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Managed to make myself sit down and work on watercolor for a bit, and while I was there I remembered I hadn't prepared any kind of "welcome back" treat for the preschool teachers this year so I made them some quick mini-pictures.  They're not super duper and some came out better than others but I was kind of pleased that I Did The Thing instead of just buying a pack of cards at the shop.  If I can get the ball rolling, maybe I can save a little money on greeting cards at the very least. 

watercolor cards for our teachers

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When Starflower moved out this past fall I thought "Oh boy, her bedroom has the best windows, maybe I can make a little corner for Art and Arting and stuff!"
Then hubby filled it up with his whatnot instead.  Boxes of...??  Partially functioning computer stuff, audio recording stuff, barbershop costumes on a rack, suitcases, etc. etc.... and being the sort that is easily dissuaded from stuff that only benefits me personally, I let it go.

This week I rolled up my figurative sleeves, went in there and did some serious rearranging and stacking.  Put up a card table near the windows, set out all my watercolor supplies.  Did three pieces of amateur Art and left them there to dry.  This morning I heard my hubby tell my son "Could you close the windows in the studio? I'm turning on the A/C." 

I ran that back in my head with great satisfaction - "Close the windows in the STUDIO...."  Yeeee!
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So, we have a tiny bathroom downstairs with a boring but sturdy walnut cabinet on the wall - my opinion being it's too useful to remove and too dark to leave 'that way' in such a small space, thus.... voila!  I did up an abstract oceany thingy on it using various colors of rub-n-buff... it was all done with just my fingers, no brushes, which made for tired hands occasionally, but... hey!  :-)  Much happiness.

Wave on, cabinet, wave on... )
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I've spent far too many hours on these this week, but here they are, shiny and ready for all the DW fans on DW. ;-) Feel free to use - more fabulous sheep may be found at the [community profile] dreamsheep community.

SheepDoctors by the Number:

All Eleven under the Cut )

SheepDoctors, Unnumbered on Plain backgrounds:

All Eleven plus bonus Fez option under the Cut )

All SheepDoctors with Colored Backgrounds:

Tardis Blue for all, plus a few extra Variations under the Cut )
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Getting ready for this upcoming weekend's annual women's retreat at the beach, which in my case this year means whacking what seems like an endless parade of magazine pages into skinny little strips so everyone can make those little rolled-up paper beads out of them. Gaaaah. It really seemed like a good idea at the time, but by golly they better like it now!

Going buggy-eyed after doing this for literally hours and must go stare at something else, like LJ.


That's better. Thank you for not being little strips of coloured paper, Flist.
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Haven't done a meme for a while, this one seems to have reached out a tentacle and snagged part of my evening - I blame [ profile] curuchamion and [ profile] lothithil equally for this.

How it's supposed to work:
A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same. (Nah.... what if they're busy and it just annoys them?)
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it." (Sure you can! There isn't even a curse of toenail fungus or anything threatening to zot you either way)

So here's seven snatches of the fabric of my days, or er... something. )
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There are few things more soothing and therapeutic than just wandering a beach, picking up bits of rock and shell, examining giant mounds of kelp, looking for sand-dollars and chasing gulls. Even in the rain when you're freezing.

Spent yesterday at the coast with a wagon-load of five teens in a non-stop drizzle )
Also got the cheerful approval from the pastor to do a humorous Sunday school class using The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37 3/4- what a hoot, just need to formulate some discussion questions and hunt down copies off of Amazon. This'll be great for summer.


Feb. 8th, 2009 02:17 pm
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I finally got motivated to clean out the various cupboards, boxes and bags of mixed craft stuff I have, some of it dating from 20+ years back - filled three grocery bags so far (feathers, pom-poms, magnetic strips, beads, etc. etc.) with stuff to donate to our church kid's program. Yikes! So much! A lot of it is from when my own kids were little - they've outgrown pony-beads, popsicle sticks and pipe-cleaners now, though I am keeping my button collection just because...well, I like buttons.

Good to have it go somewhere it can be used. The number of kids at church has been growing, thankfully.

Anyone else tend to be a 'crafty' gatherer? Is there such a thing as anyone who really uses up all those fun little doohickies picked up at craft stores in a weak moment?


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