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I'm growing a small amount of fuzz!  It's not enough to go hatless yet, but I am encouraged that my follicles are back in business.

Next week is chapter two of my Unwanted Adventure, as I'll be starting radiation 5 days a week clear into January - people ask me questions about how I'll be feeling and how much is will restrict me, etc. and all I can do is shrug and say "I have no idea! I've never done this before! I'm a radiation noob."

I kind of feel sorry for the nurses who obviously have to deal with people of a, erm, 'less educated' variety as they started out reassuring me that it would not make me glow or make it dangerous to be around family and friends. Seriously.  o.0  When I responded with laughing at the ludicrousness of the idea and telling them I was well aware of that they relaxed and were suddenly much more informative on real details.  But....seriously....?  There are people who would think it would make them glow???
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I am apparently only recognizable by my hair.  I was at the church processing some books for the library and stopped in at a meeting to enjoy the music for a few minutes.  Three people there admitted after I came up and spoke with them that they "wondered who that new lady was in the hat, then realized it was you!" 

"Um, yes. Me, you know, the lady in a hat because she has no hair."  Argh!  I've known them for over a decade too.  This is so weird.

I'm getting ready for Sunday service this morning and almost don't want to go just to avoid all the commentary.  It's going to be hot and I don't want the scratchy wig but a cotton wrap just makes it more obvious. Wahhhh. My ego apparently whines as it is squished.
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Got a message from someone regarding one of the vintage items I have listed for sale online.  They ask "Can you tell me where I can find something like this except NEW?"

Um. Get a time machine and go back 20+ years?  It's like....y'know... listed at a shop that only sells vintage?  Vintage, like, y'know, USED?  Like, duh?  Mine's in good shape, how about you just buy that one?

*shakes head at the silliness of humanity*
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Making my morning coffee, I just absently picked up the nearest spoon to stir it.  Turned out that was also the spoon I'd just used to give Pi-cat her morning treat of catfood.

Just what I always wanted, that exotic piquant of chicken giblets in my latte.  Mmm. Not.

What's amusing to me is I've been using the same spoon for both for some time now to simply save on one more dirty dish with each morning, but I always (always always) *rinse the spoon* first.  And I remember telling myself "One of these days I'll forget to rinse the spoon and end up with catfood in my coffee."  Like, you know, today.  ;-)   I don't listen to myself any better than my kids do sometimes, lol!
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So...I sell stuff online on Etsy, which means I need a reasonably good digital camera on tap. My old Canon has been plugging along for eons, still working well but as it had lost its little protective door over the lens years back and all the little labels were wearing off, my DH gifted me with a new Sony one for Christmas. Yay, says I - it's nice and light and cute!

Thus Sony enters as supposed champion and promptly falls off their horse )

Muse google

Feb. 8th, 2012 11:39 am
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I was attempting to work on a WIP chapter and hitting a snag, reflexively opened up a Google tab.

Only to realize I was apparently attempting to google my *own story* to see how it went or something, you, in the I could write it....

Gah! Really, brain?
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Note to self: Never leave the windex spritzer next to the plant spritzer.

I was talking on the phone and just absent-mindedly spritzed all of my little houseplants with window-cleaner.



My poor little plant-babies! I did manage to remain relatively calm on the phone while at the same time frantically rinsing them in the sink. They all got a bath and were put back in their row along the window in the sunlight. Then my mom called right afterwards and while talking with her.... I did it AGAIN!

Egads. They're probably all wondering What The Heck is Going On today as they all got ANOTHER deep rinse in the sink within the space of half an hour. I hope they live.

*puts windex AWAY*....
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Dreamed that an alarm clock was going off and someone was asking me "Where is that alarm coming from? Is it yours?"

Woke up because I had to check my alarm clock to be sure it wasn't going off. At 4:15 am.


On the good side, it's Friday!
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And here I was actually contemplating getting a paid LJ account. Egads.

The Russian news release indicating that they are very likely not going to be backing down from their goal of opening up our cosy, private LJ firesides to the blaring, sterile, echoing caverns of Facebook I do believe a migration to Dreamwidth may be in order.
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Slightly irked here.

The people that coordinate appointments for folks to come get food from our Food Cupboard accidently scheduled some on a day we weren't open. Efforts were made to notify and correct.

That night our modulars were broken into. Ironically, they couldn't get into the actual food area and ended up ruining the door that goes into the *other* modular, which only held school supplies and stuff for the cub scouts. They ate the cub scout snack (a box of granola bars)and then proceeded to *spray paint* all over the interior and leave a 'message' to "respect the homeless"!... also a note "sorry, but we were hungry."

Yeah. Sorry. So sorry you just had to vandalize us and steal precious monetary resources in repairs that could have been food. Free food by the way. From a small and not wealthy congregation. Yeah.

We respect the homeless, apparently a lot more than this particular set respects us back.


Jun. 7th, 2007 02:12 pm
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Things are going from bad to grim. The state of Hawaii just seized my dad's entire savings. We have nothing left but the value of whatever inventory we can sell if no one wants the customer base and business. I've contacted our lawyer to see if anything can be done, but I expect not, governments being what they are.


Someone post me something cheerful, please.
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My brother and I had to hire more than one person along the way to make sense of all the records my dad left behind of his business, inventory and contacts. We've finally got it done and all papers, records, affadavits, certificates, etc. done and the business is listed for sale -

Within two days of our listing it, the landlord reneged on his former promises that we could keep the store for the summer at the same rent rate my dad was paying him all these years, to have time to sell the business... but he is now *tripling* the rent as of the first of July.

We've suddenly gone from "whew, listed at last, now maybe things are looking up" to "$@%&@!"

My brother has flown back to Maui to shove things into boxes and arrange a storage facility for the inventory, to find a moving company, to work with our suddenly panicked broker, to rally my dad's friends to help us box and move things.

My dad would have roasted that man over a slow fire, without benefit of marinade. As my brother said to him, "We aren't a retail store! We're just some relatives trying to do what's right to resolve this. We don't have that kind of cash." The response? ""

Aiyiyi. We haven't even gotten his ashes interred yet and already we've lost his store, probably to someone very upscale and not at all fitting with the old cowboy town. My heart just hurts. I hate greed. Hate it, hate it!


Mar. 23rd, 2006 06:28 am
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I really, really hate laws that keep people from saying plainly what is happening.

Argh! )

I know this will pass, that the school will survive. I think this is a good thing in the end, for by it we are rid of a mess and are the better for it, but it sure hurts getting that old rotten tooth pulled.

How have you dealt with confidentiality gagging?


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