Jun. 21st, 2016 04:38 pm
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We sadly lost Millie the Millet Muncher a couple weeks ago, and the remaining two budgies were morose without her, so I checked with a local bird rescue lady and she had some to look at. We picked out a happy, bouncy little fellow and he's been just an absolute joy. Rhubarb and Treacle-cake are getting along with him just fine. He's bright neon yellow on the back and bright neon green on the front.

His name is Splink. Hee hee.

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Gosh I love Etsy - lookie, lookie!   A TARDIS cincher?  Now I seriously want one of these, with the matching capelet of course. 


Vworp out, baby!
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One of the various things that we've been getting up and running at the church of late is a "women's group" - the old one sort of faded away when the leadership got burned out and no one stepped up to continue it, so we're trying again with a new approach. An ingredient in these once-a-month meetings (besides lots of tasty food and such) is a 'craft' or 'skill' teaching.  The women have been called upon to think of something they know how to do that they can teach to the others in about 45 minutes or less.

I have no such skills, apparently.

All I can think of are things like writing and singing and dancing - none of which work for this kind of thing.  I'm not really into little crafts and I can't teach art in such a short time to non-artists... History is too huge a topic, gardening doesn't translate to indoors... er... um...

Darn.  The only thing I can come up with at this point is maybe showing them how to clean and repair their books?? I feel so useless!  I don't think a chart about the convoluted timeline of Doctor Who will work here.   I wonder how I can work the Geek / Useless Trivia factor into this? 

As a side note, I did score a gorgeous green and silver hipscarf at a bellydance show this past weekend, so that was nice.
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On the recommendation of lost_spook, I obtained a copy of Adrian Plass' "Why I Follow Jesus" and it is fast taking its place among my Very Favorites at a prodigious rate for a newcomer to the literary fold.  Not that I'm terribly surprised, as Mr. Plass rarely disappoints.

And, to top it off, I had a complete YES! Someone Understands! moment reading it last night:

"In one of the desk drawers beside my chair I squirrelled away a delicious collection of stationery articles which I planned to try very hard never to use.  I have always been irresistibly drawn to stationery counters in newsagents' shops.  I'm a loony about stationery.  I love it all. I love the rubber bands and the sticky labels and the pencil sharpeners and the staple guns and the Blu-Tack and the drawing pins and the neat little packs of envelopes.  I love their fiddly, twiddly, functional little beingness, and I love having them stowed away in MY drawer. Yes, I do!"

For you see, I still have some sweet little colored clips and stationery and fancy pens that I've managed to almost never use for about 20 years now. I have the very last pages of very favorite stationery squirrelled away from childhood. I have unused novelty erasers from the 70s. And I love them all.  Yes, I do! I cannot escape a stationery store unscathed, I always end up buying an interesting pen, or a little sketchbook, or cute post-its, or....something. 

I love their twiddly, fiddly beingness. Do you?
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Happy Geek Day!

My blue "Doctor Hoo" t-shirt with all eleven Doctor Owls on it arrived in the mail just in time for it, I am so happy with it!  My kids keep repeating "I am SOOO JEALOUS!" though, so somehow I doubt I'll be able to keep this adorable shirt all to myself.

Hoo hoo!

What's the geekiest thing you own?  I think my geekiest of geek is still my mane hair from Shadowfax, in a tiny spice bottle with a label.  Ha! It's so stupid and cool at the same time.
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My son has a childhood friend visiting from CA, one of those times when you know they used to have a lot in common/two peas in a pod/the two amigos - but time passes and kids turn into teens and I wondered how it would go if interests had diverged too widely. Would they have enough common ground for any of that old affinity?

He arrived and was given a tour of the house, stepped into our library and saw... a bookcase stuffed top to bottom with ALL of Doctor Who on vhs tapes. Arm waving! Shrieking of "DOCTOR WHO!" and random bounding around the room hugging everyone in a euphoria of geekiness!!

I think we're okay. ;-)
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Apologies if I've missed anything momentous here the last few days, trying to keep up with the yard and helping sort out the stuff from my grandma's estate have really snarfed my happy-lurky time of late - but I Need YOU, flist!

