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I am leveling up, I think. I now have my very own private dance student who comes to my place once a week, and I just got an invite from a pro dancer to meet at her place a few times so she can help teach me choreography tips and how to better use the stage space.
0.0 She says she wants me to dance at their holiday show.

I am simultaneously pleased and terrified.
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One of those miraculous amazing old gentle men from my church came and helped me install the boards for my front steps because I was concerned I'd get them crooked and someone would trip. They look fabulous! And golly he was fast - I'm still carefully tap-tap-tapping away at the nails to tack down one end of the boards and there he is with over half of his side done already. I am SO grateful!

Also, "I did the thing!" and pat myself on the back, which was performing a solo dance up in Ilwaco and it went beautifully. My daughter filmed it on her phone - not perfect, of course, but I'm surprisingly pleased with it. She got me to put it onto facebook (I rarely use fb) so she could share it. The Lavender Festival folks even transformed a tool shed into an amazing dressing room for the dancers and all the quaint outbuildings were decorated with beads, drapes, persian rugs, etc.

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I'm signed up for solo performance at an upcoming Lavender Festival, it's an outdoor stage at the coast so I'm not risking veils in the possible breeze but I made some nifty silk streamers for my wrists. I'm a slow bloomer, I guess - I've been dancing for eight years now but only performed as part of a group, so this is kind of a graduation to another level, where you need your own 'Nom de Dance' to register and get to pick your own music.

I'm happy and a little freaked out all at once, but it's good for me like vitamins for the soul.
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Golly Moses it's hot today - 102+ at the moment and supposed to hit 106, unusually toasty for here. I've been working on replacing rotten boards on my back deck but it's too hot to be outside so I ended up learning to make quick no-corn-syrup marshmallows. These things Happen when I end up in my kitchen unscheduled.

Did a recipe mash-up and made it with 3 pkts plain gelatin softened in 1/2 c. cold water. Added a generous dollop of vanilla, a dash of salt and about half a cup of honey then 3/4 c. boiling water. Dissolved, cooled and whipped with beaters for 15 minutes - ta-dah!

Ate too many marshmallows. I regret nothing. Wish I had graham crackers.

Tonight our dancers are going to the local high school to teach the football teams some Greek dance steps, we go each year and the coaches swear it helps the teamwork and footwork. O-PAH! They sent us a message promising they'd have the A/C cranked up.
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One of the dancers in our troupe showed up recently with a custom outfit - a blue ghawazee coat done up to be the TARDIS, matching earrings, harem pants made from cotton with the pattern of the "Vincent" swirl artwork featuring same - and a homemade Four scarf. Now she bounced over to me to lend me three Big Finish eps with Ten and Donna (with commentary on how she despises Rose Tyler). Hee! Another one has a Star Trek costume and dance routine including producing tribbles from a concealed pocket and using them like hand candles. The geekery apparently permeates every part of life it you wait long enough.
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One problem with my upcoming dance class at the church is we have no mirrors in our hall, and anyone who has learned any kind of dance will understand the value of mirrors!  I'd been hunting around and found those full-length type mirrors you hang on a closet door were my best bet, but even those often ran $20 and up each - some were over $40.  BUT - God is good.  Went to K-mart today (of all places...I never go to K-mart...) and found they not only had those $20 mirrors, they were on sale - and then there was an additional discount this weekend on top of it.

I got SIXTEEN mirrors - blitzed their supply - for only $5.99 each!  *balloons and confetti*  I have moveable dividers I can hang four mirrors each on so I am SET!  ^_^  I am so relieved! 
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I'm learning to make my own yarn falls for dancing - first attempt here, though I've added more to them since this pic.  It's nice how they make me feel like I have long hair again, at least a bit.

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Back in the 50s my church apparently went through a legalistic phase, the 'no smoking, no dancing, no makeup' kind of thing and of all of that only a lingering whiff of 'no dancing' was left by the time we came around to it.   For the past 20 years every time dancing came around (even the chicken dance at a party) there were always a few older people who had that 'I feel like I should feel guilty for dancing, but I don't, but what if there's an even OLDER person here who still thinks it is wrong?' reaction. 

Well, we have officially jumped the shark on that topic now - with the approval of my teaching bellydance to the ladies this coming January.  Talk about casting aside the old garment with flair!  Haha!  It's on a freewill donation basis to fund-raise for building updates, I'm quite curious to see how many actually sign up.  :-D  I'm actually quite astonished that they let it go through.

