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I keep trying to accomplish Serious Study things in the evenings and instead I end up reading Miraculous Ladybug fics. I guess I'm okay with exchanging self improvement for self entertainment. Besides, it's jolly fun for my inner child and that certainly cancels out any obligations as an adult, right?

Btw, if you like Miraculous read anything at all by quicksilversquared. She is brilliant.
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Well, my folks who have been living with us for the past month as 'homeless' people while they looked for a house are off in their RV for the week, checking out an area down south of here for potential real estate, one kid is sleeping in and another is off on a youth retreat... the house is blessedly quiet.  I'll miss them, but at the same time it's nice to have a break.

A couple fic recs: I finally had a chance to just sit and read a couple fanfics last night, a luxury I've rarely had of late. We're in a mild 'Rise of the Guardians' phase here, mixed in with the usual fandoms and has some quality reads by psychicsaphie for those so inclined. They run a touch intense, well-written and interesting.  Start off with Snowbird then carry on to The Frost Spirit and the Honey Tree.  If you're brave, go to the still-in-progress The King of Cold Mountain, but be warned it has a nasty foe and serious cliffies.

For my fellow Three fans, PandaInTheStars (starpanda of DbyA) has taken Jon Pertwee's love of playing vampires and crossed it over into his Doctor role - take UNIT and Three and consider how it would happen if he were still an unusual entity holing up and working for them, but for different reasons.  .Blood and Tea is also at  Everyone stays in character and the action/solve-a-mystery plottiness is good fun. She's working on a sequel as well.

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Hugs and thank yous to all who expressed their support - my hubby is safely home now and recuperating nicely on the recliner with his laptop and blankets, so far so good. Nice to have him home and looking much better. Now we just have to convince the cat to not knead any sore spots.

One nice bonus that came out of all that hanging around the hospital twiddling my thumbs was getting my [ profile] calufrax recommendations for next week pretty much written out, which had been threatening to become something I was going to regret signing up for because I was wondering when I would have a chance to do them - now I get to look forward to next week happily instead as they are nearly ready to roll. All I have to do is hope whomever is doing this week doesn't snag any of 'mine'. Going to doublecheck that, I THEN found out one of my own stories was rec'd there this past week, the TARDIS-centric Knowing Her Place, which is enough happy-writer-review-rocket-juice to keep me floating for some time. ^_^ With little starbursts and rainbows!

Spent the evening writing a Three-n-Jo adventure thing, but I don't really know why... now it's a four-page fragment with no story to go with it, so one more thing on the back burner. But darnit, it was fun. I guess that's why! Maybe I can park it inside one of my other WIPs. Sorry I missed this [ profile] fic_rush, I hope everyone had a good time.
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I come bearing a fic rec, because this one deserves more readers!

I first met the pleasant and talented [ profile] spicy_rejoinder via this tale, a work that I’ve happily watched for updates on and which is now completed. She goes by “MyMadness” on, and I have great hopes that she will have more stories to share with us in the future, because I love the way she captures emotions, movements, small mannerisms and all the internal reasoning (and unreasoning) that goes into why the characters behave the way they do.

Burnt Toast, Bus Stations and Unrequited Love's springboard was a dying Three’s telling Sarah-Jane that “The TARDIS brought me home.” [ profile] spicy_rejoinder’s take on this was that he was not referring to the familiarity of UNIT, the lab or even Earth, he was referring to her, and that Sarah-Jane was his ‘home.’

This is effectively a Sarah-Jane/Seven romance and rated Teen, but as a non-squicky fluff-preference person, I surprisingly still enjoyed it very much. She gently and wonderfully takes us through many years of Sarah-Jane’s growing, maturing and changing in her approach to life and at the same time miraculously does the same with the Doctor, who we get to meet in more than just his Seventh form. She even provides the reader with alternate endings, one following the events of the Movie, one not, and it even manages to dovetail nicely in with SJA.

A must-read for any Doctor/Sarah shipper – which I honestly was not… well, at least before I read this! Now it seems surprisingly feasible. I certainly would have never pictured Seven with Sarah-Jane, but now I can't imagine them apart. ;-)

As far as I know it can only be found at this point on, right over here:
Burnt Toast, Bus Stations and Unrequited Love



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