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After some pondering and reading up on what various folks are doing regarding the new Russian language TOS at LJ, I've decided to go ahead and pull the rest of the way out of it, DWth is already my main bloggy home, my blog is already backed up here and the crossposting to LJ was fun but is not really necessary. 

As expressed well elsewhere, I feel I should be more sad about that than I am.  End of an era, farewell LiveJournal.
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Instragram must be truly on its way out as A Thing, I can tell because I finally learned how to use it. When us old folks arrive, the Cool Factor falls into the basement, but hey - I did posts of each of the expected topics (nature, cat, dessert).

Gerrout o' Instragram ya whippersnappers, go on and do that next Thing in your virtual cardboard clubhouse before we follow you again!
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Spent a couple afternoons poking intermittantly at imovie in my ongoing attempts to comprehend the usefulness of my new macbook thing. Made Baby's First Movie by using random footage of my cat on my lap gleaned from the "oh, I found the camera!" moments, adding sound effects, music, credits, etc. Kind of like it, in an odd sense of the word. The whole thing definitely has promise (imovie, not my er..."movie"...) I can see why so many people like to mess around with making vids of stuff in their life now that we have tools like this readily available.

Still feel like an old dog struggling to learn that new trick, but getting there.
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My shiny new friend is a macbook, so I'm having to relearn some basics on how to get around my virtual neighborhood, - it's kind of like shifting between driving an automatic and a stick, I can make it go but everything is in a different spot.

I had a mac years and years ago, back when the SE was an exciting thing instead of a putty-colored doorstop but I'm a bit rusty on the whole Apple shindig.  Got Audacity on it today, now to figure out what's a good microphone/headset that will be compatible - I haven't recorded for Librivox for FIVE blinkin' years (couldn't believe it had been that long!) and I really want to get back into it now that I can take my computer to a quiet corner instead of being trapped in the most noisy part of the house.

Anyone have recommendations for a good headset for recording voice?
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Hm, I glanced back over my recent posts and found there were only maybe two in a month and they tending to be about foodstuffs in one way or another.  How very banal, I thought, food?  All I need to add is pictures of cute kittens and exhortations to 'change the world' by clicking on some sort of pathetic looking place/person/animal and I'd really be a lost cause.

On the good side, I got a shiny laptop for my recent bday!  I hope this means I will be able to reconnect a bit as I won't have to fight for the family computer in the kitchen to do so.  A lady I swim with at the pool in the mornings talked about how she was doing a doodle-a-day challenge thing to make herself start using her dormant art skills again and it rather inspired me to try.... something.  Not sure what yet.  But reconnecting with the expression that can be carried out through things like DWth is a start.
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Okay, I fully admit to being the internet equivalent of a verrrrry slow dinosaur here, but I'm thinking of getting a twitter account - I've never even used twitter thus far - and am sort of circling it cautiously, poking it with a stick.

Question to you twitter people - does it create a lot of spam? I'm trying to figure whether to risk linking it to my email, or whether that will get out into the wild and become a spam target if I do.
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Gosh, this has been such a long slog from January, I'm seriously looking forward to spring break at the end of the month just so I don't have to drive kids here there and everywhere for a few days.  Can't complain about the weather though, it's been a really mild winter and now it's a lovely, mild day, perfect for grubbing out chickweed and repotting some houseplants.  Got some funky long rubber mats for our front steps to replace the anti-slip strips, they look like a wrought iron leafy design and it really dresses it up, that and a couple new pinwheels and it's positively cheerful.

And I got a walkman! I'm a techie dinosaur to my kids, heck, I still have a drawer full of cassettes, so moving to an mp3 player of my own is quite the leap into the space-age by comparison, lol...gradually learning how to work the thing, amused by thinking to myself that at last I can participate in those memes where they want you to put your player on shuffle and do things with the results.  We must keep our priorities straight, after all! :-D

We've also had another church join us in our building to share the space starting this past week - I went to their Bible study last week just to meet some of them and they were a hoot, looking forward to making that a regular thing, I'm always up for a good study, they're always fun and/or interesting.  This weekend we're doing a St. Pat's day potluck with the two congregations so folks can get to know one another, so far so good.  Our preschool is really struggling to find students (or rather, families who can afford to pay for preschool) so it's nice to have something working well.
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So, it appears I am in need of a new office chair for here in front of my ol' Dell, the previous one was a hand-me-down from my brother that finally gave up the ghost from one too many violent flops into it by my teen son.