Hm - while watering plants outside this morning something stung my foot and now my little toe looks like a sausage... little toes are strange enough as it is, hopefully won't last long.
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We were trying to think of ways to raise a little money to remodel the ladies room at the church, so I put in a proposal to teach bellydance to them in exchange for "tuition" of their choosing.  I have all the handouts and things I would need for a nine-week course and the know-how for beginners so I figured "why not?".

Got the informal initial reaction from the committee meeting today - i.e. "I wish you could have seen the look on their faces when the word "bellydance" came out of my mouth!"  Haha!  As usual, I had written the proposal with the understanding that the first thing they'd think of would be I Dream of Jeannie in her pink chiffon and gold rickrack costume.  Sure enough!  X-D

The big surprise to me was that after talking about it, they were apparently sufficiently intrigued that it wasn't dismissed, so now it goes to Round Two for approval with leadership.  Good heavens, I'm thinking, I could actually end up doing this yet - maybe I should start giving thought to how in the world to get some kind of mirrors in the fellowship hall!
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Opened up my mailbox and there were my new glasses!  They came with a cleaning cloth, a little glasses repair tool and a couple extra screws which is a nice touch - and best of all, they work!  Just had to adjust the nose pads slightly, but that's easy enough, so nice to have new eyeballs without having to spend so blinkin' much for a change.  :-)

Also survived selling drinks at the Fair, golly what an endless river of thirsty people, we were completely bushed but we did it - though my feet are still recovering.  

Tonight my dance group is teaching some basic Greek dance to the local highschool football players, their coach thinks it makes them move together better and pay attention to their feet, there's supposed to be 120 of them (!)  so it's good we have about 10 dancers, we can each take a column of them that way.  Should be fun.

Onward we go, here comes August!
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We had a "belly blast" party last night, which meant a lot of bellydancers got together for a fun time watching each others recordings of dances we'd done. The hostesses hubby was hiding upstairs away from all the female frippery... but THEN.

One of the recorded dances was one of our ladies in a TARDIS coat and swirling solar-system patterned pants, a certain scarf about her neck as well as a bow tie and (later, pulled from a hiding spot in her bosom) 3-D glasses. The Theme played loudly as she came on stage and the hubby suddenly, eagerly materialized in the middle of the party rubbernecking to see what was on the screen. Hahahaha!

The show's theme music could be used like some weird geeky mating call, bringing them out of hiding. ^_^
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Nice quiet Saturday, been a while since I had one of those.  Just spent a good part of an afternoon playing Shoot Many Robots with my son, a game he got on his X-box - red-neck robot shootin', I enjoyed it more than I expected to, especially as you heal by chugging beers so we were screaming at one another "Drink a beer! Quick!" and enjoying oddball weaponry (my favorites were my gun that shot exploding garden gnomes and my Howdy Weasel pink backpack that added more beer).

Played around with some yarn and learned to make faux-dreads to add to a hair fall I'm experimenting with for dance.  Going to go pop some popcorn and watch Iron Man III with him now, since we're the only ones in the family who haven't seen it yet.  Hope everyone on my flist can grab a bit of downtime too.
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Last night at my bellydance class one of the ladies showed up with one eye that had gone blood-red everywhere it would normally be white.  She said it didn't bother anymore and she thought it looked pretty cool - which is why she'd dressed entirely in bright red velvet and gold dancing outfit complete with red lipstick, red bling jewelry and a big red flower in her hair.

I had to laugh. "You dressed to match with your eye?"

"YES! Isn't it great?" she enthused.  "And look, it makes my hazel eyes look more green! I always wanted green eyes."

Now that's what a call a great fashion statement.  I hope if that happens to me, I can face it as well as she.
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One of the various things that we've been getting up and running at the church of late is a "women's group" - the old one sort of faded away when the leadership got burned out and no one stepped up to continue it, so we're trying again with a new approach. An ingredient in these once-a-month meetings (besides lots of tasty food and such) is a 'craft' or 'skill' teaching.  The women have been called upon to think of something they know how to do that they can teach to the others in about 45 minutes or less.

I have no such skills, apparently.

All I can think of are things like writing and singing and dancing - none of which work for this kind of thing.  I'm not really into little crafts and I can't teach art in such a short time to non-artists... History is too huge a topic, gardening doesn't translate to indoors... er... um...

Darn.  The only thing I can come up with at this point is maybe showing them how to clean and repair their books?? I feel so useless!  I don't think a chart about the convoluted timeline of Doctor Who will work here.   I wonder how I can work the Geek / Useless Trivia factor into this? 

As a side note, I did score a gorgeous green and silver hipscarf at a bellydance show this past weekend, so that was nice.
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My dear Starbells and I are dancing tomorrow in an autumn harvest show to promote the bellydance classes in the area, and as it was short notice they grabbed what they apparently thought would be an easy "theme" for everyone to match their outfits on - "Blue".

