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Still poking away at repairing my house for eventual sale, learning all kinds of stuff - with Hubby down in CA I am free to run amok with power tools unsupervised, hee hee....

Finished replacing the rotten boards on the back deck with some caveats on it being 'successful' - I can't figure out why some of them refuse to lay flat when the boards themselves are not bent and the under structure was still sound. Better luck, I hope, with the rotten boards in the front steps that are next, I have them cut, sanded and half-stained in the garage at this point. Woot!

Busy chipping away at our very hard soil trying dredge up enough dirt to fill a dip the torrential rains this last spring dug by one corner of the house. Got a chunk of new gutter so I can do my best to replace the bad gutter section responsible for that - hope I can figure that one out, as the October Rains will be here before I know it. Also learned how to play with the air compressor so I could get the car's tires back up to snuff. ;-) Learned air compressors are fun!

Hope everyone else is also getting some of those summer projects out of the way while they can.

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Date: 2017-08-16 01:20 am (UTC)
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You're so handy! Those are very good projects.

Skip if not looking for unsolicited notes

Date: 2017-08-16 11:47 am (UTC)
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two possibles here:

1. The boards around it are warped, and the not-flat is subjective.

2. If you screwed/nailed from end to end, with one or more in the middle, it torqued the board upward as you went. My adopted dad always told me to tack the ends down most of the way, then the middles most of the way, and repeat, alternating ends (if you had 2 screws each end, do one on one end, the alternate one on the other end, then the other two. Then move to the middles). It sounds persnickety, but his deck work was pretty solid for years, even with reclaimed lumber.


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