The problem is, where do I find a good chair that will be ergonomic and all that jazz that is for a woman-sized torso instead of for a 6-foot man?  I want arm-rests, but they are invariably too high for me because I'm just not that tall/long for instance.  All the chairs I poked through at the local office supply place were either meant for men, meant for extra-large men or were super cheapo with no arm-rests.  What gives? I know there's a LOT of women in front of computers out there.

Any tips, hints or womanly wisdom here?  Where did you gals find your chairs? Do you like them?
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My folks are visiting us for Christmas and as a part of her being here I managed to get my mom to set up a DWth account, as [personal profile] tulipsandquilts - a process that really opened my eyes to how complicated some of what I do all the time really is!

I've grown so accustomed to working with this particular bloggy-thing, whether in its LJ or DWth incarnation, that taking her step by step through things like the fact the blog needs a 'name' and what an icon is, how you add people and how you configure things and...and...yikes. No wonder non-computery people are sometimes intimidated by it.

When you think about it, this is really quite the futuristic, advanced life-form kind of thing to be doing. All that we need are some nice holodecks and photon torpedos and jet-packs now. Or at least one of those buttons like Mrs. Jetson had that smashed everything on the dinner table and swept it all into a hole - I want futuristic housecleaning to go with my futuristic communications now.
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Our church secretary has had to rather abruptly step down from the job due to her husband suddenly falling ill due to what turned out to be cancer. We naturally let her go! The end result, however, is a loose group of disorganized people with good intentions trying to cover all the various things she did. So far the only useful contribution I've been able to offer was to come in on Fridays to help fold and stuff bulletins, but it would be golden if we had anyone who could work with MS Publisher to keep the newsletter going.

SO... I haven't said anything yet, but I'm thinking I might try to tackle that one, newsletters/stuff to write and read being a trend in my life, IF Publisher isn't as boneheaded and irritatingly non-compliant with the wishes of the user as most Microsoft products are - in other words, if I can figure it out and make it do what I want without ripping out my hair.

That said, any of you use Publisher? Is it Stoopid and Recalcitrant? Or is it understandable and usable? I'm going to hunt for something like a tutorial online.
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Hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend is a good one - cold and wet here (what else? Someone apparently forgot to pay the Sunshine bill this spring). 

Watching over the very last of my grade-school library being boxed up, found three schools that were happy to give them a good home - doing better with it as time passes, stiff upper lip and all that, and I've made some progress in sorting things out with the tiny number of people who have expressed the opinion that churches no longer NEED libraries anyway, as "everyone just looks things up online nowdays".   (To a librarian, them's fightin' woids...)

I'm hoping to have the new church library up and running by September.

It was about this point that a Bright rainbow of Library Happiness came in -

BookishSquee!  Oh bless the fellow who came up with this - I am so incredibly tickled with it!  Got a lifetime account set up for my church, and one for me as well, added a random handful of books I had near my computer to give it a test drive and am SO pleased with the layout and ease of use and... everything! I love how you can even note what you are currently reading and find others reading the same book and talk about it to make a book discussion group. Coolness and delight! 

I can even use the direct link to the collection on our church website to direct people to it and they won't need a password or anything to browse from wherever they are. *boing*

Kitty dots

May. 20th, 2011 06:47 am
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Pi-cat climbed into my lap while I was typing and demanded a pet, but every time I tried to scrub the permanently-in-need-of-petting spots on her head, her head would whip from side to side. What?

Finally realized the sun was reflecting off my watch so if I pet her head a bright DOT of light appeared on the wall and moved around enticingly only to disappear again when I pulled my hand back *because* her head was following the DOT so closely.

