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Feb. 13th, 2016 07:59 am
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An update: Our Pi-Cat has thankfully continued to improve and is pretty much back to her former petite weight (she's only a 7 lb. kitty at her fattest), still no idea what caused her illness so I just hope whatever it was doesn't come back as she's now our Gold Plated Kitty from vet bills. We are grateful that she is with us even when she sits on the keyboard now.

Also, looks like my eldest is headed for the beach! She's been applying for work, etc. along the coast and is making plans to move over there. Ironically the rents around here have spiked so badly with all the out of state people moving here that the beach is no longer the expensive place, it's cheaper for her to live there than anywhere near Portland once you get out of the easy day-trip range of that city. Sounds good to me!
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Made coffee this morning and our sick kitty came waltzing into the kitchen, drank a little water and ate about six bites of food. First time in a week and a half! My son was running up and down the hall rousing the family to come and see, Pi is eating! We were all gathered around, trying to not disturb her groove, twittering quietly like fans of a famous artist watching them paint.

The cat ate! Let the parade commence!

Now we just hope she does it again - back to Cat Watch.
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Our dear little Pi stopped eating or drinking last week - we've now put sufficient funds into that cat we are calling her our "gold plated kitty." So far all they know is she's healthy as a horse except for unknown reasons her digestive system is moving in slow motion. I've had to take to squirting a syringe of warm water into the corner of her mouth when I can get away with it to try to keep her hydrated. She goes back in for another expensive vet round on Monday, but darnit...she's OUR cat, a part of the family, our little fur-person. You know how it is.

A lady I swim with in the mornings is a vet tech, she said she would come to our house and show me how to do sub-q injections if needed. :-(
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I'm growing a small amount of fuzz!  It's not enough to go hatless yet, but I am encouraged that my follicles are back in business.

Next week is chapter two of my Unwanted Adventure, as I'll be starting radiation 5 days a week clear into January - people ask me questions about how I'll be feeling and how much is will restrict me, etc. and all I can do is shrug and say "I have no idea! I've never done this before! I'm a radiation noob."

I kind of feel sorry for the nurses who obviously have to deal with people of a, erm, 'less educated' variety as they started out reassuring me that it would not make me glow or make it dangerous to be around family and friends. Seriously.  o.0  When I responded with laughing at the ludicrousness of the idea and telling them I was well aware of that they relaxed and were suddenly much more informative on real details.  But....seriously....?  There are people who would think it would make them glow???
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Hoorah! I had my last chemo thing yesterday, I'm so very happy to see that particular experience hopefully go into the rearview mirror of my life forever.  Follow up in a month, then radiation next.  Maybe I can even finally grow some fuzz!

Weird symptoms still come and go at this point - tip for those who develop heartburn as a regular feature in life for this kind of thing - pepcid, lots of water and chewing fruit flavored gum help (not mint, which can make it worse).  Salt swish with a teaspoon of baking soda makes a difference for mouth issues, and melatonin is your friend for making it through a night without side effects.  Live and learn. 

Gosh I miss coffee. SO looking forward to having coffee again next month!
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Got through another chemo round, but my uncooperative veins were their usual troublesome selves - after two failed attempts at an IV, the nurses went looking for a big teddy-bear of a man they referred to as their "vein whisperer" - lol... He managed to get one going but after about half an hour they decided it wasn't dripping well enough and I had to get a fourth one done.  My arm looks like I'm someone who has an unhealthy affiliation with poking themselves, especially as I still have a 'burn' from the last one healing there.  :-p  Oh well!  Weather is turning to long sleeves anyway, right?

On the good side, one more done!  Yay!  This is a pleasant comtemplation.  Also, I used all the time I had to sit there to finally learn how soduko works and ended up filling in several of the little things.  I'm always several steps behind the fads it seems.
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Last night at my bellydance class one of the ladies showed up with one eye that had gone blood-red everywhere it would normally be white.  She said it didn't bother anymore and she thought it looked pretty cool - which is why she'd dressed entirely in bright red velvet and gold dancing outfit complete with red lipstick, red bling jewelry and a big red flower in her hair.

I had to laugh. "You dressed to match with your eye?"

"YES! Isn't it great?" she enthused.  "And look, it makes my hazel eyes look more green! I always wanted green eyes."

Now that's what a call a great fashion statement.  I hope if that happens to me, I can face it as well as she.
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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all other obligatory festive greetings, wishes and hopes for the best - just finished taking down my tree and my living room looks so empty without it, always surprising how quickly we adjust to something being 'normal' to have it there.

