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Picked up a power rake this morning, I've been killing weeds and sharp invasive grasses out there since spring and the big lawn (we have three lawns, bleah!) is really looking like Mother Earth has mange.   Running it to de-thatch today, what a crazy mess of dead moss and grasses piling up already, mounds and mounds - we're making hay while the sun shines!  Really hard to do with our uneven and neglected turf, my son managed half of it so far, I think we'll all have to take turns.  Still, I just keep thinking how nice the lawn (might) look this next spring, and how I won't have to worry about having cuts on my feet from the marsh grasses anymore. 

Ugh. I love this house, but I'm getting pretty tired of taking care of this much land - whenever we move, I'll definitely be looking for something that is either smaller or mostly a wild woodlot or something. 
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I find a vast amount of the things I am involved in have my faith and/or my church and its various activities, needs and ongoing whatnot as a part of them - goodness knows there's always something to do, especially in a smaller one where everyone has to wear more than one hat.  Since my earliest "church days" as a teen, I've been drawn to take care of the building, furnishings and bulletin boards, etc. - i.e. one of my first actions as a new Christian was to take the welcome mats home and scrub them, hee hee....  I still update bulletin boards, polish the wood in the sanctuary, make sure the kids have scribbling paper so they don't scribble in the hymnals, pressure-wash the moss off the sidewalk and paint the lines on the parking lot, for instance.  And I love it.

Out of curiosity, for those of you who have a church or other group that meets on a regular basis, what 'slot' of duties do you find yourself falling into the most naturally?  What jazzes you that you get to be a part of it?
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Ah the "joys" of home ownership - Our rather large back yard has progressively gotten so lumpity bumpity that I went and rented a lawn roller for the day as we have a rare break in the rain til tomorrow.  Dang that thing is heavy - I'm taking a break after getting about a third of it done, my son gets a turn at the plow for the next hour, bless him.  Found out I couldn't listen to fast music or I went too fast and didn't let it squish out all the little mud-bumps. Probably been 30 years since anyone tried to flatten it at all.

Next up will be killing all the clumps of sharp marsh grass that have made their way in - it's going to look awful this year, but by next round should be much improved.
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I have an odd phenomena that seems to occur in my kitchen in which my actions are apparently completely invisible to my family when I make tea. Recent cases in point:

Hubby stands and talks to me as I am making tea, we are within 2-3 feet of each other. There is a dishtowel and a holiday potholder hanging from the handle of the oven, and I notice the towel is getting pretty cruddy. I reach right in front of him, take it and put it in the dirty linens basket on the counter then fish for a new towel in the drawer. In the space of time it takes me to do this, he steps up right next to me and rinses a cup then turns and *wipes his hands on the potholder*...
Hubby (confused): "Is this thing meant for wiping hands?"
Me: (new towel in hand) "No, it's a potholder. You just watched me take away the old towel and get out a fresh one."
Hubby: "I did? How did I miss that?"

I am talking with my grown daughter in the kitchen as I heat water for tea. I notice the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, so I work on putting them away as we talk.  This involves walking past her in some cases, and even asking her to move so I can access a drawer.  Five minutes later as I am sitting down with my cuppa she walks over to the dishwasher and opens it.
Her (surprised): "Oh! Someone already emptied the dishwasher!"
Me: "I did. Just now. You watched me, in fact."
Her: "I did? How come I have no recollection of this?"

Hmm...Now if I could only make this work outside the kitchen, think of all the things I could do!
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For those who wondered how I could possibly want to kill something as pretty as bluebells.....This is how they show up in my yard -

Bluebell Invasion

Thick as grass - they choke all the other plants in a tide of Pretty, like some kind of crazy Fluffy Unicorn Invasion -

Even MOAR bluebells

Though at least they aren't spiny, stinky or sticky, I'll grant them that. I can go mow them down and their only way of exacting revenge on me is simply to keep coming back. Forever.
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Woke up this morning and for some reason decided it was a good day to wash all the curtains in the house before the weather turns cold again, as I'd never gotten to it in the spring-cleaning phase this year.  Or last.  Kind of regretting it now as I still have two more large ones to get hung up again, but the amount of crud was a bit surprising - not that it should be, I realized it had been probably four years since a couple of them were sloshed, yuck.  Plenty of spiders hanging around behind the curtains it seems - perhaps coming in as they know the cold weather is on its way too. 

But gee, it's nice to have them all clean again, I feel a strange juxtaposition in my self-image between being a slob who hardly ever washes curtains and being a neat person who does, a sort of guilty self-righteousness ("Look, I made sparkles! Never mind that they were way overdue!")
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Life is feeling quite repetitious and mundane today - repairing a stack of identical textbooks, slicing dishes of apples, printing copies of a newsletter, folding yet more laundry.  One of the things I am looking forward to in heaven is less need to constantly constantly constantly do stuff that is solely for the upkeep of bodies.

Round it goes!

Oh well - at least we have food and clothes and decent weather at this point.  Variety break!  Think I'll go get some unusual tea and try out those German chocolate cake flavored marshmallows I found in the store yesterday, they're chocolate ones rolled in toasted coconut.


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