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Where yesterday was spent in a never-ending cycle of battling the incoming rainwater, today was a never-ending packing, hauling and moving furniture to pull up the carpet.  36 u-haul boxes of books later we wrangled the bookcases into the garage and then started in on furnishings.  More to do tomorrow.  Every muscle in my body aches and I had to crawl up the stairs to go to bed, this is ridiculous. 

Wherever I go in the future, I hope it will NOT have a basement.  Or be by a river.  Or under a waterfall.  Or in a fishbowl.
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Apparently a huge snow melt immediately followed by large quantities of endless rain was too much for my basement - got up early yesterday to find all the carpets going squishy and water seeping from parts of the walls in the laundry room. 0.o  Ran a marathon until bedtime of "put down towels - spin other towels dry in washer - pull up wet towels and replace with spun ones - rinse and repeat".  Thank God my sump pump and washing machine kept up.  At one point my son said "Did you just pat the sump pump on the head?" "Yes, yes I did.  He's a Good Boy."

Water seepage included my library, we were scrambling to put all the lower level books into plastic bags because that's all we could do at that point, I was like the Little Dutch Boy with the finger in the dyke between towels and the wet-vac and couldn't stop.  Today we've spent all day packing and moving things upstairs because we'll have to pull up the carpet, it's horrible... BUT I only lost ONE book, a big timeline book with history fold-outs, it was too big to be on a regular shelf and by the time we found it there was no saving it.

What a job. Ugh. On the good side, this is the only time we've had this happen in the entire time we've lived here.
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Our area got a whopping 8 inches of snow since yesterday, which for us is unheard of - everything is at a complete standstill.  I bundled up before it got dark and waded down my long driveway to the mailbox but the mailman never made it apparently.  Lots of kids on sleds on the hill nearby and my cat has glued herself to me so if I even make a motion of possibly sitting down she literally comes running to get into my lap.

Got out to the birdfeeder in the back yard and cleared a circle around it so the ground-feeding little birds could get something to eat, the trees around me became an excited chorus of chirpings as I revealed the ground for them and they were all over that bit of earth as soon as I was back to the house.  Dumped some stale nuts out there for the squirrels as a way to get rid of them (the nuts, not the squirrels) and retreated back to where it was warm.

Very, very grateful right now for having a roof, windows and walls.  Oh, and hot macaroni-and-cheese with lots of freshly ground pepper.  Grateful for that too.
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AAAAAAaaaaa!  My library got the dvd of Enemy of the World - I've just seen it all the way through (twice!) and it's...

;lsakejfd;lsjf;lsajflsjfdalkjf;ls!   !!!  !   :-D   Yippie!  Woo! Jamie is made of awesome!  Two is made of Extreme Awesomesauce even as a bad guy!  Waaaawoooo yip yip!  Victoria is adorbs!  Yoicks! Wooooo!

Or something like that.

I want to purchase a copy now, this is just lovely stuff.  We expect an ice storm tomorrow, so I may just curl up with it for one more go before I have to give it back.
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Back in the 50s my church apparently went through a legalistic phase, the 'no smoking, no dancing, no makeup' kind of thing and of all of that only a lingering whiff of 'no dancing' was left by the time we came around to it.   For the past 20 years every time dancing came around (even the chicken dance at a party) there were always a few older people who had that 'I feel like I should feel guilty for dancing, but I don't, but what if there's an even OLDER person here who still thinks it is wrong?' reaction. 

Well, we have officially jumped the shark on that topic now - with the approval of my teaching bellydance to the ladies this coming January.  Talk about casting aside the old garment with flair!  Haha!  It's on a freewill donation basis to fund-raise for building updates, I'm quite curious to see how many actually sign up.  :-D  I'm actually quite astonished that they let it go through.

Hm - while watering plants outside this morning something stung my foot and now my little toe looks like a sausage... little toes are strange enough as it is, hopefully won't last long.
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Got a Verilux "happy light" recently, one of those full-spectrum panels that you sit near for about 15 minutes a day to help with seasonal depression - I never thought much about it except out of curiosity but my daughter was quite affected by all the grey we have here. Now that we have them (it came with a little baby sized one as a promo) I've found it seriously helps more than I expected.

Happy light is happy! We turn it on in the morning and have it shining for breakfast, it's so nice, I hate to turn it off. Good lighting for painting too, makes it much more true color.

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In spite of my best efforts my house always ends up awash in sweets other goodies over the holidays, I finally got down to business and threw out some of the remaining candies that were still here and there, tossed a handful of candy-canes (still have a pencil-cup-ful though) and sent some unopened things we were given to our local food cupboard.  Yay!

On the other hand, I found mincemeat filling on clearance at the local shop and ended up making not one but TWO mincemeat pies tonight.  My victories are apparently self-congratulatory and brief. 
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Pulled the turkey carcass we had out of the freezer and cooked it down for turkey-frame soup, lots of veggies and some parsnips to jazz it up. Singed my fingers a bit through impatience in it cooling enough to sift the bones out but it should make a nice hot dinner for everyone as they come home.

We had serious wind and rain the last couple of days, spent the morning hauling several wheelbarrows of fallen sticks and branches to clean the yard up - this was the first time in all our years here that the rain overwhelmed the drainage pipe and our driveway went underwater for a while, my inner child was sorely tempted to dig out some rubber boots and go High Level Puddle Jumping, should have done it!