Our youth group's annual dessert auction is coming up this next Sunday and we're ready to roll up our sleeves and come up with something that is both edible and interesting to bring a good price.  We haven't topped our cat-litter pan with crumbled edible 'litter' and tootsie-roll turds in it yet, but I'm willing to try. Maybe a Dalek cake? Sadly there are only a couple Whovians who would recognize them.

Ideas? Things you've seen done that don't involve fondant/ many pounds of frosting/ miraculous baking skills? Humor is good.
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Well, I guess the Geek Season truly has shifted - I not only have my Third Doctor plushie, I've actually stopped at a shop with my daughters so we could look for a properly ruffled vintage shirt for my son, who has happily agreed that if his sisters can find the proper pieces, he would wear a Three-like bit of fashion. We just bought even *more* classic episodes.

And I'm seriously thinking I'll sell my LOTR toybiz collection. They haven't been out for a long time. Anyone want a boxful, cheap? Let me know. I still think they're pretty cool and love the detailing in them but...well, I've somewhat moved on. Gotten past the "keep ANYTHING Rings oriented" phase some time ago and now getting pickier about what I'll keep from the pile.

I would love to find someone new to Rings, someone who has just discovered it and has that fire and passion for that world, just to bequeath some of the geekier things to an appreciative person who didn't get to have a crack at them when they were still in the stores.

Now? Well, unconfirmed reports of someone in Portland having a police box on their front porch made us all grin like loons and wish we had one too.

Such are the Seasons of Geek!
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Having recently had a family b-day that involved seasons 3 and 4 of Stargate SG-1 entering the household (woot!), we got going on a bit of tongue-twisting silliness last night:

Nox in Socks )

Heh. I never did work in my baffles, snafus or flocks yet - maybe another version after a bit.


May. 15th, 2005 08:32 pm
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Just back home from a rather long drive back from Seattle and playing catch-up - I've tried scanning over what everyone has been up to, but can't take the time to reply everywhere (((flist)))...

Tolcon was a teensy con, not even 150 of us, but very well organized and run so it was more of a 'cozy' feel than an irritation to have it so small - we were all quite pampered. Peter Lyon from Weta was there to show us slides of the swords he had made and to tell some great stories, and Kiran Shah was a hoot! Kiran has quite a few good tales too tell and has done so many things over the years, plus he's just a real sweetheart. He was only able to tell us a very little about his work on Narnia, but had lots of other stuff to say. We enjoyed him so much, and he seemed to really like it too - he,Peter & Ted Nasmith just hung out with all of us for three days and said if they were invited back they would definitely want to come. :-)

Won a couple gollums in the "Stump Gandalf" event, displayed my artwork for the first time and got to have Ted Nasmith judge it... Ted, btw, is a *fabulous* singer! I had no idea he could play and sing so beautifully - I liked that even better than his artwork. All of us were asking him when he would record a cd so we could buy it.

Also had the Dork of the Rings there, part of the cast and the crew came out from Indiana for the con and showed us their 'making of' and trailer. It was quite a fun parody - watch for this one, you'll probably enjoy it. They were a part of the fan-films that were shown, including a new director's cut of Journey to Microdor which was much better than the one they had at ORC.

If any of you want a good friendly con where you can really spend time with the guests of honor, dance until midnight and never have to stand in line for anything, this is the one. :-)
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I really don't know quite what to do - I feel like I know all of you so much better because of your LJ entires, but then I'm always lurking instead of posting myself which feels a tad unfair. And yet I have a hard enough time keeping up with what I need to care for online that I also find I have little time to just 'play and socialize, or write. :-/ My own fault, but it's hard to choose what to bow out of, what to fade out of and what to just take the time to maintain, it's all of value to me. How does one discard diamonds in favor of emeralds?

All that aside, I laugh at my resolve in December that I would begin posting more regularly here and renew that resolve anyway. The holidays are past, and I finally found the photo lithium batteries I needed to make my Master Replicas Sting glow all blue and hum... waaaay cool! It's even cooler than I thought it would be. I just kept wandering around my house with this blue, humming sword in my hand, I didn't want to put it down! I've mounted it on the wall in my library now, with my Weta figures, a sort of little LOTR shrine, LOL.

"My library" - I still can't get over that I have one. This house is so big I wonder that I am living here! We've ordered not one, not two, but THREE new bookcases for the library, and I know I have enough overflow books to fill one of them. The others are for growing room, and to be able to spread out my collection with little objects d' art (or strange whatnot I find here and there) in between, a luxury I've never had.