Cat-brain = fascination with DOTS OF LIIIIIGHT.


Oh, and the cursor moving around on the screen, of course, which makes me occasionally wish I had a transparent cat so I wouldn't be rubbernecking all around a cat's legs and tail like a ground-squirrel on drugs just to see where to click.
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And here I was actually contemplating getting a paid LJ account. Egads.

The Russian news release indicating that they are very likely not going to be backing down from their goal of opening up our cosy, private LJ firesides to the blaring, sterile, echoing caverns of Facebook I do believe a migration to Dreamwidth may be in order.
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I love the net - my son is jazzing himself up for his last day of school by voluntarily wearing slacks, vest, frilly tuxedo shirt and bow tie. This is uber-cool, BUT neither of us knew how to tie a bow tie.  Oh woe, alack, alas.... ticky ticky tick Aha! Yes, it exists - with step by step pictures showing how to tie a bow tie. It's like having access to all of the knowledge of the Borg without all of the uncomfortable head-gear.
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I just checked my profile/acct. info at youtube and found they'd sprinkled it with yet MORE ticky-boxes that they had helpfully checked for me (like the "Yes I want advertising..."). I recommend anyone else who hates the concept of 'tailored advertising' (i.e. spying on what you look at and where you go) may also want to do a few updates and opt-outs.

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We've had a Canon video camera for a little bit that we've never really used because we didn't have anything with the 'firewire' capability to get the blamed stuff off of the camera to someplace useful where we could play with it, like on a computer. Now we finally do - This means I need to learn how to use it after all - my dream eventually is to somehow, some way find out how I can record footage from old vhs tapes to play with.

Any of you have something like this? Any advice on what software to use for conversion, or for editing any resulting usable footage? Is it horribly complicated and full of pot-holes or understandable by a slow-learner (like me)?
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Hey all you librarian types out there (and you know who you are - ha!) Take your nose out of that book just for a moment and tell me if you've heard of any kind of software for *small* libraries with limited budgets - my antiquated Auto-Librarian (ick) is horrid and as I am going to be getting both a better computer (and internet, woot!) I am shopping around for something better, especially as I'm going to be setting up a small library for yet another church/school this year.

Danke! Mucho!
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To prove I can talk about something other than Percy - We've been working on updates for our boards and looking at the myriad ways one can try to outsmart the spam-bots (those 'type in the warped letters' things don't work anymore) - one of the simple ones was called 'The Humanizer' - it asks you one question, "Are You Human?" which you toggle yes or no. Seeing as it is only a matter or time until the bots are programmed to toggle one or the other, allowing at least half of them to get through, we are taking it a step beyond that.

I've put together an array of pictures, and they will soon be in an array of about 12 pictures a new registree will see. All a bot will know is here's a bunch of unlabeled images with boxes by them. A human being however can read "Click the boxes by all the pictures of Hobbits" and get in. Half of the pictures are hobbits, randomly sorted each time. The other half? In honor of Linaewen, they are images of cheese.

If a person can't tell the difference between Hobbits and Cheese, do we want them on our boards anyway? I think not. ;-)
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Woo! I just found out that a message had been buried in old emails and my first attempt at a homemade avatar pack being offered for other boards wasn't rejected after all (I thought the response was a deafening silence) - They've released it as an avatar set on the phpbb forums.

It's a set of 162 80x80 gardening/flower/plant avatars made almost entirely from pictures of my yard and the plants that some of my neighbors have growing out in front, with a couple others tossed in for fun. I'm just so pleased that others may use them - I've never been able to share something that way before. :-) I originally developed it for an avatar gallery at the One Small Garden forums. "Garden"
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The last couple days we've been finally upgrading my computer from the old Windows-Me to XP; It's so strange to only have part of my familiar desktop goodies available as we work on reproducing all that gradual customization that you get on your own comp, like walking into your living room to discover half the furniture is gone and the walls are a different color.

Does anyone else find it strangely disorienting to have changes on their computer? You would think a "virtual world" wouldn't seem so strange to remodel.

I like my glowing books icon - I think I'll use it, even though they aren't computers.


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