Cool wind, lots of rain and mud, definitely soup weather.
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Glargh I am so tired of hot flashes... Y'see, I had an ovarian cyst out many, many moons ago and the result is (as was predicted) a slightly earlier than ususal array of Instant Visitations to the Spontaneous Tropical Vacation events every lady gets a few tickets to in the tail end of their life.  How in the world does a person dress for winter, all snuggly warm, when at any unexpected moment it is SUDDENLY 90 DEGREES AND I'M APPROACHING THE SURFACE OF THE SUN... and then it's just a typical cool winter again? 

I've taken to packing a folding fan with me everywhere I go because it isn't like I can just abruptly strip down to my skivvies in public settings or something. I have five or six in different colors now.  Fans that is, not skivvies.  
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We're in Phase Two of our large wintery thingy now, having graduated from Lots-a-Snow 101 we have Lots-a-Ice 102.  Sleet and freezing rain have successfully solidified all the drifty white drifts into concrete objects that only LOOK soft. Crunch, crunch, whoooop, argh is the usual progression if anyone is so foolish as to step outside.  My car is under a solid sheet of ice, so I doubt I could pry open the door if I tried to go anywhere anyway.

Hot tea. Warm cat. Sit in the recliner and watch the giant icicle forming on my back deck where warmth from the house has been melting one little spot so it trickles down into a pointy, formidable weapon indeed.  Would build a fire in the fireplace except that requires going outside (crunch crunch whoooop, argh) and prying ice-coated wood off the pile.
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Quite a bit of snow yesterday and last night, and more coming tonight, so I went out and swept a bunch of snow away in a circle around my birdfeeder out back and sprinkled seed for the ground-feeders, then added an extra suet block, some old pistachios we needed to get rid of and a chunked up peanut butter sandwich my daughter forgot about a couple days ago.  It's been nonstop out there, I'm seeing varieties of bird we almost never have come through, which is kind of cool.

I think this cold caught more than just us humans by surprise. My cat is unimpressed with getting her paws in the snow, though I also swept around her catflap she set a new record for the time between when she went out the front door and reappeared through the back catflap leaving "kitty rapidly bounding" marks around the edge of the house.
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Uh-oh, the Cold Winter of Doom that thus far we'd been able to hide from has apparently found us - quite the drop in temps and wow, look at all that white fluffy stuff out there!  A bit of a novelty.   I swept and salted the entry at the church so the few preschoolers we had and their families hopefully don't slip, some of the high school girls that usually wait on the property for their rides after school were huddled inside the narthex, can't blame 'em!  All the schools are out early and the roads are full of people creeping along at 10mph trying to not slide into one another.

Filled my birdfeeder out back and it already has a young squirrel and a handful of chickadees trying to get some food amid the snow, the little squirrel keeps getting blown over onto her nose when she tries to sit up to eat, obviously her first winter, the older ones are cozily holed up somewhere already.

Little yellow parakeet (now dubbed Lemondrop, slightly more complimentary than Lemonhead) is doing better every day, coming down to the middle of the cage instead of hiding up in the corner and even chirping a little if you talk to her.  I added a heating pad on low alongside the cage to help keep her warmer, so far so good - I'm figuring at this point on keeping them til spring to stabilize and forget about whatever it was they went through, then we'll see about maybe finding them a home of their own.

Time to make hot tea!


Jan. 28th, 2007 07:50 am
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The wind may be chill, but it has such an amazingly freshness to it this morning. Cold, clear, bright scents, as if sweeping off of a snow-and-fir clad mountain. I would hang my clothes out in it to dry, just to have them imbued with that heavenly scent if it weren't, well, so darn *cold*.
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Awoke this morning to a quiet dawn all feathered with white, powder-sugar piling up on the deck, making the cat hesistate on the sill and require a bit of a gentle boot to the rear to go out. Tip-toed into the kids rooms, whispering them awake with "Look out the window...", leaving them to their sleepy surprise and delight at the newly wintered world.

They slept on after for a time, snuggled into warm blankets. I donned my boots and coat, scattering cracked corn under the shelter of the firs for the little fun-n-feather ones, listened to the soft silence of a traffic-less sunrise punctuated only with the high shrieks of children somewhere nearby, sliding with delight on what had suddenly become a holiday. My rose hangs its head under a cap of white, petals browned by the cold, a robin sits within her thorny shelter and watches me.

The latch on the greenhouse door ) bears a little mound of perfect crystal snow that I am loath to disturb; the door edge trails over the drift in a perfect semicircle, a snow-angel wing. The tiny heater has been doing its work, and the air is milder. Inside, my plant-children huddle together on their wooden beds - there is ice in their watering-can, but one pink geranium ) manages to gently nod with a single winter bloom. The others look out at the snow piling upon the glass and sigh for spring, grateful that they aren't out there with the barren, browned grapevines. I stand with them for a while, watching the silent snow, I touch them, stroking away the dead leaves, and reassured they are comfortable reluctantly turn to go.

A pair of feline eyes ) watch me from the top of the woodshed, hoping to make a dash into that inner sanctum. She knows it is warm in there, she loves to sleep among the plants in the sunshine, but not today... I close the door and we go back together, up the snowy path among the silvered firs and ferns, me huddled in my coat and well-content, her with her fur fluffed wide, bounding for the cover of the eaves.

Snow day. A good morning.


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