Guess what is the ONE color I have almost nothing in? >_< I have pink, peach, brown, green, white, copper, even tie-dye. No blue.

I've managed over this week to scrounge up a choli and hip-scarf in blue - begged a secondary color for mercy and "purple" was added as a back-up...check. I have purple gaucho pants...and a necklace. This leaves me with - still no skirt...! Arrrrgh!

Just spent an otherwise nice, sunny afternoon leaping from thrift store to thrift store - landed one purple skirt that might work in a pinch. No blue. Anywhere. Except ONE blue dance skirt that was so skinny and so long it might have been made for a life-size Barbie.

On a better note, Happy Birthday to Starbells! My Brit-lovin' girl gets what she asked for this evening, a dinner at a British restaurant even though we'll have to drive a bit to get to one. (love you, lady!)
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I realized as my next round of classes started up this week that I've been in bellydance for over a year now, which made me realize that I can finally move my ribcage from one side to the other enough that it is visible when dancing! This sounds like a ridiculous milestone, I know, but believe me - when I was trying and trying to go side to side and it felt like my side muscles were working and half my body was flying off in one direction in a determined way and I would streeeetch and look in the mirror only to discover that it didn't even show...! Well, to have enough range of movement for it to show up is a great encouragement. ;-D

Starflower has her Irish dance starting up again this week as well, which for me means an hour that I can use for writing and editing in my trusty old notebook. All good things, I hope.
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My house is Too Quiet - with my [ profile] everloyal now off in an apt. of her own and my son now off to his summer job at a summer camp until August, all I have left is [ profile] starbells and she's the quiet one! It's been very weird. Though it is nice to have a chance to fumigate clean his compost heap bedroom while he's gone and can't grunt about it protest.

On the happy, noisy side of things a lovely lady I met years ago through our LOTR boards who goes by Strange Elf will be in my area again in July and she's started belly dancing now. She's gets to come to my class with me, which will be a complete hoot!
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Stepped out on my deck this morning to breathe in the sunshine and birdsong and (as always) ended up spotting (gasp) weeds in my iris beds. The cheek! Had to do one of my very favorite things (okay, prod me and bribe me here) and promptly pad out into the luscious greenery barefoot, wade into a pool of iris, forget-me-not and bluebells to pull up the weedy grasses that had mistakenly thought themselves safe enough to dare raise their heads above the level of the rest. Discovered plenty of their lower brethren and was soon happily down among the fragrant, soft greenery with wads of velvety weedery in my hands and the scent of the morning earth around me.

There was a whirring sound and a hummingbird came down and examined me fairly closely - probably because I was wearing sparkly silver and bright purple because I'm heading out to a bellydance show now - not to dance, heavens no, but to go wild among all the vendors. Well, mildly wild. Only as teensily wild as my wallet allows, which is to say mostly coveting and exclaiming over things. Hoping to come home with at least one new and shiny item of fluffiness. :-)

And last night I got to see [ profile] everloyal singing solo with her college jazz choir backing her up and she was amazing and I am still in a cloud of parental-proudness, and we have lemon poppyseed cake for breakfast. What a lovely day! Hope it is as well for the rest of you.
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At today's bellydance class the teacher put us all in a big circle facing the mirror and the circle rotated from time to time - meaning ALL of us (including moi...gulp...) had to take a turn leading the class in 'whatever moves you like best!' I was fairly proud of myself though - I didn't flee the room on a pretended need for a drink of water, as my younger self would have done... I led the class (albeit briefly) and when I ended up back in front again (noooo!) I managed to not duck out again. I was blushing, but hey, I didn't faint or anything. *pats self on head*

Also happily made significant progress on my Three-n-Jo story that I started with the intention of it being a short Valentines piece before my inability to keep it short enough ran off with me. *is happy at ironing out a convoluted plot-point*

Hope all of you are having a lovely weekend!
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We've decided we're doing a 'Trunk or Treat' for the 31st at our church, where we dress up our cars (and ourselves) and hand out candy from our trunks in the parking lot, so it'll be like going to a neighborhood of houses except it's car to car instead of house to house.

I'm going to dress up in all my bellydance fluff and jingles, but I'm somewhat at a loss as to how to dress up my station wagon. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on it, but all I can think of are uninspired things like tacking crepe paper around inside the windows and leaning a couple corn-shocks on it. :-/

It's a big old Ford wagon with wood paneling and pop up seats in the back.

Help me F-list, you're my only hope!


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