Someday my kids will be grown, and my body will protest when I go up and down the stairs, and I will look out over this fabulous yard and groan about caring for it BUT Not This Day! This is the season to stretch out a little, to be able to be hospitable, to stash away a few memories for those older days.

I can't wait to see what pops out of the ground in the Spring - I have no idea what there might be. We had a snippet of sunshine yesterday and I trimmed back half the grape arbor, it was so peaceful, and checked to see if the weird sproingy corkscrew grass I found at a nursery in the fall is still alive. So far so good! I need to learn how to use my greenhouse too...always admired them, but never had one to play with.
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While I really do try to not be yet another "so sorry everyone, but I haven't had time to post anything here" - well... sometimes I end up among that milling throng anyway. I have managed to skim and read many of the other folks posts, at least.

Just back from Seattle last night having had an utterly delightful evening at the NW Tolkien Society's private reception for Alan Lee - though we were all rather in awe of him being there at first and it took a while to get up the nerve to speak to him. He was so gracious you just wanted to take him home and let him sort of bump around the corners in your house, drawing whatever he liked to his hearts content. I asked him about the "other" panels that were painted for the Rivendell set, as I knew there were others besides Isildur that we see so much of. He seemed very pleased with the query and carried on at some length about them each being one of the turning points in Elvish history, and the one I had seen a glimspe of ("a landscape of some sort" was all I could offer) was Eregion.

"Do you recall how they walk past those marvelous ruins, after they've left Rivendell..." he said softly, "I thought to myself, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could see those ruins before they fell into such decay. Yes, that panel was that tower, if you will, a part of the city that was later called Hollin. It showed the Noldorian Elves fleeing, after the Ring had been forged, in that war that occurred..." He said he had done another single panel of Sauron forging the Ring, and one of the Elven ships in a storm also. Wow! How I wish I could see them!

My daughter was with me but she was in such awe of him she never said a peep - even when he took her hand and said he was very pleased to meet her and tried to get her to respond, she was so overwhelmed. She said later she felt like that young man in Ever After when he goes looking for Da Vinci and faints. I had to nudge her when we went to his booksigning afterwards and during his slide-show he commented that Leonardo Da Vinci was a personal hero of his and he was "very attached" to his sketchbooks. He showed us photos of some of the other pages in Saruman's book that were never seen in the movie - gorgeous work, his homage to Da Vinci.

After the booksigning our little group gave him a basket of goodies including a terra-cotta chia hobbit foot that made him giggle like a little boy and give us all hugs - my only contribution to the basket was carrying it in from the car in the rain, but hey, I'll take a hug from Alan Lee if he offers it!

Now - on a slightly different topic: We've found an *amazing* music video for Boromir that Lin and the other Boromir fans *must* see...but bring your kleenex. Very well done, over here, choose "Boromir's Last Stand."


I'm off to continue packing...the never-ending story. Only four more days til we shift to sleepin' an' cookin' over there, which will make it feel much more like we've really moved.
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Another day whipping past - took yet another load of 'stuff' from one house to the other and wrangled it up the stairs, installed a light fixture and hung a cabinet then ran to get assorted chores done before picking up kids... wish it didn't get dark so soon this time of year! At least I don't have to worry about snow or something, living where it's very temperate.. around here "winter" is about 40 degrees. The thermometer seems to drop to about 40 and just stays there for months!

Hoorah for Ringers - My daughter and I get to see Alan Lee in Seattle on Dec. 9, thanks to the generosity of Lalaith and her sister. I can't get over how many lovely people there are out there sometimes. :-)

I've gathered enough funds that I could go to ORC in Pasadena, but am still hesistating... I fear the only folks I'll know are the 'party crowd' - I'm not much of a convention person, but if there was a nice table I could sit at and just *talk* to others as they came by, I would be very happy! That's the only reason I would really want to go - to see the other Ringers. The music and autographs and panels and such just don't pull me in, I guess.

So- is it worth all that time and money to go, hoping there will be someone 'mootable' there? Are any of *you* going to be there? And if so, do you need a roomie? ;-) If you don't mind having someone who might read you poetry while you're trying to fall asleep, that is. That drove Holbytla crazy, heh.


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