Germs knocked me out for a couple days, bleahhhh.... but one nice part of it was as I was laying in my bed being miserable my daughter came and propped up her laptop then started a the Big Finish audio in which Six meets Evelyn for the first time and then they go on an adventure involving Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth... So I can FINALLY say I've heard a bit of the Audios, though not nearly enough for my preference as an hour later when she was no longer in the house I made the mistake of hitting the pause button for a moment...and the computer went to its login and I didn't have her password and Six and Evelyn were loooost to meeeeeee.... Hopefully I'll get to hear the rest of it later, now I want to know what happened. I do like Six when he isn't being blindingly rainbow and dogged by a whiny Peri.

Here's to another year, onward into the fray we go!
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Hugs and thank yous to all who expressed their support - my hubby is safely home now and recuperating nicely on the recliner with his laptop and blankets, so far so good. Nice to have him home and looking much better. Now we just have to convince the cat to not knead any sore spots.

One nice bonus that came out of all that hanging around the hospital twiddling my thumbs was getting my [ profile] calufrax recommendations for next week pretty much written out, which had been threatening to become something I was going to regret signing up for because I was wondering when I would have a chance to do them - now I get to look forward to next week happily instead as they are nearly ready to roll. All I have to do is hope whomever is doing this week doesn't snag any of 'mine'. Going to doublecheck that, I THEN found out one of my own stories was rec'd there this past week, the TARDIS-centric Knowing Her Place, which is enough happy-writer-review-rocket-juice to keep me floating for some time. ^_^ With little starbursts and rainbows!

Spent the evening writing a Three-n-Jo adventure thing, but I don't really know why... now it's a four-page fragment with no story to go with it, so one more thing on the back burner. But darnit, it was fun. I guess that's why! Maybe I can park it inside one of my other WIPs. Sorry I missed this [ profile] fic_rush, I hope everyone had a good time.
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Well, today my hubby goes in for surgery and I get to spend the day hanging about a hospital 'waiting'... sort of like being at an airport except with less luggage. Taking my bookbag stuffed with things to read, write and edit, kind of wishing I'd taken up knitting or something else portable. I have reccs for Calufrax coming up this month, so maybe I can get those done.

The surgery thing isn't serious and all should be well, they're taking out precancerous stuff *before* it went bad. Whole thing is kind of surreal for both of us though and I must say I have the more comfortable part.

I feel like Annie singing "tomorrow! tomorrow!" - this will be done and my mom will be visiting and I'll hopefully be headed to the beach for a good time with the ladies from my church family, as he logically pointed out there was no point in my missing it just to watch him sleep. Here's to no complications, and for this good weather to continue long enough for us to get to go out and properly soak some of it up. Hope all of you have a very nice weekend.


Apr. 17th, 2010 08:02 pm
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Sigh. Just figures if my children are going to be generous and share their germs it would just have to take me down on the most gorgeous sunny Saturday. What a waste of lovely sunshine, sleeping it away.

Also results in odd brain meanderings, like Three and Jo mixed up with High School Musical...something about the Doctor telling Jo she had to try to blend in with the students whilst he was going to be a substitute. Somehow I don't think that one's making the cut for things to spend time actually writing.

One good point, I had to kill time doing something low energy so I watched Horns of Nimon (perfect cheese) and Bing Crosby-Bob Hope's Road to Utopia - good fun, though I still think Road to Morocco is the best of the lot.

Maunder, blather, yawn. Hope all is well for the rest of you out there!
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All my kids and myself have been down this past week with what we figure is that H1N1 Germ of Trufflehunting. Not too bad in severity but it's the lingering on...and on...and on thing that's driving us stir-crazy. What a waste of a week! Sleep, cough, drink tea, try to write a little, work on Etsy...sleep...rinse and repeat. Very tired of not being able to think clearly.

On the other hand, the timing could be said to be fortuitous for we'd just received a Box of Wonderfulness Revisited in the mail, to wit - 9 Doctor Who tapes, all Fifth Doctor as he was the one we were missing the most of. Just spent the better part of an otherwise useless day with my kids, all of us heaped around a television to enjoy 'Warriors of the Deep' 'Black Orchid' and 'Enlightenment'. Yaaay, Fivey! We'll survive this yet, with the help of the Doctor, right?
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A germ hath taken away my voice. Arrrgh!

I used to get laryngitis about once a year, then it was less and less until I forgot about it. Definitely back with a vengeance. Silly thing is whenever I whisper to people (because it's all I can do, darnit) they usually whisper back. Everything's been very secretive around here. X-D

Poor little parakeets were very confused when I uncovered them this morning and couldn't even give them a 'good morning' - I belatedly remembered I could at least whistle at them, which really set them burbling. Same approach doesn't work with the family, sadly.



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