want to sit on a toilet seat someone else had sat on. I mean...good grief...

But then, germs hold little terror for me, and I love a good treasure hunt - plus now I get to hunt more often as my Etsy shop needs feeding, a nice bonus. Each to their own!
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I'm so glad to see the holidays seem to be going mostly-pretty-much well for the folks who have popped in to LJ, may you all have a bit of something that warms your heart this day.

We had a sleepy-slow morning, laying out the pretty tablecloths, baking a pecan coffeecake and omelets, eggnog and tea on the side - I like to keep Christmas as simple as I can, who wants to spend a holiday in the kitchen? Everyone seemed to love the stuff in the stockings and under the tree ("This is all from the bins??" was asked unbelievingly more than once - I did all my shopping at the Goodwill distribution center this year - .89 a pound for whatever you can find... good stuff in there if you dig!)

Now it's a nice peaceful interlude where everyone is enjoying something new or nibbling at treats. Bing Crosby is crooning in the background and the Invasion of the Non-Geeky In-Laws won't happen for a couple more hours. Aaaaaaah.

What does your family have for a 'traditional Christmas morning' breakfast/brunch? We used to do waffles, but it seemed too much of a bother this time.


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